[Financial burden on caregivers of schizophrenic patients: a comparison between parents and spouses].


OBJECTIVE:Part II of this study will explore more accurately, how caregivers of schizophrenic patients perceive the financial burdens of the disease. METHOD:42 In-depth-interviews with parents and spouses of schizophrenic patients were analysed using a qualitative-interpretative technique. RESULTS:When talking about their living situation, caregivers tended to keep away from the topic of financial charges; often they played down objective financial disadvantages or didn't assess them as burdensome. Considerable financial burdens were reported by parents of young patients still living in the parents' household and by spouses in families with very low income. DISCUSSION:Financial burdens are usually superimposed by other problems of the caregivers, such as dealing with acute episodes and sorrow about the future. Thus, not only the material, but also the immaterial costs of caregivers should be taken into consideration when taking health policy decisions.


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Jungbauer J,Mory C,Angermeyer MC





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  • [Negotiating the Space Between Openness and Rejection - Mental Health Nurses' Attitudes Towards Risk Behaviour of their Patients - A Qualitative Study].

    abstract::Objective Personal recovery as a key concept in mental health requests that people with severe mental illness need support in taking positive risks, especially from mental health nurses as key players in this context. In German-speaking countries, studies regarding positive risk-taking seem scarce. Attitude as a conce...

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