Atraumatic dental treatment among Finnish elderly persons.


:There is an increase in elderly dentate adults who will retain more of their natural teeth, and thus the demand for restorative dental services among them will be high. In Finland, systematic dental care for old people has not been organized. Health centres have mainly targeted the development of dental care for children, adolescents and young adults. With this background, atraumatic restorative treatment (ART) was seen as a complementary procedure in oral health services for the elderly. It was tested in 1997-1999 in Helsinki among 119 old people (mean age 72.5 years) living in their homes and receiving community-based support services. Patients were satisfied with having dental examination and oral health education at home. The ART fillings (n=33) were provided for 21 persons and depuration for 56. After 1 year, 25 fillings (58%) could be evaluated: 68% of the fillings were assessed as being good, 11% as having a slight marginal detect and 16% as having unacceptable marginal defect, and one filling was totally lost. In conclusion, ART is an appropriate approach in dental care for the elderly. However, more testing should be completed to find out how the screening could be organized to make the dental home visits more cost-effective and less time consuming.


J Oral Rehabil


Honkala S,Honkala E





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  • Longitudinal study on torque transmitted from denture base to an abutment tooth of lower distal-extension removable partial dentures with conus crown telescopic system.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to make a longitudinal analysis of torque transmitted to a direct abutment tooth of a lower distal-extension removable partial dentures constructed with the conus crown telescopic system. Torque around the vertical and lateral axes of the tooth were measured during chewing of food at the ...

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  • Objective and subjective assessment of masticatory function for patients with temporomandibular disorder in Korea.

    abstract::This study examined the differences in the masticatory function of patients with temporomandibular disorder (TMD) in Korea. The experimental groups were as follows: 23 patients with painful arthralgia classified as pain group according to the research diagnostic criteria for temporomandibular disorder (RDC/TMC) and 28...

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  • A survey of U.K. centres on implant failures.

    abstract::This study investigated the experience of endossoseus implants in the U.K. - how success rates compare with other countries; the common causes of failure; early detection, definition and treatment of the failing implant. Information was gathered by means of a questionnaire sent to 120 centres in the U.K. Thirty-nine c...

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