Redox state of tumor suppressor p53 regulates its sequence-specific DNA binding in DNA-damaged cells by cysteine 277.


:Using a bio-oligo pull-down DNA-binding assay we investigated the binding capacity of endogenous, DNA damage-induced p53 in human diploid fibroblasts to several p53-responsive elements (REs) present in p53-regulated genes. During the course of p53 accumulation, we observed a decrease in p53 binding to the GADD45 but not to the p21(WAF1/CIP1) RE. Using mutated GADD45 sequences we show that this change is dependent on the presence of cytosines at position 3 in RE pentamers and on the p53 redox state. Site-directed mutagenesis experiments demonstrated that Cys277 (a residue directly contacting base 3 in a RE pentamer) is critical for differential regulation of GADD45 in DNA-damaged cells. These data represent a novel mechanism for differential affinity of p53 to distinct REs.


Nucleic Acids Res


Nucleic acids research


Buzek J,Latonen L,Kurki S,Peltonen K,Laiho M





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  • A rat brain mRNA encoding a transcriptional activator homologous to the DNA binding domain of retroviral integrases.

    abstract::We have isolated a rat cDNA, named FE65, hybridizing to an mRNA of about 2,300 nucleotides present in rat brain, undetectable in rat liver and very poorly represented in other tissues. An mRNA of the same size is present in human neuroblastoma cells and is absent from other human cell lines. The FE65 cDNA contains an ...

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  • Effect of the BRCA2 CTRD domain on RAD51 filaments analyzed by an ensemble of single molecule techniques.

    abstract::Homologous recombination is essential for the preservation of genome stability, thereby preventing cancer. The recombination protein RAD51 drives DNA strand exchange, which requires the assembly, rearrangement and disassembly of a RAD51 filament on DNA, coupled to ATP binding and hydrolysis. This process is facilitate...

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