Expression system for high levels of GAG lyase gene expression and study of the hepA upstream region in Flavobacterium heparinum.


:A system for high-level expression of heparinase I, heparinase II, heparinase III, chondroitinase AC, and chondroitinase B in Flavobacterium heparinum is described. hepA, along with its regulatory region, as well as hepB, hepC, cslA, and cslB, cloned downstream of the hepA regulatory region, was integrated in the chromosome to yield stable transconjugant strains. The level of heparinase I and II expression from the transconjugant strains was approximately fivefold higher, while heparinase III expression was 10-fold higher than in wild-type F. heparinum grown in heparin-only medium. The chondroitinase AC and B transconjugant strains, grown in heparin-only medium, yielded 20- and 13-fold increases, respectively, in chondroitinase AC and B expression, compared to wild-type F. heparinum grown in chondroitin sulfate A-only medium. The hepA upstream region was also studied using cslA as a reporter gene, and the transcriptional start site was determined to be 26 bp upstream of the start codon in the chondroitinase AC transconjugant strain. The transcriptional start sites were determined for hepA in both the wild-type F. heparinum and heparinase I transconjugant strains and were shown to be the same as in the chondroitinase AC transconjugant strain. The five GAG lyases were purified from these transconjugant strains and shown to be identical to their wild-type counterparts.


J Bacteriol


Journal of bacteriology


Blain F,Tkalec AL,Shao Z,Poulin C,Pedneault M,Gu K,Eggimann B,Zimmermann J,Su H





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    abstract::Transcriptomic, metabolomic, physiological, and computational modeling approaches were integrated to gain insight into the mechanisms of antibiotic tolerance in an in vitro biofilm system. Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms were grown in drip flow reactors on a medium composed to mimic the exudate from a chronic wound. A...

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  • Unusual C3 and C4 metabolism in the chemoautotroph Alcaligenes eutrophus.

    abstract::Phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP) carboxykinase was identified to be the only C3-carboxylating enzyme in Alcaligenes eutrophus. The enzyme requires GDP or inosine diphosphate (GTP or inosine triphosphate) for activity. Pyruvate- and other PEP-dependent CO2-fixing enzyme activities were not detected, regardless of whether the ...

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  • Properties of an inducible C 4 -dicarboxylic acid transport system in Bacillus subtilis.

    abstract::The transport of the tricarboxylic acid cycle C(4)-dicarboxylic acids was studied in both the wild-type strain and tricarboxylic acid cycle mutants of Bacillus subtilis. Active transport of malate, fumarate, and succinate was found to be inducible by these dicarboxylic acids or by precursors to them, whereas glucose o...

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  • Characterization of a newly identified mycoplasma (Mycoplasma orale type 3) from the human oropharynx.

    abstract::Six mycoplasma strains, isolated under anaerobic conditions from the human oropharynx, were studied by biologic and serologic means. The strains produced nippled colonies with weak hemolytic activity for guinea pig erythrocytes on agar medium. In addition, the strains metabolized arginine with a concomitant alkaline s...

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