Role of AMP-activated protein kinase in the regulation of gene transcription.


:AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is a regulator of cellular metabolism in response to changes in the energy status of the cells. AMPK was known to shut down energy-consuming pathways in response to a fall in the ATP/AMP ratio by phosphorylating key enzymes of intermediate metabolism. Here we will discuss the recent evidence implicating AMPK in the regulation of gene expression in mammals, mainly in the liver and in the pancreatic beta-cells.


Biochem Soc Trans


Leclerc I,Viollet B,da Silva Xavier G,Kahn A,Rutter GA





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  • Incorporation of iron-sulphur clusters in membrane-bound proteins.

    abstract::The completely sequenced genome of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC 6803 contains several open reading frames, of which the deduced amino acid sequences show similarities to proteins known to be involved in FeS cluster synthesis of nitrogenase (Nif proteins) and other FeS proteins (Isc proteins). In this article, ...

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  • Talks about TORCs: recent advancesin target of rapamycin signalling. On mTOR nomenclature.

    abstract::In the present article, I discuss recent developments in the naming of the TOR (target of rapamycin) protein. In particular, I address the issue of mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) versus the newer mechanistic target of rapamycin (MTOR). mTOR is the name given by the TOR community almost two decades ago and widely...

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  • Molecular characterization of substrate-binding sites in the glutamate transporter family.

    abstract::Glutamate transporters are essential for terminating synaptic excitation and for maintaining extracellular glutamate concentrations below neurotoxic levels. These transporters also mediate a thermodynamically uncoupled chloride flux that is activated by two of the molecules that they transport - sodium and glutamate. ...

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  • Functions and interplay of the tRNA-binding sites of the ribosome.

    abstract::The ribosome translates the genetic information of an mRNA molecule into a sequence of amino acids. The ribosome utilizes tRNAs to connect elements of the RNA and protein worlds during protein synthesis, i.e. an anticodon as a unit of genetic information with the corresponding amino acid as a building unit of proteins...

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  • Nitric oxide detoxification in the rhizobia-legume symbiosis.

    abstract::NO (nitric oxide) is a signal molecule involved in diverse physiological processes in cells which can become very toxic under certain conditions determined by its rate of production and diffusion. Several studies have clearly shown the production of NO in early stages of rhizobia-legume symbiosis and in mature nodules...

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    authors: Sánchez C,Cabrera JJ,Gates AJ,Bedmar EJ,Richardson DJ,Delgado MJ

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  • Cell-wide analysis of secretory granule dynamics in three dimensions in living pancreatic beta-cells: evidence against a role for AMPK-dependent phosphorylation of KLC1 at Ser517/Ser520 in glucose-stimulated insulin granule movement.

    abstract::Glucose-stimulated insulin secretion from pancreatic beta-cells requires the kinesin-1/Kif5B-mediated transport of insulin granules along microtubules. 5'-AMPK (5'-AMP-activated protein kinase) is a heterotrimeric serine/threonine kinase which is activated in beta-cells at low glucose concentrations, but inhibited as ...

    journal_title:Biochemical Society transactions

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    authors: McDonald A,Fogarty S,Leclerc I,Hill EV,Hardie DG,Rutter GA

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  • Collagen gene structure.

    abstract::The collagens of vertebrates may be divided into three groups according to chain size and whether or not the helical domains are continuous. Present evidence suggests that, at least within one of these groups, similarity between collagens is reflected in the organization of the genes that encode them. Early evidence s...

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  • Sterol trafficking between the endoplasmic reticulum and plasma membrane in yeast.

    abstract::We recently showed that transport of ergosterol from the ER (endoplasmic reticulum) to the sterol-enriched PM (plasma membrane) in yeast occurs by a non-vesicular (Sec18p-independent) mechanism that results in the equilibration of sterol pools in the two organelles [Baumann, Sullivan, Ohvo-Rekilä, Simonot, Pottekat, K...

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  • Half a century of molecular bioenergetics.

    abstract::Molecular bioenergetics deals with the construction, function and regulation of the powerhouses of life. The present overview sketches scenes and actors, farsighted goals and daring hypotheses, meticulous tool-making, painstaking benchwork, lucky discovery, serious scepticism, emphatic believing and strong characters ...

