A modification of Representational Difference Analysis, with application to the cloning of a candidate in the Reelin signalling pathway.


BACKGROUND:cDNA-RDA is one of the subtractive cloning techniques used to isolate differentially expressed genes between two complex cDNA populations. In the present study we present a modification of the protocol described by Hubank and Schatz. RESULTS:In the post-hybridization mix, the 5'-ends of homoduplexes of interest (tester-tester) are filled-in with alpha-thio-deoxynucleotides. Unprotected duplexes, as well as the single-stranded DNA fragments, are degraded using ExoIII and Mung Bean Nuclease, prior to PCR subtraction, resulting in less complex difference products. We illustrate this modification by the cloning of a new gene which is differentially expressed in normal, reelin and Dab1 mutant mice and is a candidate member of the Reelin signalling pathway involved in brain development. CONCLUSION:We propose a modification of cDNA-RDA that may reduce the complexity of the post-hybridization mix and thus facilitate the amplification of differentially expressed products.


BMC Mol Biol


BMC molecular biology


Kuvbachieva AA,Goffinet AM





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2002-04-24 00:00:00








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  • Comparative in silico analysis identifies bona fide MyoD binding sites within the Myocyte stress 1 gene promoter.

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