Randomized trial of one versus two transcervical insertions of quinacrine pellets for sterilization.


OBJECTIVE:To determine the relative effectiveness of single vs. two transcervical monthly insertions of 252 mg of quinacrine for female sterilization. DESIGN:Controlled clinical study. SETTING:Family planning clinics of 6 academic centers. PATIENT(S):Sexually active reproductive-age women requesting sterilization. INTERVENTION(S):At each of six centers 70 and 30 women were randomly assigned to receive either one or two, respectively, monthly transcervical insertions to the fundus of 252 mg of quinacrine and 75 mg of diclofenac as pellets and they were followed for 1 year. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S):Complications, side effects, and pregnancy failures. RESULT(S):There were no serious complications and side effects were transient and easily treated. There were 31 (7.4%) pregnancy failures in the single insertions group and 2 (1.1%) in the two insertions group, but with marked center variation. CONCLUSION(S):Quinacrine sterilization using two monthly insertions of 252 mg of quinacrine appears safe and reasonably effective.


Fertil Steril


Fertility and sterility


Agoestina T,Hoesni RH,Purwara BH,Santoso BI,Siswanto P,Dasuki D,Samsulhadi A,Surya GP





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  • Genetic evaluation of oocyte donors: recipient couple preferences and outcome of testing.

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  • Biochemical, metabolic, and vascular mechanisms in menopausal hot flashes.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine if increases in core body temperature preceding most hot flashes are caused by increased metabolic rate, peripheral vasoconstriction, or central noradrenergic activation. DESIGN:Laboratory physiological study. SETTING:University medical center. PATIENT(S):Fourteen healthy, postmenopausal women...

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  • Isolation of a factor from normal human semen that accelerates dissolution of abnormally liquefying semen.

    abstract::A liquefraction factor from normal human seminal plasma was purified by cation and anion exchange chromatography. It is nondialyzable, heat-labile, and has many properties in common with the seminal protease "chymotrypsin-like enzyme." Its lytic effect is most distinctly observed in abnormal semen that is semisolid or...

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