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    authors: Junge W

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  • Glucose sensing via the protein kinase A pathway in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

    abstract::The fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe primarily detects glucose via a cAMP-signalling pathway. Components of this pathway include the Git3 G-protein-coupled receptor and a heterotrimeric G-protein, from which the Gpa2 Galpha subunit activates adenylate cyclase (Git2/Cyr1). Three additional proteins, Git1, Git7 a...

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    authors: Hoffman CS

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  • C/D box sRNA, CRISPR RNA and tRNA processing in an archaeon with a minimal fragmented genome.

    abstract::The analysis of deep sequencing data allows for a genome-wide overview of all the small RNA molecules (the 'sRNome') that are present in a single organism. In the present paper, we review the processing of CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) RNA, C/D box sRNA (small non-coding RNA) and t...

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  • Phosphorylation of Zn(II)2Cys6 proteins: a cause or effect of transcriptional activation?

    abstract::Many Zn(II)2Cys6 transcriptional regulators exhibit changes in phosphorylation that are coincident with their roles in transcriptional activation. It is, however, unclear whether these changes occur as a cause of, or as a result of, transcriptional activation. In this paper, we explore the relationship between these t...

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  • Molecular and atomic analysis of uranium complexes formed by three eco-types of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans.

    abstract::A combination of EXAFS, transmission electron microscopy and energy-dispersive X-ray was used to conduct a molecular and atomic analysis of the uranium complexes formed by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans. The results demonstrate that this bacterium accumulates uranium as phosphate compounds. We suggest that at toxic le...

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    authors: Merroun M,Hennig C,Rossberg A,Geipel G,Reich T,Selenska-Pobell S

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  • PINK1 activation-turning on a promiscuous kinase.

    abstract::PINK1 [phosphatase and tensin homologue (PTEN)-induced putative kinase 1] is a serine/threonine kinase targeted to mitochondria and implicated in early-onset recessive Parkinson's disease (PD). Through the phosphorylation of its downstream targets, PINK1 regulates multiple mitochondrial processes, including ATP produc...

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    authors: Aerts L,De Strooper B,Morais VA

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  • Thymosin beta4 induces epicardium-derived neovascularization in the adult heart.

    abstract::The inability of the human heart to effectively repair itself after acute ischaemic injury has driven the search for efficacious means of promoting cardiac regenerative growth. Central to this has been the emergence of cell-based strategies to stimulate and augment both myocardial regeneration and neovascularization. ...

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    authors: Riley PR,Smart N

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  • Oxidative protein folding in the mammalian endoplasmic reticulum.

    abstract::Native disulphide bonds are essential for the structure and function of many membrane and secretory proteins. Disulphide bonds are formed, reduced and isomerized in the endoplasmic reticulum of mammalian cells by a family of oxidoreductases, which includes protein disulphide isomerase (PDI), ERp57, ERp72, P5 and PDIR....

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    authors: Jessop CE,Chakravarthi S,Watkins RH,Bulleid NJ

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  • Deciphering non-alcoholic fatty liver disease through metabolomics.

    abstract::Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is one of the most common liver disorders in industrialized countries. NAFLD develops in the absence of alcohol abuse and encompasses a wide spectrum of disorders ranging from benign fatty liver to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). NASH often leads to fibrosis, cirrhosis a...

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  • Structural insights into chondroitin sulfate binding in pregnancy-associated malaria.

    abstract::Malaria during pregnancy is caused when parasite-infected erythrocytes accumulate within the placenta through interactions between the VAR2CSA protein on the infected erythrocyte surface and placental CSPGs (chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans). This interaction is the major target for therapeutics to treat or prevent p...

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    authors: Khunrae P,Higgins MK

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  • Selectivity in a barren landscape: the P450(BioI)-ACP complex.

    abstract::The cytochromes P450 (P450s) are a superfamily of oxidative haemoproteins that are capable of catalysing a vast range of oxidative transformations, including the oxidation of unactivated alkanes, often with high stereo- and regio-selectivity. Fatty acid hydroxylation by P450s is widespread across both bacteria and hig...

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    authors: Cryle MJ

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  • Neuropilin signalling in angiogenesis.

    abstract::VEGFs (vascular endothelial growth factors) are master regulators of vascular development and of blood and lymphatic vessel function during health and disease in adults. This family of five mammalian ligands acts through three RTKs (receptor tyrosine kinases). In addition, co-receptors such as NRPs (neuropilins) assoc...

