Acidic deposition: decline in mobilization of toxic aluminium.


:The mobilization of aluminium from acidic forest soils is arguably the most ecologically important consequence of acid deposition in the environment because of its adverse effects on soils, forest vegetation and surface water. Here we show that there has been a significant decline in the concentrations of aluminium species in soil solutions at medium-to-high elevations in a northern hardwood forest in the United States in response to decreasing acidic deposition. Streamwater aluminium concentrations have also fallen and, if this rate of recovery persists, will within 10 years no longer pose a threat to fish.






Palmer SM,Driscoll CT





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2002-05-16 00:00:00
















  • The Reference Library System--sharing biological material and experimental data.

    abstract::Cosmid, yeast artificial chromosome (YAC), P1 and complementary DNA (cDNA) libraries are distributed on high-density filters to the scientific community and experimental results are stored in a common object-based database accessible through the Internet. ...


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    authors: Zehetner G,Lehrach H

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  • G-protein beta gamma-subunits activate the cardiac muscarinic K+-channel via phospholipase A2.

    abstract::Muscarinic receptors of cardiac pacemaker and atrial cells are linked to a potassium channel (IK.ACh) by a pertussis toxin-sensitive GTP-binding protein. The dissociation of G-proteins leads to the generation of two potential transducing elements, alpha-GTP and beta gamma. IK.ACh is activated by G-protein alpha- and b...


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  • Milestone meetings.

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    authors: Gewin V

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  • Does Q beta replicase synthesize RNA in the absence of template?

    abstract::Q beta replicase, in the absence of added template, will synthesize RNA autocatalytically. A variety of small RNa species, termed '6S RNAs' are generated. As this reaction purportedly occurs in the absence of template, it has been termed 'de novo' RNA synthesis. The question of whether Q beta replicase can polymerize ...


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  • Quantum phase transition in a common metal.

    abstract::The classical theory of solids, based on the quantum mechanics of single electrons moving in periodic potentials, provides an excellent description of substances ranging from semiconducting silicon to superconducting aluminium. Over the last fifteen years, it has become increasingly clear that there are substances for...


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  • Evasion of the p53 tumour surveillance network by tumour-derived MYC mutants.

    abstract::The c-Myc oncoprotein promotes proliferation and apoptosis, such that mutations that disable apoptotic programmes often cooperate with MYC during tumorigenesis. Here we report that two common mutant MYC alleles derived from human Burkitt's lymphoma uncouple proliferation from apoptosis and, as a result, are more effec...


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  • Pancreastatin, a novel pancreatic peptide that inhibits insulin secretion.

    abstract::In mammalian tissues the C-terminal amide structure has been found to occur only in neuroactive or hormonally-active peptides. About half known neuropeptide and peptide hormones have this unique chemical feature. Using a chemical detection method, a search for previously unknown peptides that possess the C-terminal am...


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  • Guard cell abscisic acid signalling and engineering drought hardiness in plants.

    abstract::Guard cells are located in the epidermis of plant leaves, and in pairs surround stomatal pores. These control both the influx of CO2 as a raw material for photosynthesis and water loss from plants through transpiration to the atmosphere. Guard cells have become a highly developed system for dissecting early signal tra...


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    authors: Schroeder JI,Kwak JM,Allen GJ

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  • Genome-lamina interactions are established de novo in the early mouse embryo.

    abstract::In mammals, the emergence of totipotency after fertilization involves extensive rearrangements of the spatial positioning of the genome1,2. However, the contribution of spatial genome organization to the regulation of developmental programs is unclear3. Here we generate high-resolution maps of genomic interactions wit...


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  • Extremely fast acceleration of cosmic rays in a supernova remnant.

    abstract::Galactic cosmic rays (CRs) are widely believed to be accelerated by shock waves associated with the expansion of supernova ejecta into the interstellar medium. A key issue in this long-standing conjecture is a theoretical prediction that the interstellar magnetic field can be substantially amplified at the shock of a ...


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    authors: Uchiyama Y,Aharonian FA,Tanaka T,Takahashi T,Maeda Y

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  • Genes required for GABA function in Caenorhabditis elegans.

    abstract::gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) neurotransmission is widespread in vertebrate and invertebrate nervous systems. Here we use a genetic approach to identify molecules specific to GABA function. On the basis of the known in vivo roles of GABAergic neurons in controlling behaviour of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, we...


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    authors: McIntire SL,Jorgensen E,Horvitz HR

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  • Chromosomally unstable mouse tumours have genomic alterations similar to diverse human cancers.

    abstract::Highly rearranged and mutated cancer genomes present major challenges in the identification of pathogenetic events driving the neoplastic transformation process. Here we engineered lymphoma-prone mice with chromosomal instability to assess the usefulness of mouse models in cancer gene discovery and the extent of cross...


