Neuronal migration during the early development of the cerebral cortex: a scanning electron microscopic study.


:Fixed cerebral vesicles of mouse foetuses were fractured and examined with the scanning electron microscope. This method provides a study of the three dimensional developmental features of the pseudostratified columnar epithelium up to the formation of the early cortex plate. Matrix cells are a cell population of homogeneous shape, however, mitotic cells are easily identified by their spherical form. The external surface of the brain is formed by the closely packed end feet of these cells covered by a basal membrane. The formation of the cortical plate is the result of a continuous cell migration in columnar arrangement towards the pia. Glioependymal cells extend along the whole brain wall and most likely provide guidance for the migrating cell cords. The formation of the so-called migratory zone is a consequence of the growth of the basal and the horizontal prolongations of emigrating cells. The significance of the cell to cell contacts for the neuronal migration processes is discussed.


Cell Tissue Res


Cell and tissue research


Meller K,Tetzlaff W





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  • Comparative brain architecture of the European shore crab Carcinus maenas (Brachyura) and the common hermit crab Pagurus bernhardus (Anomura) with notes on other marine hermit crabs.

    abstract::The European shore crab Carcinus maenas and the common hermit crab Pagurus bernhardus are members of the sister taxa Brachyura and Anomura (together forming the taxon Meiura) respectively. Both species share similar coastal marine habitats and thus are confronted with similar environmental conditions. This study sets ...

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    authors: Krieger J,Sombke A,Seefluth F,Kenning M,Hansson BS,Harzsch S

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  • Light and electron microscopic study on the endocrine cells of the pancreas in a marine teleost, Fugu rubripes rubripes.

    abstract::The pancreatic endocrine tissue of Fugu rubripes rubripes consists of numerous round principal islets (Brockmann bodies) of various sizes scattered around the gall-bladder. The endocrine cells are divided into A-, B-, D-, and Ff-cells. Each cell type was identified by comparing thick and thin sections in both light an...

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  • Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide in intrinsic and extrinsic nerves of the rat pancreas.

    abstract::Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP) is the latest member of the vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) family of neuropeptides present in nerve fibres in many peripheral organs. Using double immunohistochemistry, with VIP as a marker for intrinsic innervation and calcitonin-gene related peptide...

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  • The ultrastructural organization of the visual system of the wax moth, Galleria mellonella: the optic tract.

    abstract::The ultrastructural organization of the axons of retinula cells of the eye of the wax moth Galleria mellonella are described. The axons traverse an appreciable distance between the basement membrane of the retina and the lamina ganglionaris of the optic lobe of the brain. The optic tract was reconstructed from serial ...

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  • Microtubular number in the tractus hypophyseus of newborn normal rats and newborn rats with congenital diabetes insipidus.

    abstract::Evidence has already been adduced suggesting that an increase in microtubular number occurs in the tractus hypophyseus of rats stressed by the administration of hypertonic saline, and of rats with congenital diabetes insipidus (CDI). Since the tractus hypophyseus in these animals shows high secretory activity, it seem...

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  • Plasmodesmata: intercellular tunnels facilitating transport of macromolecules in plants.

    abstract::In plants, intercellular structures named plasmodesmata (PD) form a continuous cytoplasmic network between neighboring cells. PD pores provide channels for intercellular symplasmic (cell-to-cell) transport throughout most tissues of the plant body. Cell-defining proteins, such as transcription factors, and regulatory ...

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  • Ultra-structural identification of interstitial cells of Cajal in the zebrafish Danio rerio.

    abstract::The interstitial cells of Cajal (ICCs) are important mediators of gastrointestinal (GI) motility because of their role as pacemakers in the GI tract. In addition to their function, ICCs are also structurally distinct cells most easily identified by their ultra-structural features and expression of the tyrosine kinase ...

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  • The histological architecture of the auditory organs in the parasitoid fly Ormia ochracea.

    abstract::Gravid females of the parasitoid fly species Ormia ochracea (Diptera: Tachinidae) rely on their sense of hearing to detect and localize their hosts, field crickets of the genus Gryllus. As in any hearing insect species, the fly's auditory system consists of a rather complex cascade of mechanical and physiological mech...

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    authors: Robert D,Willi U

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  • The Ca(2+)-binding protein calretinin is selectively enriched in a subpopulation of the epithelial rests of Malassez.

    abstract::During tooth development, the inner and outer enamel epithelia fuse by mitotic activity to produce a bilayered epithelial sheath termed Hertwig's epithelial root sheath (HERS). The epithelial rests of Malassez (ERM) are the developmental residues of HERS and remain in the adult periodontal ligament (PDL). Although the...

