Interfibrillar cardiac mitochondrial comples III defects in the aging rat heart.


:We used the Fischer 344 rat as a model for aging effects on the heart. Cardiac interfibrillar mitochondria (IFM), located between the myofibrils, exhibit a decrease in protein yield and oxidative phosphorylation through complex III and IV in elderly (24 months) compared to adult controls (6 months). In contrast, subsarcolemmal mitochondria (SSM) located beneath the plasma membrane remained unchanged. The activity of electron transport complex III decreased only in the IFM with aging. Complex III and IV require an inner mitochondrial membrane lipid, cardiolipin for maximal activity. However, the content and composition of cardiolipin was unchanged in the IFM from aging hearts. We observed electron leakage in complex III at the myxothiazol site in the aging IFM accompanied by increased superoxide production. The aging heart sustains greater injury during ischemia and reperfusion compared to adult hearts. We propose that ischemic damage combines with aging defects in complex III to increase oxidative injury in aging hearts. Ischemia damaged complex III in both SSM and IFM from adult and aging hearts via impairment of the iron-sulfur subunit without the loss of the apoprotein. Thus, at the onset of reperfusion, complex III in IFM contains two defects in electron flow, which are likely to prime complex III for enhanced oxidant production during reperfusion, leading to increased damage in aging hearts.






Hoppel CL,Moghaddas S,Lesnefsky EJ





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