The unrecognized paradigm shift in nursing: implications, problems, and possibilities.


:An important paradigm (or worldview) shift is occurring in science that affects the nature of nursing education, practice, and research. The shift from positivism to postmodernism and now to neomodernism has received little attention in US nursing and as such may forestall many opportunities related to such change. The nature of this paradigm shift and its effects on selected aspects of nursing education, practice, and research are described, and related implications, problems, and possibilities are explored. Neomodernism is discussed as one future for nursing that encompasses aspects of both positivism and postmodernism but yet goes beyond these to include important metanarratives as traditional values and beliefs of nursing. The work of Laudan and Lakatos are explored as supportive of this neomodernist approach.


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Nursing outlook


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  • The Hartford Geriatric Nursing Initiative: developing a focused strategy and strong partnerships to improve nursing care for older adults.

    abstract::This article traces the funding priorities of the John A. Hartford Foundation--the largest private philanthropy in the United States dedicated to aging and health--to increase the competence of the health care workforce (physicians, nurses, and social workers) to care for our aging society. A review of the Foundation'...

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  • Organizational structures and outcomes of newly hired and experienced nurse practitioners in New York State.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Given the projected increase in the nurse practitioner (NP) workforce, the number of NPs in health care organizations will grow. However, little is known about the capacity of these organizations to create conducive environments for NP practice. PURPOSE:Examine and compare the NP patient panel, job satisfac...

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  • Social networks and future direction for obesity research: A scoping review.

    abstract::Despite significant efforts to decrease obesity rates, the prevalence of obesity continues to increase in the United States. Obesity risk behaviors including physical inactivity, unhealthy eating, and sleep deprivation are intertwined during daily life and are difficult to improve in the current social environment. St...

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  • Health behaviors of Korean female nursing students in relation to obesity and osteoporosis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:It has been reported that young adults' dietary habits and health behaviors have significant effects on obesity and bone health. However, there is a lack of thorough understanding of the prevalence of unhealthy behaviors and potential relationships to obesity and osteoporosis among young females. METHODS:Th...

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  • Precision health: Advancing symptom and self-management science.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Precision health considers individual lifestyle, genetics, behaviors, and environment context and facilitates interventions aimed at helping individuals achieve well-being and optimal health. PURPOSE:To present the Nursing Science Precision Health (NSPH) Model and describe the integration of precision healt...

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  • Current assessments of quality and safety education in nursing.

    abstract::Concerns about the quality and safety of health care have changed practice expectations and created a mandate for change in the preparation of health care professionals. The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses project team conducted a survey to assess current levels of integration of quality and safety content in ...

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  • Project EFECT: a case study of collaboration and cooperation. Education for Effective Collaborative Training.

    abstract::Many service professionals have little opportunity during their educational experience to collaborate directly with others outside of their discipline or to have real-life experiences in teamwork and cooperation. Project EFECT provided laboratory experiences in area schools for students from 4 different disciplines to...

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  • Interdisciplinary research training in a school of nursing.

    abstract::Although interdisciplinarity has become a favored model of scholarly inquiry, the assumption that interdisciplinary work is intuitive and can be performed without training is short-sighted. This article describes the implementation of an interdisciplinary research training program within a school of nursing. We descri...

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  • A theory-based approach to nursing shared governance.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The discipline of nursing uses a general definition of shared governance. The discipline's lack of a specified theory with precepts and propositions contributes to persistent barriers in progress toward building evidence-based knowledge through systematic study. PURPOSE:The purposes of this article were to ...

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  • The interprofessional Veterans Affairs Quality Scholars program pre- and postdoctoral nurse fellow outcomes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Quality Scholars (VAQS) program, an interprofessional fellowship that includes pre- and postdoctoral nurses, aims to inspire practice change leaders. Fellows participate in a national curriculum, lead improvement/research teams, and establish professional development p...

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  • Fulfilling regional needs for specialty nurses through limited-cohort graduate education.

    abstract::The University of Minnesota has developed a limited-cohort distance education graduate program to overcome geographic barriers and address the shortage of master's-prepared specialty nurses in rural areas of the upper Midwest. Such a program offers graduate nursing education in various specialty areas to distance site...

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  • Participatory action research: the Indian Family Stories Project.

    abstract::Community-based research projects are critically needed to reduce health disparities and ensure the delivery of health care that is culturally appropriate and relevant to families and communities. The purpose of this article is to share experiences and lessons learned from utilizing a participatory action approach in ...

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  • Voices not heard: a systematic review of adolescents' and emerging adults' perspectives of health care transition.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A better understanding of the needs of adolescents and emerging adults with special health care needs (AEA-SHCNs) is essential to provide health care transition services that represent best practices. The purpose of this systematic review was to evaluate the research on health care transition for AEA-SHCNs f...

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  • Nursing diagnoses in elderly residents of a nursing home: a case in Turkey.

    abstract::There are limited studies on nursing diagnoses of the elderly living in nursing homes worldwide. This study aimed to define the most frequent nursing diagnoses in the elderly residents of a nursing home elder care and rehabilitation center. Seventy-four elderly individuals were included in the study. Data were collect...

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    authors: Güler EK,Eşer I,Khorshid L,Yücel SÇ

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  • A description of U.S. post-graduation nurse residency programs.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Concern regarding newly licensed registered nurses' abilities to cope with the increasing complexity of care has led to the development of a variety of nurse residency program (NRP) initiatives. The unknowns are the extent to which and how various program elements are implemented across NRPs. Without underst...

