Maternal nutrition, health, and survival.


:The burden of maternal morbidity and mortality in developing countries is high. Each year, 600,000 women die from pregnancy-related causes and 62 million women suffer from morbidity and complications of pregnancy. The extent to which maternal nutrition can improve maternal health and survival is not well understood. Excluding deaths due to induced abortions, the other four main causes of maternal mortality (preeclampsia, hemorrhage, obstructed labor, and infection) may be amenable to nutrition interventions. The role of calcium in reducing the incidence of preeclampsia and hypertension is promising, but more research in deficient populations is urgently needed. Antenatal iron supplementation, although frequently recommended to prevent anemia during pregnancy, has had little program success. Severe anemia may be an important cause of maternal mortality, but convincing evidence is lacking on the health consequences of mild-to-moderate maternal anemia. Knowledge of the etiology of anemia is important in identifying effective strategies for combating it. Other vitamins such as folate, B12, and vitamin A may enhance the effect of iron supplementation in populations where multiple nutrition deficiencies exist. Maternal night blindness is widespread in South Asian women. In Nepal, this condition is associated with markedly increased risks of vitamin A deficiency, anemia, morbidity, and maternal and infant mortality. These findings need to be replicated elsewhere in South Asia. One study has shown vitamin A and beta carotene supplementation to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity. These findings need testing in different settings with emphasis on investigating the mechanisms of the effect. The area of prepregnancy nutrition and its influence on prolonged and obstructed labor is wide open for investigation. The scope for research in the area of maternal nutrition and health is large and the onus is on nutritionists to bring to the forefront the role of nutrition in maternal health and survival.


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  • Apo A-IV: a new satiety signal.

    abstract::Chylomicrons have a suppressive effect on food consumption, which is attributed to apolipoprotein A-IV (apo A-IV). This protein is found in cerebrospinal fluid in vivo, and its infusion into the third ventricle of the brain reduces food intake. These findings suggest that this apolipoprotein operates through the centr...

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  • Evidence for dietary regulation of microRNA expression in cancer cells.

    abstract::MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are an abundant class of short noncoding RNAs that are widely expressed in mammalian cells and are important in post-translational gene regulation, including regulation of cell proliferation, apoptosis, and differentiation processes. miRNAs are involved in cancer initiation and progression and their...

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  • Consumer understanding and use of health claims for foods.

    abstract::Health claims for foods are permitted in an increasing number of countries, but there are very few studies evaluating their effect on purchase behavior and consumer health. There are significant differences between countries but, in general, consumers see health claims as useful; they prefer short, succinct wording ra...

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  • Vegetables, fruits, and colorectal cancer risk: what should we believe?

    abstract::Among dietary factors implicated in the development of colorectal cancer (CRC), the inverse relationship between vegetable and fruit consumption and CRC risk has long been believed to represent the strongest epidemiologic evidence. However, recently published large prospective studies have produced conflicting results...

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  • Gender differences in immune competence during copper deficiency.

    abstract::Restriction of copper intake during lactation and postlactation periods reduced T cells and increased interleukin-2 receptors in isolated splenocytes from male, but not female, rats. However, a reduced in vitro proliferative response to phytohemagglutin (PHA) was seen in both male and female Cu-deficient rats. These f...

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  • Underexploited African grain crops: a nutritional resource.

    abstract::The African grain deficit is projected to surpass its current production of 50 x 10(6) metric tons/year by the turn of the century. The biodiversity of the African continent, on which there are more native cereals than on any other continent, can serve to reduce the vulnerability of the continent's populations at seri...

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  • Optimization of nutrition: polyphenols and vascular protection.

    abstract::The role of polyphenols in human nutrition is discussed on the basis of their redox chemistry, which accounts for the observed antioxidant effect and in turn for their protective effect against atherosclerosis. Epidemiologic data, together with experimental pathology and cell biology, support the recommendation that o...