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    authors: Korkmaz Y,Klinz FJ,Beikler T,Blauhut T,Schneider K,Addicks K,Bloch W,Raab WH

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  • Morphological study of endothelin-1-induced contraction of cultured hepatic stellate cells on hydrated collagen gels.

    abstract::Hepatic stellate cells become activated and aquire contractility on being cultured. In order to characterize the morphology of contracted and relaxed stellate cells, we performed light- and electron-microscopic analyses of cultured stellate cells on collagen gels. Incubation of stellate cells with medium alone, 10 nM ...

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  • Separation of non-proliferating from proliferating thymic lymphocytes based on light scatter analysis.

    abstract::Two populations of thymic lymphocytes from eight-week-old mice were separated based on the light scatter intensity they generated while passing through a flow cell analyser. The two populations were subsequently studied morphologically and analysed for the relative amount of DNA present in each cell. Cells having a lo...

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  • Accumulation of glycoprotein gonadotropin in the pituitary of juvenile rainbow trout in response to androgens and C21-steroids, including 11-steroids.

    abstract::Effects of steroids on the accumulation of glycoprotein gonadotropin (GTH) in pituitaries of juvenile trout were investigated by means of scanning cytophotometry applied to immunocytochemical preparations, and with the use of a radioimmunoassay. Effects on other aspects of GTH-cell activity were analyzed by measuring ...

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  • Odontoblasts induced from mesenchymal cells of murine dental papillae in three-dimensional cell culture.

    abstract::In an organ culture system under a three-dimensional microenvironment that provides the conditions needed for odontoblast differentiation, a row of odontoblasts can be induced (Kikuchi et al. 1996, 2001). Therefore, in a newly designed three-dimensional cell culture system that fulfils the conditions necessary for odo...

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    authors: Kikuchi H,Suzuki K,Sakai N,Yamada S

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  • Aromatase expression in cultured fetal sheep astrocytes after nitrosative/oxidative damage.

    abstract::Aromatase, the enzyme converting androgens into estrogens, is involved in many brain processes such as neural differentiation and plasticity or the prevention of cell death. We have previously observed an increase in aromatase immunoreactivity in sheep neurons exposed in vitro to the oxidant 3-nitro-L: -tyrosine. Howe...

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    authors: Lepore G,Gadau S,Peruffo A,Mura A,Mura E,Floris A,Balzano F,Zedda M,Farina V

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  • Regeneration of the vallate papilla in the rat with special reference to the origin of the taste bud-bearing epithelium.

    abstract::The regeneration of the vallate papilla in the rat was studied by both light and electron microscopy. The papillae were excised and regeneration was studied at time intervals of 3 to 45 days. It was found that the vallate papilla is capable of regeneration after both partial and total papillectomies. The regenerated p...

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  • Osteoblast ontogeny and implications for bone pathology: an overview.

    abstract::Osteoblasts are specialized mesenchyme-derived cells accountable for bone synthesis, remodelling and healing. Differentiation of osteoblasts from mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) towards osteocytes is a multi-step process strictly controlled by various genes, transcription factors and signalling proteins. The aim of this ...

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  • Concanavalin A-binding glycoproteins in the subcommissural and the pineal organ of the sheep (Ovis aries). A fluorescence-microscopic and electrophoretic study.

    abstract::Glycoproteins rich in mannosyl or glucosyl residues were analyzed in the subcommissural organ (SCO) and the pineal organ of the sheep (Ovis aries). By use of concanavalin A labelled with fluorescein isothiocyanate, fluorescent material was found both in ependymal and hypendymal cells of the SCO. In the pineal organ, e...

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  • Ecto-ATPase activity in the rat cardiac muscle: biochemical characteristics and histocytochemical localization.

    abstract::We used a combined biochemical and histocytochemical approach to study ecto-ATPase in the rat cardiac muscle. The reaction medium employed for histocytochemical detection was optimized in biochemical assays to achieve the highest enzyme activity and lowest inhibition by the capture agent used for visualization of the ...

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    authors: Zinchuk VS,Okada T,Kobayashi T

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  • On the mechanism of plasma membrane turnover in the salt gland of ducklings. Implications from DNA content, rates of DNA synthesis, and sites of DNA synthesis during the osmotic stressing and destressing cycle.

    abstract::This study provides information on the rates of DNA synthesis, sites of DNA synthesis, and DNA content of the avian salt gland during the osmotic stressing (plasma membrane synthesis) and destressing (plasma membrane turnover) cycle, in an effort to better understand the relationship of cell turnover to the initial ev...

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    authors: Hossler FE

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  • High resolution radioautographic study of newly formed protein in striated muscle with emphasis on red and white fibres.

    abstract::The elaboration and distribution of newly formed proteins in the striated muscle of 21-day-old mice were investigated by quantitative radioautography at intervals between 2 and 240 min after intravenous injection of tritiated leucine. In radioautographs, the localization and the relative label concentration were compa...

