Studies on antimycotic properties of Datura metel.


:The hexane, chloroform, acetone and methanolic fractions of Datura metel L. were investigated for antifungal properties using pathogenic species of Aspergillus. The chloroform fraction was found to be endowed with antifungal activity. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of chloroform fraction of D. metel L. was 625.0 microg ml(-1) against all the three species of Aspergillus, i.e. A. fumigatus, A. flavus and A. niger, by microbroth dilution and percent spore germination inhibition assays. The MIC by disc diffusion assay was observed to be 12.5 microg disc(-1). The chloroform fraction of D. metel, when investigated for potency, turned to be 9.2 times less active than amphotericin B. However, it was important to note that the cytotoxicity of chloroform fraction in vitro was 117.8 times less than amphotericin B.


J Ethnopharmacol


Rajesh,Sharma GL





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  • Medicinal plants of Seberida (Riau Province, Sumatra, Indonesia).

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  • Protective role of Anacardium occidentale extract against streptozotocin-induced diabetes in rats.

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  • Therapeutic effect of Dongbai-Tonglin-Fang, a Chinese herbal formula, on urinary tract infection in rat model.

    abstract:ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE:Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has many obvious advantages in the treatment of chronic conditions such as urinary tract infection (UTI). Dongbai-Tonglin-Fang (DBTL), a Chinese herbal formula, has been used for the treatment of UTI for more than 40 years with proven efficacy. However, ...

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  • Management of diabetic complications: a chemical constituents based approach.

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  • Pharmacologic effects of an aqueous extract of Rhigiocarya racemifera.

    abstract::Several pharmacologic studies were carried out with an aqueous extract of Rhigiocarya racemifera after phytochemical tests revealed the main constituents to be glycosides, saponins and tannins. Studies on intact mice showed that the extract has an intraperitoneal LD50 of 142 mg/kg and that 50 mg/kg of the extract redu...

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  • Mechanisms of anti-inflammatory effect of an active ingredients group from Jinxuan Zhike Xunxi San.

    abstract:AIM OF THE STUDY:JZXS has been used for inflamed hemorrhoids as a chinese prescription for several decades. The present study was designed to investigate the anti-inflammatory activities, as well as the mechanisms, of an active ingredients group (AIG) obtained from Jinxuan Zhike Xunxi San (JZXS). MATERIALS AND METHODS...

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    abstract:ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE:Ginsenosides are the proposed bioactive constituent of ginseng, especially for the attenuation of postprandial glycemia (PPG). The efficacious proportion of total and specific ginsenosides, remains unknown. Alcohol extraction of whole ginseng root can be used to selectively manipulate the...

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  • Antiquity of medicinal plant usage in two Macro-Mayan ethnic groups (México).

    abstract::In the biological sciences the use of medicinal plants in indigenous cultures is commonly seen as being based on a long tradition ('traditional medicine'). However, under normal circumstances, ethnobotanical studies cannot provide evidence on the antiquity of specific uses for medicinal plants since oral traditions ha...

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  • Osteoprotective effect of extract from Achyranthes bidentata in ovariectomized rats.

    abstract:AIM OF THE STUDY:A Chinese herbal drug, root of Achyranthes bidentata showed a potent inhibitory activity on bone resorption induced by parathyroid hormone (PTH) in a bone organ culture using neonatal mouse parietal bones. The present study is to clarify the fractions responsible for the activity and further explore th...

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  • Can the aggregation be a new approach for understanding the mechanism of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

    abstract::"Frequent hitter" phenomenon emerged in the high-throughput screening; one of the most common mechanisms behind artifactual inhibition is that some organic molecules formed large colloid-like aggregates which are able to sequester and thereby inhibit enzymes. To investigate the situation in Traditional Chinese Medicin...

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  • A complex prescription for vitiligo activates mitochondrial ATP synthase-6 expression in B-16 murine melanoma cells.

    abstract::A complex prescription (CP) used traditionally for the treatment of vitiligo was prepared from water extract of eight plant materials. To study the mechanism of this preparation its effect on gene expression of B-16 murine melanoma cells was estimated using differential display method (DDRT-PCR). The results showed th...