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  • Dietary fat: a history.

    abstract::Dietary fat intake and its effect on human health is a hotly debated issue and major point of interest in nutrition research and practice today. This review traces the history of dietary fat intake, the influence of human evolution on dietary fat intake, and the relationship between dietary fat and health. ...

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  • Influence of altered body weight on energy expenditure.

    abstract::Long-term metabolic studies indicate that over-feeding underfeeding to gain and lose body weight produce consistent increases and decreases in energy expenditure. These changes occur in both lean and obese subjects and cause deviations from the normal relationship between energy expenditure and metabolic body size. Th...

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  • Association between dairy intake and the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases: a systematic review and meta-analysis with subgroup analysis of men versus women.

    abstract:CONTEXT:The association between dairy product intake and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes (T2D) or cardiovascular disease (CVD) has been investigated in several studies, but little attention was given to the role of sex as a moderator of these associations. (In this article, the term "sex" is used to denote the b...

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  • Nibbling versus feasting: which meal pattern is better for heart disease prevention?

    abstract::Dietary interventions that limit saturated fat, cholesterol, and energy are generally implemented as the first line of therapy to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). Another form of diet therapy that may be effective in protecting against CHD is altering meal frequency without limiting energy. Meal-freque...

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  • Impact of omega-3 fatty acid DHA and EPA supplementation in pregnant or breast-feeding women on cognitive performance of children: systematic review and meta-analysis.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are important for brain development and cognitive performance. Because they are semi-essential fatty acids, they must be obtained from food. However, the dietary reference intakes of DHA and EPA ha...

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    authors: Lehner A,Staub K,Aldakak L,Eppenberger P,Rühli F,Martin RD,Bender N

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  • Dairy in a sustainable diet: a question of balance.

    abstract::The demand for dairy products is growing rapidly, especially in emerging markets. Dairy products are nutrient rich and, therefore, an important food group for ensuring nutrient security in the future. In many countries, dairy contributes significantly to nutrient intake. Meta-analyses have shown that consumption of da...

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  • Maximizing peak bone mass: calcium supplementation increases bone mineral density in children.

    abstract::Attaining peak skeletal bone mass during childhood may reduce the incidence of osteoporosis in later life. A recent study in six- to 14-year-old identical twins showed that calcium supplementation increased bone mineral density. The effects of supplementation were especially pronounced in prepubertal children. ...

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  • Glycemic carbohydrate: an international perspective.

    abstract::Attention to the different types of carbohydrates and their role in health and disease is relatively recent. FAO and WHO jointly published a report on carbohydrates in human nutrition in 1998, with a number of recommendations about increasing carbohydrate intake as a sound approach to the prevention of obesity. The gl...

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  • Twin pregnancies: eating for three? Maternal nutrition update.

    abstract::The incidence of multifetal pregnancies has increased, mainly because of assisted reproduction treatments. This trend is reflected in increased maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality. While the optimum maternal nutrition and weight gain patterns for singleton pregnancies is well documented, there is a paucity o...

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  • Dietary fiber and colorectal cancer risk.

    abstract::A meta-analysis of 13 case-control studies suggests that intakes of dietary fiber and risk of colon cancer are inversely associated. Weaker associations were observed between risk of colon cancer and dietary intake of ascorbic acid and beta-carotene. ...

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  • Role of plant protein in nutrition, wellness, and health.

    abstract::Plant-based diets, and more specifically plant-based proteins, have been the subject of growing interest from researchers and consumers because of their potential health benefits as well as their positive environmental impact. Of course, plant proteins are found in plant foods, and positive health benefits of plant fo...

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  • The effect of caffeine on pregnancy outcome variables.

    abstract::The American public consumes a wide array of caffeinated products as coffee, tea, chocolate, cola beverages, and caffeine-containing medication. Therefore, it seems of value to inform both the scientific community and the consumer about the potential effects of excessive caffeine consumption, particularly by pregnant ...