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    authors: Dadoune JP,Terquem A,Alfonsi MF

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  • Amino acid transport in the rat exocrine pancreas. II. Inhibition by lanthanum and tetracaine.

    abstract::The two calcium antagonistic agents lanthanum and tetracaine cause severe disturbances in the secretory process of the exocrine pancreas, including inhibition of the rate of protein synthesis and exocytosis. The former effect resulted mainly from the inhibition of amino acid transport. Lanthanum in a concentration up ...

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    authors: Bieger W,Peter S,Völkl A,Kern HF

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  • Correction to: Immunolocalization and changes of 17beta-estradiol during ovarian development of Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis.

    abstract::The published online version contains mistake in Title and in Acknowledgement section. Please find below for the needed corrections. ...

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    authors: Pan J,Liu M,Chen T,Cheng Y,Wu X

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  • Immunohistochemical localization of laminin, neural cell adhesion molecule, collagen type IV and T-61 antigen in the embryonic retina of the Japanese quail by in vivo injection of antibodies.

    abstract::Antibodies against laminin (LN), fibronectin (FN), collagen type IV (Col IV), neural cell adhesion molecule (N-CAM), T-61 antigen, actin, tubulin and neurofilament protein were injected into the eyes of quail embryos (Coturnix coturnix japonica) of different ages. Twenty h after injection, the heads of the embryos wer...

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    authors: Halfter W,Fua CS

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  • Kinesin-7 CENP-E regulates the formation and structural maintenance of the acrosome.

    abstract::The acrosome is a special organelle that develops from the Golgi apparatus and the endolysosomal compartment in the spermatids. Centromere protein E (CENP-E) is an essential kinesin motor in chromosome congression and alignment. This study is aimed at investigating the roles and mechanisms of kinesin-7 CENP-E in the f...

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    authors: She ZY,Yu KW,Wei YL,Zhong N,Lin Y

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  • Tinnitus: animal models and findings in humans.

    abstract::Chronic tinnitus (ringing of the ears) is a medically untreatable condition that reduces quality of life for millions of individuals worldwide. Most cases are associated with hearing loss that may be detected by the audiogram or by more sensitive measures. Converging evidence from animal models and studies of human ti...

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    authors: Eggermont JJ,Roberts LE

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  • Distribution of the Aplysia cardioexcitatory peptide, NdWFamide, in the central and peripheral nervous systems of Aplysia.

    abstract::NdWFamide is an Aplysia cardioexcitatory tri-peptide containing D-tryptophan. To investigate the roles of this peptide, we examined the immunohistochemical distribution of NdWFamide-positive neurons in Aplysia tissues. All the ganglia of the central nervous system (CNS) contained NdWFamide-positive neurons. In particu...

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    authors: Morishita F,Nakanishi Y,Sasaki K,Kanemaru K,Furukawa Y,Matsushima O

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  • Neural pathways of olfactory kin imprinting and kin recognition in zebrafish.

    abstract::Teleost fish exhibit extraordinary cognitive skills that are comparable to those of mammals and birds. Kin recognition based on olfactory and visual imprinting requires neuronal circuits that were assumed to be necessarily dependent on the interaction of mammalian amygdala, hippocampus, and isocortex, the latter being...

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    authors: Gerlach G,Wullimann MF

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  • Fine structural and immunohistochemical detection of collar enamel in the teeth of Polypterus senegalus, an actinopterygian fish.

    abstract::This is the first detailed report about the collar enamel of the teeth of Polypterus senegalus. We have examined the fine structure of the collar enamel and enamel organ of Polypterus during amelogenesis by light and transmission electron microscopy. An immunohistochemical analysis with an antibody against bovine amel...

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    authors: Sasagawa I,Yokosuka H,Ishiyama M,Mikami M,Shimokawa H,Uchida T

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  • Light and electron microscopic studies on the excretory system of Macrobiotus richtersi Murray, 1911 (Eutardigrada).

    abstract::The excretory system of Macrobiotus richtersi consists of one dorsal and two lateral components and shows a high degree of structural complexity. In each of these a tricellular external lobe and a column can be distinguished, the two parts being connected distally. The surface of the lobe cells is increased by deep ba...

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    authors: Weglarska B

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  • Ultrastructural, morphometrical and immunocytochemical analyses of the exocrine pancreas in a hibernating dormouse.

    abstract::Pancreatic acinar cells of euthermic, hibernating and arousing individuals of the hazel dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius (Gliridae) have been observed at the electron-microscopic level and analysed by means of ultrastructural morphometry and immunocytochemistry in order to investigate possible fine structural changes...

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    authors: Malatesta M,Zancanaro C,Marcheggiani F,Cardinali A,Rocchi MB,Capizzi D,Vogel P,Fakan S,Gazzanelli G

    更新日期:1998-06-01 00:00:00