The Escherichia coli RNA degradosome: structure, function and relationship in other ribonucleolytic multienzyme complexes.


:mRNA instability is an intrinsic property that permits timely changes in gene expression by limiting the lifetime of a transcript. The RNase e of Escherichia coli is a single-strand-specific endo-nuclease involved in the processing of rRNA and the degradation of mRNA. A nucleolytic multi-enzyme complex now known as the RNA degradosome was discovered during the purification and characterization of RNase E. Two other components are a 3' exoribonuclease (polynucleotide phosphorylase, PNPase) and a DEAD-box RNA helicase (RNA helicase B, RhlB). RNase E is a large multidomain protein with N-terminal ribonucleolytic activity, an RNA-binding domain and a C-terminal "scaffold" that binds PNPase, enolase and RhlB. RhlB by itself has little activity but is strongly stimiulated by its interaction with RNase E. RhlB in vitro can facilitate the degradation of structured RNA by PNPase. Since the discovery of the RNA degradosome in E. coli, related complexes have been described in other organisms.


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  • Probing cytoplasmic organization and the actin cytoskeleton of plant cells with optical tweezers.

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  • The flightless I protein and the gelsolin family in nuclear hormone receptor-mediated signalling.

    abstract::The Drosophila melanogaster flightless I protein and its homologues in higher eukaryotes (FliI) are conserved members of the gelsolin family of actin-binding proteins. Members of the gelsolin family generally contain three or six copies of a 125-amino-acid residue gelsolin-related repeating unit, and may contain addit...

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  • Studying biomolecular complexes with pulsed electron-electron double resonance spectroscopy.

    abstract::The function of biomolecules is intrinsically linked to their structure and the complexes they form during function. Techniques for the determination of structures and dynamics of these nanometre assemblies are therefore important for an understanding on the molecular level. PELDOR (pulsed electron-electron double res...

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