Modulatory effects of ketamine on catecholamine efflux from in vivo cardiac sympathetic nerve endings in cats.


:With the use of the microdialysis technique, we examined the modulatory effect of ketamine on catecholamine efflux from in vivo cardiac sympathetic nerve endings. A dialysis probe was implanted in the left ventricular myocardium, and dialysate norepinephrine (NE) levels in anesthetized cats were measured with liquid chromatogram-electrical detection. A 60-min occlusion of the left anterior descending coronary artery caused increases in dialysate NE levels. Through the dialysis probe, locally applied ketamine (10 mM) augmented the dialysate NE responses to coronary occlusion in the presence and absence of desipramine (membrane NE transport blocker). Thus, the ketamine-induced NE increment is not mediated through the neuronal NE transporter. The sympathomimetic action of ketamine may augment the NE efflux evoked by myocardial ischemia.


Neurosci Lett


Neuroscience letters


Kitagawa H,Yamazaki T,Akiyama T,Yahagi N,Kawada T,Mori H,Sunagawa K





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2002-05-24 00:00:00














  • Inhibition of low- and high-threshold Ca2+ channels of human neuroblastoma IMR32 cells by Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS) IgGs.

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  • Autoradiographic study of the cellular localization of [3H]glibenclamide binding sites in the rat hippocampus.

    abstract::[3H]Glibenclamide, a potent ATP-sensitive K+ channel blocker, is a specific ligand for the identification of the sulfonylureas receptors which are closely related to ATP-sensitive K+ channels. In order to determine the pre- or postsynaptic localization of these receptors in the rat hippocampus, we studied the effects ...

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  • Calcium oscillations in type-1 astrocytes, the effect of a presenilin 1 (PS1) mutation.

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  • Huperzine A inhibits the sustained potassium current in rat dissociated hippocampal neurons.

    abstract::The actions of huperzine A (HupA), a novel cholinesterase inhibitor, on the sustained potassium current were investigated in acutely dissociated hippocampal neurons of rat. HupA inhibited the current (IC(50) = 856 +/- 1 microM) with voltage-dependency. The effect was insensitive to 3 microM atropine. Tacrine (IC(50) =...

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  • Rewarding and reinforcing effects of 4-chloro-2,5-dimethoxyamphetamine and AH-7921 in rodents.

    abstract::New psychoactive substances (NPSs), i.e., newly designed substances with chemical residues that are slightly different from those of known psychoactive substances, have been emerging since the late 2000s, and social problems related to the use of these substances are increasing globally. Two such NPSs are 4-chloro-2,5...

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  • Effects of maternal protein malnutrition on oxidative markers in the young rat cortex and cerebellum.

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  • Developmentally regulated induction of neurite outgrowth from immature chick sensory neurons (DRG) by homogenates of avian or mammalian heart, liver and brain.

    abstract::Neurite outgrowth is elicited from whole explants or dissociated neurons of 8--10-day-old chick embryo sensory, dorsal root ganglia when cultured in the presence of a high speed supernatant fraction (105,000 g) from homogenates of chick or rat heart, liver or brain. The neurite promoting activity is not identical to m...

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  • The human supplementary motor area-proper does not receive direct somatosensory inputs from the periphery: data from stereotactic depth somatosensory evoked potential recordings.

    abstract::Somatosensory evoked potentials to median nerve (MN) stimulation were recorded by stereotactically implanted electrodes in the frontal lobe of two epileptic patients in order to evaluate whether short-latency cortical responses could be generated in the supplementary motor area (SMA)-proper. In both patients two poten...

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  • Leucine-enkephalin-like immunoreactive afferent fibers to pudendal motoneurons in the cat.

    abstract::Leucine-enkephalin-like immunoreactive (ENK-LI) afferent fibers to the feline homologue of the Onuf's nucleus (pudendal motoneurons) originate mainly from lamina X of the sacral cord. They make synaptic contacts chiefly upon dendrites of pudendal motoneurons; the synaptic terminals most often contain pleomorphic synap...

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  • Mild preconditioning hypoxia modifies nerve growth factor-induced gene A messenger RNA expression in the rat brain induced by severe hypoxia.

    abstract::The effect of preconditioning (PC) on the changes of nerve growth factor-induced gene A (NGFI-A) expression induced by severe hypobaric hypoxia was studied by in situ hybridization. A PC consisted of three trials of mild hypobaric hypoxia (360 Torr, 2 h) spaced at 24 h. The last trial was followed by severe hypoxia (S...

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  • Inhibition of ATP synthesis by 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium ion (MPP+) in isolated mitochondria from mouse brains.

    abstract::Effect of 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium ion (MPP+) on adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis was studied using isolated mitochondrial preparations from mouse brains. Oxidation of glutamate + malate in the mitochondria estimated by polarography was significantly inhibited by MPP+, and synthesis of ATP was inhibited to ap...

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  • Voltage-clamp analysis of the voltage-gated sodium current of the rat pituitary melanotroph.

    abstract::By using the whole-cell recording technique the Na+ current in cultured melanotrophs of the adult rat pituitary was studied. The Na+ current was eliminated by 1 microM TTX and its equilibrium potential confirmed that it was carried predominantly by Na+. The activation threshold was near -40 mV and half-maximal activat...

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  • The role of nitric oxide in the proconvulsant effect of delta-opioid agonist SNC80 in mice.

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  • GABAergic modulation of striatal peptide expression in rats and the alterations induced by dopamine antagonist treatment.

