The frequency-modulation following response in young and aged human subjects.


:The frequency-modulation following response (FMFR) is a steady-state evoked response which may be a neural correlate of frequency discrimination. Aged subjects with normal hearing have abnormal frequency discrimination for low carrier frequencies and thus it might be predicted that aged individuals would have reduced FMFR amplitudes compared to young subjects. In this study, FMFR amplitudes were measured for frequency-modulated sinusoids with a carrier frequency of 0.5 kHz (80 dB SPL). In Experiment 1, the modulation depth was held constant (80%) and the modulation rate was varied (4-38 Hz), whereas in Experiment 2 the modulation rate was held constant (38 Hz) and the modulation depth was varied (0-80%). Aged subjects had significantly larger FMFR amplitudes than young subjects for certain stimulus parameters, although individual variability was large. Such results would not be predicted given previous data regarding frequency discrimination, but are consistent with several reports of larger-than-normal amplitudes of middle latency and late responses in aged subjects.


Hear Res


Hearing research


Boettcher FA,Madhotra D,Poth EA,Mills JH





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