Postauricular cartilage storage in rhinoplasty.


:In the past decade, the number of patients demanding rhinoplasty has increased, and this has increased the use of grafts. Although different materials are used as grafts, cartilage is the most popular one. In secondary rhinoplasties the need for cartilage is very frequent. The most suitable cartilage grafts are the ones extracted during primary rhinoplasty. These grafts are disposed of after the operation and in a secondary operation, grafts are obtained from a new donor site. In our department, the surplus cartilages obtained during primary rhinoplasties of the patients who are thought to be probable secondary rhinoplasty candidates are stored in a postauricular pocket after their volumes are measured and marked down. In the secondary operations the volume of the grafts are measured again and the grafts are used. We have found out that there is no significant difference between the initial and secondary volumes of lower lateral cartilages (3.6% of initial volume is lost), but the difference between the initial and secondary volumes of septal cartilages is significant (6.9% of initial volume is lost), and the stored cartilages are sufficient qualitatively and quantitatively for the secondary rhinoplasties.


Aesthetic Plast Surg


Deren O,Görgü M,Ayhan M,Tuncel A,Erdoğan B





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