Calcium homeostasis and dichlorvos induced neurotoxicity in rat brain.


:The present study was designed to investigate the possible effects of chronic dichlorvos exposure on the various aspects of calcium homeostasis in rat brain. Chronic dichlorvos administration caused significant rise in the intrasynaptosomal calcium levels. The activity of major calcium expelling enzyme i.e. Ca2+ATPase was found to be declined. Also, the depolarization induced calcium uptake via voltage operated calcium channels increased significantly. Concomitant to the increase in intrasynaptosomal calcium, calpain activity was found to be increased. The results presented herein, indicate that the toxic effects of dichlorvos could be mediated through modifications in the intracellular calcium homeostasis which may lead to impaired neuronal function.


Mol Cell Biochem


Raheja G,Gill KD





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2002-03-01 00:00:00












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