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    authors: Koch S

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  • Recent structural studies of RNA polymerases II and III.

    abstract::Here, I review three new structural studies from our laboratory. First, the crystal structure of RNA polymerase (Pol) II in complex with an RNA inhibitor revealed that this RNA blocks transcription initiation by preventing DNA loading into the active-centre cleft. Secondly, the structure of the SRI (Set2 Rpb1-interact...

    journal_title:Biochemical Society transactions

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    authors: Cramer P

    更新日期:2006-12-01 00:00:00

  • Chemically targeting the PI3K family.

    abstract::PI3K (phosphoinositide 3-kinase) is a key regulator of cell growth, metabolism and survival. The frequent activation of the PI3K pathway in cancer has stimulated widespread interest in identifying potent and selective inhibitors of PI3K isoforms. The present paper highlights recent progress in identifying such molecul...

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    authors: Knight ZA,Shokat KM

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  • Perspectives on neuroprotective stroke therapy.

    abstract::After years of setbacks, the perspective of neuroprotective stroke therapy has revived in light of recent study results. We outline in this review how a neuroprotective candidate drug should be developed, beginning with a thorough preclinical evaluation according to the STAIR (Stroke Therapy Academic Industry Roundtab...

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  • Rho-ROCK signaling regulates tumor-microenvironment interactions.

    abstract::Reciprocal biochemical and biophysical interactions between tumor cells, stromal cells and the extracellular matrix (ECM) result in a unique tumor microenvironment that determines disease outcome. The cellular component of the tumor microenvironment contributes to tumor growth by providing nutrients, assisting in the ...

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    authors: Johan MZ,Samuel MS

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  • Structural and functional comparison of 2-His-1-carboxylate and 3-His metallocentres in non-haem iron(II)-dependent enzymes.

    abstract::The canonical structural motif for co-ordination of non-haem ferrous iron in metal-dependent oxygenases is a facial triad of two histidine residues and one aspartate or glutamate residue. This so-called 2-His-1-carboxylate metallocentre is often accommodated in a double-stranded beta-helix fold with the iron-co-ordina...

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    authors: Leitgeb S,Nidetzky B

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  • Biomolecular complex viewed by dynamic nuclear polarization solid-state NMR spectroscopy.

    abstract::Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (ssNMR) is an indispensable tool for elucidating the structure and dynamics of insoluble and non-crystalline biomolecules. The recent advances in the sensitivity-enhancing technique magic-angle spinning dynamic nuclear polarization (MAS-DNP) have substantially expanded the territ...

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  • Floral stem cells: from dynamic balance towards termination.

    abstract::During early flower development in Arabidopsis, floral stem cells proliferate and produce a sufficient amount of cells that are recruited for organogenesis. However, after the central organ primordia initiate, stem cell activity in the floral meristem is terminated to ensure the differentiation of a fixed number of fl...

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    authors: Sun B,Ito T

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  • An overview of the fission yeast septation initiation network (SIN).

    abstract::The fission yeast septation initiation network, or SIN, is a signal transduction network that is required for septum formation in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Its activity is tightly regulated through the cell cycle, to ensure proper co-ordination of mitosis and cytokinesis. SIN signalling requires three protein kinases...

    journal_title:Biochemical Society transactions

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    authors: Krapp A,Simanis V

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  • Colicin A binds to a novel binding site of TolA in the Escherichia coli periplasm.

    abstract::Colicins are protein antibiotics produced by Escherichia coli to kill closely related non-identical competing species. They have taken advantage of the promiscuity of several proteins in the cell envelope for entry into the bacterial cell. The Tol-Pal system comprises one such ensemble of periplasmic and membrane-asso...

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    authors: Penfold CN,Li C,Zhang Y,Vankemmelbeke M,James R

    更新日期:2012-12-01 00:00:00

  • Rhizobium meliloti exopolysaccharides: genetic analyses and symbiotic importance.

    abstract::Genetic experiments have indicated that succinoglycan (EPS I), the acidic Calcofluor-binding exopolysaccharide, of the nitrogen-fixing bacterium Rhizobium meliloti strain Rm1021 is required for nodule invasion and possibly for later events in nodule development on alfalfa and other hosts. Fourteen exo loci on the seco...

    journal_title:Biochemical Society transactions

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    authors: Reuber TL,Reed J,Glazebrook J,Glucksmann MA,Ahmann D,Marra A,Walker GC

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