Land use change analysis in the Zhujiang Delta of China using satellite remote sensing, GIS and stochastic modelling.


:Rapid land use change has taken place in many coastal regions of China such as the Zhujiang Delta over the past two decades due to accelerated industrialization and urbanization. In this paper, land use change dynamics were investigated by the combined use of satellite remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), and stochastic modelling technologies. The results indicated that there has been a notable and uneven urban growth and a tremendous loss in cropland between 1989 and 1997. The land use change process has shown no sign of becoming stable. The study demonstrates that the integration of satellite remote sensing and GIS was an effective approach for analyzing the direction, rate, and spatial pattern of land use change. The further integration of these two technologies with Markov modelling was found to be beneficial in describing and analyzing land use change process.


J Environ Manage


Weng Q





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  • Drain-blocking techniques on blanket peat: A framework for best practice.

    abstract::In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in artificial drain-blocking in world peatlands. The UK blanket peatlands have been severely drained over the past few decades but now drains are being blocked in an attempt to improve peatland environments. The drain-blocking has been a disparate process with limited...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

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    authors: Armstrong A,Holden J,Kay P,Foulger M,Gledhill S,McDonald AT,Walker A

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  • 30 years of data reveal dramatic increase in abundance of brown trout following the removal of a small hydrodam.

    abstract::Humans and freshwater ecosystems have a long history of cohabitation. Today, nearly all major rivers of the world have an in-stream structure which changes water flow, substrate composition, vegetation, and fish assemblage composition. The realization of these effects and their subsequent impacts on population sustain...

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  • A review on different methods of activating tailings to improve their cementitious property as cemented paste and reusability.

    abstract::Over the past few decades, as demand for minerals and metals has increased, the amount and volume of wastes and tailings has also increased dramatically. The management and reuse of mineral wastes and tailings not only help protect the environment but also are properly associated with economic benefits. As a result, m...

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  • Uncovering human social networks in coping with Lake Chilwa recessions in Malawi.

    abstract::This paper provides an in-depth understanding of social dynamics in the form of kinship ties in matrilineal societies. It unpacks gender roles and relationships at the community level to understand how social structures, created by the pattern of relations, enhance or hinder coping initiatives during lake recessions i...

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    authors: Nagoli J,Chiwona-Karltun L

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  • A comparison study of two different control criteria for the real-time management of urban groundwater works.

    abstract::We present the comparison of two control criteria for the real-time management of a water well field. The criteria were used to simulate the operation of the Hardhof well field in the city of Zurich, Switzerland. This well field is threatened by diffuse pollution in the subsurface of the surrounding city area. The ris...

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    authors: Bauser G,Hendricks Franssen HJ,Stauffer F,Kaiser HP,Kuhlmann U,Kinzelbach W

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  • A graphical screening method for assessing stream water quality using specific conductivity and alkalinity data.

    abstract::In areas of varying geology, it is difficult to infer water quality from specific conductance or electrical conductivity (EC) data without an understanding of the expected range of EC values based on local bedrock composition. This paper describes a user-friendly graphical screening method that addresses this issue by...

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  • Multispecies benefits of wetland conservation for marsh birds, frogs, and species at risk.

    abstract::Wetlands conserved using water level manipulation, cattle exclusion, naturalization of uplands, and other techniques under the North American Waterfowl Management Plan ("conservation project wetlands") are important for ducks, geese, and swans ("waterfowl"). However, the assumption that conservation actions for waterf...

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    authors: Tozer DC,Steele O,Gloutney M

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  • Manganese and iron recovery from groundwater treatment sludge by reductive acid leaching and hydroxide precipitation.

    abstract::In this study, the recovery of manganese (Mn) and iron (Fe) from groundwater treatment sludge through reductive acid leaching and hydroxide precipitation was investigated. Maximum leached Mn (100%) was obtained using sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide at 25 °C. Leached Mn and Fe decreased with the increase in the sol...

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    authors: Ong DC,de Luna MDG,Pingul-Ong SMB,Kan CC

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  • Examining the relative effects of fire weather, suppression and fuel treatment on fire behaviour--a simulation study.

    abstract::Large budgets are spent on both suppression and fuel treatments in order to reduce the risk of wildfires. There is little evidence regarding the relative contribution of fire weather, suppression and fuel treatments in determining the risk posed from wildfires. Here we undertake a simulation study in the Sydney Basin,...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

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    authors: Penman TD,Collins L,Price OF,Bradstock RA,Metcalf S,Chong DM

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  • Assessment of above-ground biomass and carbon loss from a tropical dry forest in Mexico.

    abstract::Primary forests in seasonally dry tropical regions have undergone intense land-use/cover change, ranging from widespread shifting agriculture to land clearing for livestock production systems, and selective logging. Despite the importance of tropical dry forests (TDF), little is known about the implications of carbon ...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

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    authors: Corona-Núñez RO,Mendoza-Ponce AV,Campo J

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  • Feasibility of CO₂/SO₂ uptake enhancement of calcined limestone modified with rice husk ash during pressurized carbonation.

    abstract::The calcination/carbonation cycle using calcium-based sorbents appears to be a viable method for carbon dioxide (CO₂) capture from combustion gases. Recent attempts to improve the CO₂/SO₂ uptake of a calcium-based sorbent modified by using rice husk ash (RHA) in the hydration process have succeeded in enhancing its ef...