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  • Whole grain intake and insulin sensitivity: evidence from observational studies.

    abstract::Observational studies have found that diets rich in whole-grain foods are associated with improved insulin sensitivity. The improved insulin sensitivity may be mediated in part by magnesium and dietary fiber, two nutrients found in whole-grain foods. By incorporating whole-grain foods into the diet, therefore, insulin...

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  • Implications of sleep and energy drink use for health disparities.

    abstract::The popularity of energy drinks has increased rapidly in the past decade. One of the main reasons people use energy drinks is to counteract effects of insufficient sleep or sleepiness. Risks associated with energy drink use, including those related to sleep loss, may be disproportionately borne by racial minorities an...

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    authors: Grandner MA,Knutson KL,Troxel W,Hale L,Jean-Louis G,Miller KE

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  • Evolution of our understanding of vitamin D.

    abstract::The development of our understanding of the function of vitamin D from its discovery in the second and third decades of the 20(th) century to its hormonal activation of its nuclear receptor and to its present position of an important factor in public health has been traced. The key discoveries of the conversion of vit...

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  • Beyond cholesterol-lowering effects of plant sterols: clinical and experimental evidence of anti-inflammatory properties.

    abstract::Inflammation is a strong risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Dietary plant sterols are known to reduce plasma cholesterol levels and thereby reduce cardiovascular risk. Recent observations from animal and human studies have demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects of phytosterols. For example, several animal and hum...

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    authors: Othman RA,Moghadasian MH

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  • Sulforaphane: translational research from laboratory bench to clinic.

    abstract::Cruciferous vegetables are widely acknowledged to provide chemopreventive benefits in humans, but they are not generally consumed at levels that effect significant change in biomarkers of health. Because consumers have embraced the notion that dietary supplements may prevent disease, this review considers whether an a...

    journal_title:Nutrition reviews

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    authors: Houghton CA,Fassett RG,Coombes JS

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  • Nutraceuticals and their preventive or potential therapeutic value in Parkinson's disease.

    abstract::Parkinson's disease (PD) is the second most common aging-related disorder in the world, after Alzheimer's disease. It is characterized by the progressive loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta and other parts of the brain, leading to motor impairment, cognitive impairment, and dementia. Cur...

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    authors: Chao J,Leung Y,Wang M,Chang RC

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  • Lactose intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome.

    abstract::A recent study on lactose intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome has shown that subjective lactose intolerance is increased in patients with irritable bowel syndrome, despite no increase in the prevalence of lactose maldigestion. ...

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    authors: Mascolo R,Saltzman JR

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  • Treatment and prevention of obesity: what is the role of exercise?

    abstract::The increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity highlight the need for improved intervention strategies to counteract this significant public health problem. To this end, it appears that increases in energy expenditure through exercise and other forms of physical activity may be an important component of effective...

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    authors: Jakicic JM,Otto AD

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  • Critical review of the emerging research evidence on agricultural biodiversity, diet diversity, and nutritional status in low- and middle-income countries.

    abstract::The declining diversity of agricultural production and food supplies worldwide may have important implications for global diets. The primary objective of this review is to assess the nature and magnitude of the associations of agricultural biodiversity with diet quality and anthropometric outcomes in low- and middle-i...

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    authors: Jones AD

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  • Vitamin D-deficient rickets: a multifactorial disease.

    abstract::We present a case of an African-American child with vitamin D-deficient rickets. In addition to being solely breast-fed for the period of 1 year, he resided in New England, where exposure to ultraviolet light is limited owing to its northern latitude and long cold winters. He presented with classical signs of nutritio...

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    authors: Fitzpatrick S,Sheard NF,Clark NG,Ritter ML

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  • Parenteral protein-sparing modified fast in an obese adolescent with Prader-Willi syndrome.

    abstract::A ventilator-dependent, extremely obese adolescent patient with Prader-Willi syndrome was nutritionally managed using a parenteral, protein-sparing modified fast. A solution containing only amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins, and macro- and micro-minerals helped create a ketotic state and facilitate weaning from the ...

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