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  • Localized brain activation by selective tasks improves specific cognitive functions in humans.

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  • Pertussis toxin treatment counteracts the cardiovascular effects of neuropeptide Y and clonidine in the awake unrestrained rat.

    abstract::The role of G-proteins in the mediation of the cardiovascular effects of neuropeptide Y and the alpha 2-adrenoceptor agonist clonidine was investigated by injections of pertussis toxin (10 micrograms/30 microliters, i.v.t., 24 h) in the awake unrestrained male rat. Treatment with pertussis toxin was found to inhibit t...

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  • Species differences in the localization of 'peripheral' type cholecystokinin receptors in rodent brain.

    abstract::A comparison of cholecystokinin (CCK) receptor binding to sections of rat, mouse and guinea pig brain has been performed using 125I-Bolton Hunter CCK and the selective peripheral CCK receptor antagonist L-365,031. In both rat and mouse, 125I-Bolton Hunter CCK binding in the region of the interpeduncular nucleus (IPN) ...

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  • Kainate exposure suppresses activation of GluR2 subunit promoter in primary cultured cerebral cortical neurons through induction of RE1-silencing transcription factor.

    abstract::The AMPA receptor subunit GluR2 is downregulated in neurons following a wide range of neurological insults. Here we report that suppression of GluR2 gene promoter activity is associated with kainate (KA)-induced downregulation of GluR2 subunit levels in primary cultured cortical neurons. RT-PCR and Northern blotting s...

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  • Caroverine inhibits the conditioned place aversion induced by naloxone-precipitated morphine withdrawal in rats.

    abstract::Comparable to the anti-craving compound acamprosate, caroverine reduces alcohol withdrawal symptoms by an antagonism at ionotropic glutamate receptors and a blockade of calcium channels. The present study examines the effect of caroverine in a craving model, in which acamprosate has proved effective before. A place av...

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  • Effects of lisuride hydrogen maleate on pericontusional tissue metabolism, brain edema formation, and contusion volume development after experimental traumatic brain injury in rats.

    abstract::After traumatic brain injury (TBI), the primary insult is followed by a cascade of secondary events which lead to enlargement of the primary lesion and are potentially amenable to therapeutic intervention. Lisuride is a dopaminergic agonist with additional serotoninergic, adrenergic, and glutamate antagonistic propert...

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  • Ischemia-induced increase in RGS7 mRNA expression in gerbil hippocampus.

    abstract::The present study investigated the changes in the expression of regulators of G-protein-coupled signaling proteins RGS2, 7 and 8 in gerbil hippocampus to better understand alterations of G-protein-coupled receptors signaling after cerebral ischemia. In situ hybridization revealed a transient, robust early increase in ...

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  • Acceleration of irregular estrous cycle in forced running by midbrain raphe lesions in female rats.

    abstract::It is known that over-exercise or forced running interrupts the regular ovulatory (estrous) cycle in female mammals, including women. The serotonin content of the brain changes under stress conditions. In this experiment, radiofrequency lesions were made in the dorsal (DRL) or median (MRL) raphe nuclei of the midbrain...

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  • MDM2 antagonism by nutlin-3 induces death in human medulloblastoma cells.

    abstract::A critical component of the cellular stress response, the p53 tumor suppressor protein must be functional for many cancer therapies to be effective. Adjuvant therapies that augment p53 function are predicted to sensitize tumor cells to cancer therapies that rely upon p53 for their efficacy. Of those strategies current...

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  • Regionally specific age-dependent decline in alpha 2-adrenoceptors: an autoradiographic study in human brain.

    abstract::The effect of sex, postmortem delay and aging on alpha 2-adrenoceptor binding was studied in tissue sections from several representative regions of the human brain from 21 subjects using [3H]UK-14304 as a ligand. Sex and postmortem delay did not influence the density of alpha 2-receptors. Aging resulted in clear decre...

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  • Regulatory role of carotid nerve afferences upon the frequency and pattern of spontaneous gasp complexes.

    abstract::Spontaneous gasps were recorded in pentobarbitone-anesthetized adult cats. Mean interval between gasps in 11 cats with their buffer nerves intact was of 65 sec; it was significantly prolonged to 174 sec after unilateral carotid neurotomy and to 403 sec after bilateral carotid neurotomy. Additional sectioning of both a...

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    authors: Zuazo A,Zapata P

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  • Rat retinal ganglion cells culture enriched with the magnetic cell sorter.

    abstract::The magnetic cell sorter (MACS) technique was applied to isolate retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) for culture. RGCs were labeled retrogradely with 1.1'-dioctadecyl-3,3,3',3'-tetramethylindocarbocyanine perchlorate (Dil). Subsequently retinal cell suspensions were incubated with biotinylated anti-rat Thy-1 antibody and MA...

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  • β1-adrenoceptor stimulation enhances the differentiation of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells into neural progenitor cells.

    abstract::The cyclic AMP/protein kinase A signaling pathway is thought to be involved in neural differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells. In the present study, we examined the involvement of β-adrenoceptor signaling on the differentiation of mouse induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells into neural progenitor cells. Mouse iPS cel...

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  • Short-term administration of fluoxetine and venlafaxine decreases corticosteroid receptor mRNA expression in the rat hippocampus.

    abstract::Chronic treatment with antidepressant drugs (2 weeks or longer) increases corticosteroid receptor mRNA expression in the hippocampus and reduces hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity in parallel with improving mood and neuroendocrine function. Earlier effects are less well documented. We examined the effects of...

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