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    authors: Chen H,Zhao C,Ren Q

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  • Case study on the effect continuous CO2 enrichment, via biogas scrubbing, has on biomass production and wastewater treatment in a high rate algal pond.

    abstract::Microalgae grown in high rate algal ponds (HRAP) treating wastewater are considered a promising feed for biofuel production. Biomass productivity is often considered to be limited by carbon availability, with the addition of CO2 being the proposed solution. Biogas from anaerobic wastewater treatment potentially provid...

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    authors: Young P,Taylor MJ,Buchanan N,Lewis J,Fallowfield HJ

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  • Unraveling the capability of graphene nanosheets and γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles to stimulate anammox granular sludge.

    abstract::In this study, we investigated the potentials of nanomaterials to enhance anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) process, in terms of nitrogen removal, microbial enrichment, and activity of key enzymes. Graphene nanosheets (GNs) and γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles (NPs) were selected due to their catalytic functions as conducti...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

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    authors: Elreedy A,Ismail S,Ali M,Ni SQ,Fujii M,Elsamadony M

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  • The voluntary-threat approach to control nonpoint source pollution under uncertainty.

    abstract::This paper extends the voluntary-threat approach of Segerson and Wu (2006) to the case that the ambient level of nonpoint source pollution is stochastic. It is shown that when the random component is bounded from the above, fine-tuning the cutoff value of the tax payments avoids the actual imposition of the tax while ...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

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    authors: Li Y

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  • High-strength anaerobic digestion wastewater treatment by aerobic granular sludge in a step-by-step strategy.

    abstract::To reduce the instability of aerobic granular sludge (AGS) caused by high-strength anaerobic digestion wastewater, a strategy of increasing proportion of anaerobic digestion wastewater step-by-step was adopted in this study. High-performance stable AGSs were successfully cultivated with sequencing batch reactors by th...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

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    authors: Xiong W,Wang L,Zhou N,Fan A,Wang S,Su H

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  • Influence of forest management systems on natural resource use and provision of ecosystem services in Tanzania.

    abstract::Social, religious and economic facets of rural livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa are heavily dependent on natural resources, but improper resource management, drought, and social instability frequently lead to their unsustainable exploitation. In rural Tanzania, natural resources are often governed locally by informal...

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    authors: Strauch AM,Rurai MT,Almedom AM

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  • Isolation of a novel yeast strain Candida digboiensis TERI ASN6 capable of degrading petroleum hydrocarbons in acidic conditions.

    abstract::A novel yeast species Candida digboiensis TERI ASN6 was isolated from soil samples contaminated with acidic oily sludge (pH 1-3) from the Digboi refinery (Northeast India). The strain TERI ASN6 could degrade 73% of the total petroleum hydrocarbons present in the medium at pH 3 in a week. This strain presents a dimorph...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

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    authors: Sood N,Lal B

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  • A comparison of the effectiveness and time efficiency of traditional and photographic environmental monitoring techniques.

    abstract::Photographic methods of environmental monitoring have grown in popularity and now represent one of the main ways in which habitat and biodiversity are monitored for change through time. However, efficacy and efficiency of this technique compared with traditional approaches to environmental monitoring (direct count or ...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

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    authors: van Dongen WFD,San Martin R,Guay PJ,Weston MA

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  • Simplified greywater treatment systems: Slow filters of sand and slate waste followed by granular activated carbon.

    abstract::One of the main actions of sustainability that is applicable to residential, commercial, and public buildings is the rational use of water that contemplates the reuse of greywater as one of the main options for reducing the consumption of drinking water. Therefore, this research aimed to study the efficiencies of simp...