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    authors: Maser RS,Choudhury B,Campbell PJ,Feng B,Wong KK,Protopopov A,O'Neil J,Gutierrez A,Ivanova E,Perna I,Lin E,Mani V,Jiang S,McNamara K,Zaghlul S,Edkins S,Stevens C,Brennan C,Martin ES,Wiedemeyer R,Kabbarah O,Noguei

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  • Cranial design and function in a large theropod dinosaur.

    abstract::Finite element analysis (FEA) is used by industrial designers and biomechanicists to estimate the performance of engineered structures or human skeletal and soft tissues subjected to varying regimes of stress and strain. FEA is rarely applied to problems of biomechanical design in animals, despite its potential to inf...


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    authors: Rayfield EJ,Norman DB,Horner CC,Horner JR,Smith PM,Thomason JJ,Upchurch P

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  • Interplay of magnetism and high-Tc superconductivity at individual Ni impurity atoms in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+delta.

    abstract::Magnetic interactions and magnetic impurities are destructive to superconductivity in conventional superconductors. By contrast, in some unconventional macroscopic quantum systems (such as superfluid 3He and superconducting UGe2), the superconductivity (or superfluidity) is actually mediated by magnetic interactions. ...


    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Hudson EW,Lang KM,Madhavan V,Pan SH,Eisaki H,Uchida S,Davis JC

    更新日期:2001-06-21 00:00:00

  • Myc but not Fos rescue of PDGF signalling block caused by kinase-inactive Src.

    abstract::Growth factors such as platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) elicit the transcriptional activation of a large number of immediate early genes (many of which encode transcription factors), and ultimately DNA synthesis. Both AP1 and Myc are activated in fibroblasts in response to growth factor stimulation, and various e...


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    authors: Barone MV,Courtneidge SA

    更新日期:1995-11-30 00:00:00

  • Metastasis-suppressor transcript destabilization through TARBP2 binding of mRNA hairpins.

    abstract::Aberrant regulation of RNA stability has an important role in many disease states. Deregulated post-transcriptional modulation, such as that governed by microRNAs targeting linear sequence elements in messenger RNAs, has been implicated in the progression of many cancer types. A defining feature of RNA is its ability ...


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    authors: Goodarzi H,Zhang S,Buss CG,Fish L,Tavazoie S,Tavazoie SF

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  • Assembly of yeast Sec proteins involved in translocation into the endoplasmic reticulum into a membrane-bound multisubunit complex.

    abstract::Secretory-protein translocation into the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is thought to be catalysed by integral membrane proteins. Genetic selections uncovered three Saccharomyces cerevisiae genes (SEC61, SEC62 and SEC63), mutations in which block import of precursor proteins into the ER lumen in vivo and in vitro. The DNA...


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    authors: Deshaies RJ,Sanders SL,Feldheim DA,Schekman R

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  • MicroRNAs expressed by herpes simplex virus 1 during latent infection regulate viral mRNAs.

    abstract::Herpesviruses are characterized by their ability to maintain life-long latent infections in their animal hosts. However, the mechanisms that allow establishment and maintenance of the latent state remain poorly understood. Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) establishes latency in neurons of sensory ganglia, where the only...


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    authors: Umbach JL,Kramer MF,Jurak I,Karnowski HW,Coen DM,Cullen BR

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  • Fluorescent indicators for Ca2+ based on green fluorescent proteins and calmodulin.

    abstract::Important Ca2+ signals in the cytosol and organelles are often extremely localized and hard to measure. To overcome this problem we have constructed new fluorescent indicators for Ca2+ that are genetically encoded without cofactors and are targetable to specific intracellular locations. We have dubbed these fluorescen...


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    authors: Miyawaki A,Llopis J,Heim R,McCaffery JM,Adams JA,Ikura M,Tsien RY

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  • A trans-synaptic nanocolumn aligns neurotransmitter release to receptors.

    abstract::Synaptic transmission is maintained by a delicate, sub-synaptic molecular architecture, and even mild alterations in synapse structure drive functional changes during experience-dependent plasticity and pathological disorders. Key to this architecture is how the distribution of presynaptic vesicle fusion sites corresp...


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    authors: Tang AH,Chen H,Li TP,Metzbower SR,MacGillavry HD,Blanpied TA

    更新日期:2016-08-11 00:00:00

  • Primary structure, gene organization and polypeptide expression of poliovirus RNA.

    abstract::The primary structure of the poliovirus genome has been determined. The RNA molecule is 7,433 nucleotides long, polyadenylated at the 3' terminus, and covalently linked to a small protein (VPg) at the 5' terminus. An open reading frame of 2,207 consecutive triplets spans over 89% of the nucleotide sequence and codes f...


