Neuronal co-localization of different isoforms of tachykinin-related peptides (LemTRPs) in the cockroach brain.


:Seven isoforms of tachykinin-related peptides (TRPs) have been isolated from the brain of the cockroach Leucophaea maderae. These peptides (LemTRP-1, 2, and 5-9) share the C-terminal sequence GFX(1)GX(2)Ramide (where X(1) and X(2) are variable residues). In order to determine the neuronal distribution of several of these LemTRP isoforms, we raised antisera to their variable N-termini. Antisera to LemTRP-1, 2, 3, 7, and 8 were utilized for immunocytochemistry on cryostat sections of the L. maderae brain. As expected, the gut peptide LemTRP-3 was not detected in the brain, and the antisera to LemTRP-1, 2, and 7 labeled the same sets of neurons in different regions of the brain. These neurons could also be labeled with antisera raised to the more conserved C-termini of LemTRP-1 and the locust TRP LomTK-I. The antiserum to LemTRP-8 predominantly labeled a set of neurons distinct from that seen with any other N- or C-terminus-directed antisera, suggesting that it recognizes epitope(s) other than known insect TRPs. Our findings indicate that at least three of the LemTRPs are always co-localized in neurons of the L. maderae brain. We have also been able to show that LemTRP-2, which is an N-terminally extended form (17-mere) of LemTRP-1 with a dibasic putative cleavage site, is transported throughout the processes of the neurons in the same manner as LemTRP-1 and 7. Thus, LemTRP-2 may be released with the other shorter LemTRPs. This is the first investigation of LemTRP distribution in the cockroach central nervous system utilizing antisera to native peptides.


Cell Tissue Res


Cell and tissue research


Nässel DR,Winther AM





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