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    authors: Zipf MS,Pinheiro IG,Conegero MG

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  • Structural breaks in CO2 emissions: Are they caused by climate change protests or other factors?

    abstract::In recent times, there has been increase in climate change protest across the globe. However, whether decrease in emissions is connected with climate change protest or not is yet to be documented in the literature. Consequently, the aim of this study is to fill this gap by examining ex-post detection of how climate ch...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

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    authors: Adedoyin F,Ozturk I,Abubakar I,Kumeka T,Folarin O,Bekun FV

    更新日期:2020-07-15 00:00:00

  • Evaluation of a low-cost adsorbent for removal of toxic metal ions from wastewater of an electroplating factory.

    abstract::In this study, sugar cane residue or bagasse was used for removal of toxic metal ions from wastewater of an electroplating factory located in northeast Brazil. Prior acid treatment increased the adsorption efficacies in batch wise experiments. The microstructure of the material before and after the treatment was inves...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Sousa FW,Sousa MJ,Oliveira IR,Oliveira AG,Cavalcante RM,Fechine PB,Neto VO,de Keukeleire D,Nascimento RF

    更新日期:2009-08-01 00:00:00

  • Mechanism investigations into the effect of rice husk and wood sawdust conditioning on sewage sludge thermal drying.

    abstract::This study attempts to employ wood sawdust and rice husk as biorenewable conditioners to improve the efficiency and energy consumption of sewage sludge thermal drying, besides revealing the mechanism of drying. Response surface methodology (RSM) approach has been used to optimize the operational parameters (drying tem...

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    authors: Wang T,Xue Y,Hao R,Hou H,Liu J,Li J

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  • Do we care about sustainability? An analysis of time sensitivity of social preferences under environmental time-persistent effects.

    abstract::Environmental cost-benefit analysis has traditionally assumed that the value of benefits is sensitive to their timing and that outcomes are valued higher, the sooner in time they occur following implementation of a project or policy. Though, this assumption might have important implications especially for the social d...

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    authors: Faccioli M,Hanley N,Torres C,Font AR

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  • Analyzing the effects of various forest management strategies and carbon prices on carbon dynamics in western Turkey.

    abstract::Determining appropriate management strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions using optimization techniques to understand how forest management activities affect the carbon dynamics is critical in implementing effective carbon management policies. This paper quantitatively analyzes the long-term effects of differen...

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    authors: Kucuker DM

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  • The human and social dimensions of invasion science and management.

    abstract::Biological invasions are a leading cause of global environmental change given their effects on both humans and biodiversity. Humans introduce invasive alien species and may facilitate their establishment and spread, which can alter ecosystem services, livelihoods, and human well-being. People perceive the benefits and...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

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    authors: Shackleton RT,Larson BMH,Novoa A,Richardson DM,Kull CA

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  • Immobilization remediation of Cd-polluted soil with different water condition.

    abstract::To demonstrate effects of water management on soil Cd immobilization using palygorskite, the investigation evaluated impacts of palygorskite on uptake of Cd present in soils with different water condition by rice plant. Pot experiment results showed that, pH, available Fe and P in untreated soils were higher in contin...

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    authors: Li J,Xu Y

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  • Thermochemical esterifying citric acid onto lignocellulose for enhancing methylene blue sorption capacity of rice straw.

    abstract::In this paper, rice straw was esterified thermochemically with citric acid (CA) to produce potentially biodegradable cationic sorbent. The modified rice straw (MRS) and crude rice straw (CRS) were evaluated for their methylene blue (MB) removal capacity from aqueous solution. The effects of various experimental parame...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

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    authors: Gong R,Zhong K,Hu Y,Chen J,Zhu G

    更新日期:2008-09-01 00:00:00

  • Subcritical water treatment of landfill leachate: application of response surface methodology.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Leachate is the liquid formed when waste breaks down in the landfill and water filters through that waste. This liquid is highly toxic and can pollute the land, ground water and water ways. It is mandatory for landfills to protect against leachate in most countries worldwide. Controlling the pollutant loading, ...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

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    authors: Kirmizakis P,Tsamoutsoglou C,Kayan B,Kalderis D

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  • Adsorption of Pb2+ onto freeze-dried microalgae and environmental risk assessment.

    abstract::Dry microalgae Spirulina platensis shows a high capacity for heavy metal uptake, but there is a concern about dissolved organic carbon (DOC) residue, which is the precursor of disinfection by-products (DBPs). Vsp, a kind of Spirulina platensis powder prepared by vacuum freeze-drying, and Osp, a kind of Spirulina plate...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Sun X,Huang H,Zhao D,Lin J,Gao P,Yao L

    更新日期:2020-07-01 00:00:00

  • Indoor air quality of environments used for physical exercise and sports practice: Systematic review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Systematic reviews have the potential to contribute substantially to environmental health and risk assessment. OBJECTIVE:This study aimed to investigate indoor air quality of environments used for physical exercise and sports practice through a systematic review. METHODS:The systematic review followed the ...

    journal_title:Journal of environmental management

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Andrade A,Dominski FH

    更新日期:2018-01-15 00:00:00