    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Kitamura N,Semler BL,Rothberg PG,Larsen GR,Adler CJ,Dorner AJ,Emini EA,Hanecak R,Lee JJ,van der Werf S,Anderson CW,Wimmer E

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  • The architecture of respiratory complex I.

    abstract::Complex I is the first enzyme of the respiratory chain and has a central role in cellular energy production, coupling electron transfer between NADH and quinone to proton translocation by an unknown mechanism. Dysfunction of complex I has been implicated in many human neurodegenerative diseases. We have determined the...


    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Efremov RG,Baradaran R,Sazanov LA

    更新日期:2010-05-27 00:00:00

  • Massive star formation within the Leo 'primordial' ring.

    abstract::Few intergalactic, plausibly primordial clouds of neutral atomic hydrogen (H(i)) have been found in the local Universe, suggesting that such structures have either dispersed, become ionized or produced a stellar population on gigayear timescales. The Leo ring, a massive (M(H(i)) approximately 1.8 x 10(9)M[symbol: see ...


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    authors: Thilker DA,Donovan J,Schiminovich D,Bianchi L,Boissier S,de Paz AG,Madore BF,Martin DC,Seibert M

    更新日期:2009-02-19 00:00:00

  • Future sea-level rise from Greenland's main outlet glaciers in a warming climate.

    abstract::Over the past decade, ice loss from the Greenland Ice Sheet increased as a result of both increased surface melting and ice discharge to the ocean. The latter is controlled by the acceleration of ice flow and subsequent thinning of fast-flowing marine-terminating outlet glaciers. Quantifying the future dynamic contrib...


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    authors: Nick FM,Vieli A,Andersen ML,Joughin I,Payne A,Edwards TL,Pattyn F,van de Wal RS

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  • Ranking Japan's life science research.

    abstract::Some surprising facts about the most productive institutions emerge when Japanese life-science research is subject to a novel type of assessment. ...


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    authors: Yamazaki S

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  • Parent-of-origin-specific allelic associations among 106 genomic loci for age at menarche.

    abstract::Age at menarche is a marker of timing of puberty in females. It varies widely between individuals, is a heritable trait and is associated with risks for obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and all-cause mortality. Studies of rare human disorders of puberty and animal models point to a compl...


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    authors: Perry JR,Day F,Elks CE,Sulem P,Thompson DJ,Ferreira T,He C,Chasman DI,Esko T,Thorleifsson G,Albrecht E,Ang WQ,Corre T,Cousminer DL,Feenstra B,Franceschini N,Ganna A,Johnson AD,Kjellqvist S,Lunetta KL,McMahon G,N

    更新日期:2014-10-02 00:00:00

  • Ecological and evolutionary processes at expanding range margins.

    abstract::Many animals are regarded as relatively sedentary and specialized in marginal parts of their geographical distributions. They are expected to be slow at colonizing new habitats. Despite this, the cool margins of many species' distributions have expanded rapidly in association with recent climate warming. We examined f...


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    authors: Thomas CD,Bodsworth EJ,Wilson RJ,Simmons AD,Davies ZG,Musche M,Conradt L

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  • Genetic contributions to stability and change in intelligence from childhood to old age.

    abstract::Understanding the determinants of healthy mental ageing is a priority for society today. So far, we know that intelligence differences show high stability from childhood to old age and there are estimates of the genetic contribution to intelligence at different ages. However, attempts to discover whether genetic cause...


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    authors: Deary IJ,Yang J,Davies G,Harris SE,Tenesa A,Liewald D,Luciano M,Lopez LM,Gow AJ,Corley J,Redmond P,Fox HC,Rowe SJ,Haggarty P,McNeill G,Goddard ME,Porteous DJ,Whalley LJ,Starr JM,Visscher PM

    更新日期:2012-01-18 00:00:00

  • Genes that mediate breast cancer metastasis to lung.

    abstract::By means of in vivo selection, transcriptomic analysis, functional verification and clinical validation, here we identify a set of genes that marks and mediates breast cancer metastasis to the lungs. Some of these genes serve dual functions, providing growth advantages both in the primary tumour and in the lung microe...


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    authors: Minn AJ,Gupta GP,Siegel PM,Bos PD,Shu W,Giri DD,Viale A,Olshen AB,Gerald WL,Massagué J

    更新日期:2005-07-28 00:00:00

  • Molecular cloning of Drosophila TFIID subunits.

    abstract::Transcription initiation factor TFIID is a multisubunit complex containing a TATA-box-binding factor (TFIID tau/TBP) and associated polypeptide factors (TAFs) with sizes ranging from M(r) approximately 20,000 to > 200,000. As a result of direct promoter interactions, TFIID nucleates the assembly of RNA polymerase II a...


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    authors: Kokubo T,Gong DW,Wootton JC,Horikoshi M,Roeder RG,Nakatani Y

    更新日期:1994-02-03 00:00:00