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  • Regulation effects on abnormal glucose and lipid metabolism of TZQ-F, a new kind of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    abstract:AIM OF THE STUDY:Based on the recipe of the traditional anti-diabetic formula TZQ, we developed TZQ-F, a new formula including 8 fractions isolated from Red Paeony root, Mulberry leaf, Lotus leaf, Danshen root and Hawthorn leaf with a good quality assurance. The study was aimed at fraction preparation and effects of th...

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  • Anti-bone resorption activity of deer antler aqua-acupunture, the pilose antler of Cervus korean TEMMINCK var. mantchuricus Swinhoe (Nokyong) in adjuvant-induced arthritic rats.

    abstract::Effect of deer antler aqua-acupunture (DAA), prepared from the pilose antler of Cervus korean TEMMINCK var. mantchuricus Swinhoe, a traditional immunosuppressive acupuncture, was evaluated to assess the reductions in bone mass, strength, and turnover in adjuvant-induced arthritic rats. For measuring the above paramete...

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  • In vitro cytotoxicity and immunomodulating property of Rhaphidophora korthalsii.

    abstract::An in vitro cytotoxic screening of extracts of Rhaphidophora korthalsii indicated cytotoxicity in the ether fraction. ED50 values of the extract against P388, Molt 4, KB and SW 620 were 12, 14, 8 and 13 micrograms/ml, respectively. The extract was relatively more toxic on P388 and Molt 4 cell lines at concentrations o...

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  • The suppressive effects of Saposhnikovia divaricata (Fangfeng) chromone extract on rheumatoid arthritis via inhibition of nuclear factor-κB and mitogen activated proteinkinases activation on collagen-induced arthritis model.

    abstract:ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE:Saposhnikovia divaricata (SD), called "Fangfeng" in China, is commonly used in clinical compound prescription for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), but its actions on RA have not been clarified. The present study aims to determine the anti-inflammatory activity of SD chromone extrac...

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  • The adjuvant effects of Antrodia Camphorata extracts combined with anti-tumor agents on multidrug resistant human hepatoma cells.

    abstract:AIM OF THE STUDY:The objectives of this study were to investigate the adjuvant anti-tumor effects of Antrodia camphorate in human hepatoma cells (C3A and PLC/PRF/5) which are resistance to most anti-tumor agents, elucidate the possible regulation pathways, and measure the tumor growth and survival rate in xenograft-nud...

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  • The methanolic extract of Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) Mansf. and its major compound pinostrobin induces anti-ulcerogenic property in vivo: possible involvement of indirect antioxidant action.

    abstract:ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE:Boesenbergia rotunda (L) Mansf. has been used for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders including peptic ulcer. In the current study we aimed to investiagte the anti-ulcer activities of methanolic extract of B. rotunda (MEBR) and its main active compound, pinostrobin on ethanol-indu...

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  • Medicinal plants of the Popoluca, México: organoleptic properties as indigenous selection criteria.

    abstract::The taste and smell of the environment are important to humans in everyday life and are of particular relevance for the selection of medicinal versus non-medicinal plant species. In a 16-months study with the Popoluca of southern Veracruz (Mexico), we focused on the indigenous selection criteria for medicinal plants. ...

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  • Treatment with Azadirachta indica in diabetic pregnant rats: negative effects on maternal outcome.

    abstract:ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE:The role of Azadirachta indica (neem) against Chagas disease and its antibiotic and antidiabetic action have been demonstrated in non-pregnant animals. However, the effects of neem on lipid metabolism and oxidative stress during pregnancy remain to be investigated. The objective of this s...

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  • Toxicology, genotoxicity, and cytotoxicity of three extracts of Solanum chrysotrichum.

    abstract:ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE:Infusions of Solanum chrysotrichum (Schldl.) or "sosa" are employed in Traditional Mexican Medicine for the local and systemic treatment of skin and mucosal infections. Different studies have verified its antifungal effectiveness and therapeutic safety in superficial mycosis caused by der...

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  • In vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory effects of an ethanol extract from the aerial parts of Eryngium carlinae F. Delaroche (Apiaceae).

    abstract:ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE:Eryngium carlinae F. Delaroche (Apiaceae) is an herb used in folk medicine as a diuretic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory agent. AIM OF THE STUDY:This work assessed the diuretic, antinociceptive, and anti-inflammatory actions of an ethanol extract from the leaves and stems of Eryngium c...

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