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  • Research productivity following nursing research initiative grants.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In 1995, VA's Office of Research and Development launched the Nursing Research Initiative (NRI), to encourage nurses to apply for research funding and to increase the role of nurse investigators in the VA's research mission. This program provides novice nurse researchers the opportunity to further develop th...

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    authors: Munro S,Hendrix CC,Cowan LJ,Battaglia C,Wilder VD,Bormann JE,Uphold CR,Sullivan SC

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  • Risk of mental health problems in adolescents skipping meals: The Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2010 to 2012.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Adolescents frequently skip meals, doing so even more than once per day. This is associated with more mental health problems. PURPOSE:This study identified mental health problems' associations with skipping meals and the frequency thereof among adolescents. METHODS:This cross-sectional population-based stu...

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  • A transdisciplinary training program for behavioral oncology and cancer control scientists.

    abstract::Transdisciplinary health research training has been identified as a major initiative to achieve the vision for research teams of the future as articulated in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Roadmap for Medical Research. To address the need for scientists who can integrate diverse scientific approaches and work...

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  • The politics of Medicaid: 1980-1989.

    abstract::Grim statistics on infant mortality and women's health alone are not enough to keep Medicaid funded. What is also needed is a strong, vociferous lobby dedicated to protecting these important programs. ...

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  • Health policy thoughtleaders' views of the health workforce in an era of health reform.

    abstract::Although registered nurses rank similarly with physicians in the public's esteem, physicians are more visible than nurses in media coverage, public policy, and political spheres. Thus, nursing workforce issues are overshadowed by those of other health priorities, including Medicare and health reform. The purpose of th...

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    authors: Donelan K,Buerhaus PI,DesRoches C,Burke SP

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  • The Ebola epidemic in West Africa: challenges, opportunities, and policy priority areas.

    abstract::The ongoing Ebola epidemic in West Africa has drawn attention to global health inequalities, in particular the inadequacies of health care systems in sub-Saharan African countries for appropriately managing and containing infectious diseases. The purpose of this article is to examine the sociopolitical and economic co...

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    authors: Buseh AG,Stevens PE,Bromberg M,Kelber ST

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  • Workload and the nurse faculty shortage: implications for policy and research.

    abstract::Although it is hypothesized that workload is a causative factor of the nurse faculty shortage and that nurse faculty workload is not equitable with that of faculty from other academic disciplines, it is not known whether evidence supports this assertion. This paper has three objectives: (1) to identify what is known a...

    journal_title:Nursing outlook

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    authors: Gerolamo AM,Roemer GF

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  • Maine's nursing workforce legislation: lessons from a rural state.

    abstract::As the aging baby boom generation begins to place additional pressures on the health care system and the nursing workforce of the same generation begins to retire, the worsening nursing shortage has the potential to seriously impact the delivery of health care in the United States and is receiving considerable attenti...

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    authors: Kirschling JM,Harvey-McPherson L,Curley D

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  • Using meta-analyses for comparative effectiveness research.

    abstract::Comparative effectiveness research seeks to identify the most effective interventions for particular patient populations. Meta-analysis is an especially valuable form of comparative effectiveness research because it emphasizes the magnitude of intervention effects rather than relying on tests of statistical significan...

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  • Nursing and the informatics revolution.

    abstract::The Institute of Medicine's quality initiatives have collectively emphasized the importance of information technology to the transformation of health care. Not coincidentally, federal initiatives in 2004 have signaled the start of "the decade of health information technology." Building on those reports, this article d...

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    authors: McBride AB

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  • WIC (The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children): policy versus practice regarding breastfeeding.

    abstract::The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) provides foods, education, and referrals to participants who are considered to be at nutritional risk. The outreach of the program is impressive, and nearly 9.17 million people participated in the program in 2010. WIC participation is as...

    journal_title:Nursing outlook

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    authors: Baumgartel KL,Spatz DL,American Academy of Nursing Expert Breastfeeding Panel.

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  • Military nurse deployments: Similarities, differences, and resulting issues.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Military nurses have a long history of deploying to combat and disaster. Much can be gleaned from their experiences. PURPOSE:The purpose of this secondary analysis was to explore military nurses' perceptions of similarities, differences, and resulting issues of military deployments from narratives of three ...

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    authors: Rivers F,Gordon S

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  • Entry: a new approach.

    abstract::Despite all of the protections promised through grandfathering and pathways to educational mobility, the entry movement tends to be perceived by many to be "demoting" the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of RNs who do not possess the education to meet the proposed standard. Here is a proposal for a way o...

    journal_title:Nursing outlook

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    authors: Styles MM,Allen S,Armstrong S,Matsuura M,Stannard D,Ordway JS

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  • Identification and team-based interprofessional management of hospitalized vulnerable older adults.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Extended hospital stays and complications are common among older adults and may lead to morbidity and loss of independence. Specialized geriatric units have been shown to improve outcomes but, with the growing numbers of older adults, may be difficult to scale to meet needs. PURPOSE:The purpose was to evalu...

    journal_title:Nursing outlook

    pub_type: 杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Borenstein JE,Aronow HU,Bolton LB,Dimalanta MI,Chan E,Palmer K,Zhang X,Rosen B,Braunstein GD

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  • Virginia Cleland: an oral history by her colleagues and mentorees.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The purpose of this study, an oral history, was to create a documented account of how Virginia Cleland was experienced by her colleagues and those she mentored. DESIGN:Data were collected for 8 months by snowball sampling of colleagues and mentorees. Nineteen individuals from across the United States were cont...

    journal_title:Nursing outlook

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    authors: Demarco R,Judy JA

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