An azurocidin-like protein is induced in Trichoplusia ni larval gut cells after bacterial challenge.


:Trichoplusia ni immune genes up-regulated in response to bacterial infection have been isolated using differential display polymerase chain reaction. Here we report the cloning and characterisation of a gut-specific immune gene encoding an azurocidin-like protein. The deduced protein is 317 amino acid residues long with a hydrophobic C-terminus and a predicted 17-residue signal peptide. The mature T. ni protein shows 30% identity to human azurocidin, an antibacterial protein. Like azurocidin, the T. ni protein contains two amino acid substitutions in the active site triad normally present in serine proteases. The T. ni protein was synthesised with a six-histidine C-terminal extension using the baculovirus expression system. Sequencing of the recombinant azurocidin-like protein confirmed the predicted cleavage of the signal peptide. Northern blots show that T. ni azurocidin-like protein is expressed solely in the larval gut and that expression is up-regulated by injecting or feeding bacteria. Expression reaches its highest level at 10 h after bacteria injection.


Dev Comp Immunol


Kang D,Lundström A,Liu G,Steiner H





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2002-07-01 00:00:00














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    abstract::The striking difference in evolution of type I IFN genes of fish and mammals poses the question of whether these genes are induced through similar or different signalling pathways in the two vertebrate groups. Previous work has shown that expression of both Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) IFNa1 and mammalian IFN-beta ge...

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  • Identification and comparative analysis of three novel C-type lectins from the silkworm with functional implications in pathogen recognition.

    abstract::C-type lectins can act as pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) in innate immunity. Previously, we identified two C-type lectins from silkworm (Bombyx mori), BmLBP and BmMBP, as PRRs. In the present study, we identified three homologs of these lectins by searching the silkworm genome database. These novel B. mori low-e...

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  • Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein hrp36 acts as an alternative splicing repressor in Litopenaeus vannamei Dscam.

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  • Bovine WC1(-) gammadeltaT cells incubated with IL-15 express the natural cytotoxicity receptor CD335 (NKp46) and produce IFN-gamma in response to exogenous IL-12 and IL-18.

    abstract::The gammadeltaT cells of ruminants are believed to participate in innate immunity and have been described with regulatory, inflammatory and cytotoxic functions. Here we describe a subset of CD3(+) TcR1(+) WC1(-)gammadeltaT cells expressing CD335 (NKp46), classically associated with CD3(-) natural killer (NK) cells, as...

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