Oxidation of formaldehyde by alcohol oxidase of Candida boidinii.


:A fromaldehyde oxidase activity was found in cellfree extracts of methanol-grown yeast Candida boidinii. Loss of alcohol oxidase activity in a mutant, 48, led to loss of the formaldehyde oxidase activity, indicating that the same enzyme is probably responsible for both activities. This could be demonstrated with the purified alcohol oxidase which oxidizes, besides lower primary alcohols, formaldehyde to formate. The Km value for formaldehyde is 5.7 mM. It seems that alcohol oxidase is not implicated in formaldehyde oxidation in vivo.


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  • Comparative study of rhizobacterial communities in pepper greenhouses and examination of the effects of salt accumulation under different cropping systems.

    abstract::This study compared rhizobacterial communities in pepper greenhouses under a paddy-upland (rice-pepper) rotational system (PURS) and a monoculture repeated cropping system (RCS) and examined adverse effects of high salinity on soil properties. The following soil properties were analyzed: electrical conductivity (EC), ...

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  • Characterization of a carbofuran-degrading bacterium and investigation of the role of plasmids in catabolism of the insecticide carbofuran.

    abstract::A bacterium capable of using the carbamate insecticide carbofuran as a sole source of carbon and energy, was isolated from soil. The ability to catabolise carbofuran phenol, produced by cleavage of the carbamate ester linkage of the insecticide, was lost at very high frequency when the bacterium was grown in the absen...

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  • Fish borne Edwardsiella tarda eha involved in the bacterial biofilm formation, hemolytic activity, adhesion capability and pathogenicity.

    abstract::Edwardsiella tarda (E. tarda) is distributed widely in a variety of hosts including humans, other mammals and fish, and it is worthwhile to notice that E. tarda -caused fish infections lead to the most important bacterial disease in fish. Considering Eha acting as a transcriptional regulator in E. tarda strain ET13 ha...

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  • Genetic diversity of Microcystis cyanophages in two different freshwater environments.

    abstract::Bacteriophages rapidly diversify their genes through co-evolution with their hosts. We hypothesize that gene diversification of phages leads to locality in phages genome. To test this hypothesis, we investigated the genetic diversity and composition of Microcystis cyanophages using 104 sequences of Ma-LMM01-type cyano...

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  • Maleylacetate reductase of Pseudomonas sp. strain B13: dechlorination of chloromaleylacetates, metabolites in the degradation of chloroaromatic compounds.

    abstract::The maleylacetate reductase of 3-chlorobenzoate-grown cells of Pseudomonas sp. strain B13 has been purified 50-fold. The enzyme converted 2-chloromaleylacetate to 3-oxoadipate with temporary occurrence of maleylacetate; 1 mol of chloride was eliminated during the conversion of 1 mol of 2-chloro- and 2,3-dichloromaleyl...

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  • The bifunctional enzyme chitosanase-cellulase produced by the gram-negative microorganism Myxobacter sp. AL-1 is highly similar to Bacillus subtilis endoglucanases.

    abstract::The gram-negative bacterium Myxobacter sp. AL-1 produces chitosanase-cellulase activity that is maximally excreted during the stationary phase of growth. Carboxymethylcellulase zymogram analysis revealed that the enzymatic activity was correlated with two bands of 32 and 35 kDa. Ion-exchange-chromatography-enriched pr...

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  • Comparative genomic study of spo0E family genes and elucidation of the role of Spo0E in Bacillus anthracis.

    abstract::The propensity of bacterium to sporulate or retain the vegetative form depends on the amount of phosphorylated Spo0A (Spo0A(-P)), regulated by Spo0E multigene family of phosphatases (Spo0E, YisI and YnzD). Phylogenetic analysis revealed that Spo0E multigene family of phosphatases (SMFP) descends in two distinct clades...

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    authors: Dubey GP,Narayan A,Mattoo AR,Singh GP,Kurupati RK,Zaman MS,Aggarwal A,Baweja RB,Basu-Modak S,Singh Y

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  • Strand-specific RNA-seq analysis of the Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans transcriptome in response to magnesium stress.

    abstract::Bioleaching is a promising process for 350 million tons Jinchuan low-grade pentlandite. But, Jinchuan pentlandite has lots of magnesium and high concentration of Mg2+ is harmful to bioleaching microorganisms. Thus, finding a way to improve the adaption of microorganisms to Mg2+ is a key for bioleaching. In the study, ...

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    authors: Tang D,Duan J,Gao Q,Zhao Y,Li Y,Chen P,Zhou J,Wu Z,Xu R,Li H

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  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strains isolated from moisture-damaged buildings produced surfactin and a substance toxic to mammalian cells.

    abstract::Fungicidic Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strains isolated from the indoor environment of moisture-damaged buildings contained heat-stable, methanol-soluble substances that inhibited motility of boar spermatozoa within 15 min of exposure and killed feline lung cells in high dilution in 1 day. Boar sperm cells lost motilit...

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    authors: Mikkola R,Andersson MA,Grigoriev P,Teplova VV,Saris NE,Rainey FA,Salkinoja-Salonen MS

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  • Adhesion of bacteria from mixed cell suspension to solid surfaces.

    abstract::The attachment of four species of bacteria to solid surfaces was investigated to determine whether the attachment of one species of bacterium could be influenced by the presence of other attaching or attached species. Three types of experiment were done: attachment of bacteria from suspensions containing two species (...

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    authors: McEldowney S,Fletcher M

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  • A second streptomycin resistance gene from Streptomyces griseus codes for streptomycin-3"-phosphotransferase. Relationships between antibiotic and protein kinases.

    abstract::Two genes, aphE and orf, coding for putative Mr 29,000 and Mr 31,000, proteins respectively, were identified in the nucleotide sequence of a 2.8 kbp DNA segment cloned from Streptomyces griseus N2-3-11. The aphE gene expressed streptomycin (SM) resistance and a SM phosphorylating enzyme in S. lividans strains. The two...

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    authors: Heinzel P,Werbitzky O,Distler J,Piepersberg W

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  • Different assembly of acid and salt tolerance response in two dairy Listeria monocytogenes wild strains.

    abstract::A lack on the association between acid tolerance response (ATR) and osmotolerance response (OTR) among Listeria monocytogenes dairy isolates was found. In order to evaluate how wild L. monocytogenes isolates mount tolerance responses under a sub-lethal pH and a low sodium chloride concentration (pH 5.5 and 3.5 % [w/v]...

    journal_title:Archives of microbiology

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    authors: Melo J,Andrew PW,Faleiro ML

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  • In silico prediction of horizontal gene transfer in Streptococcus thermophilus.

    abstract::A combination of gene loss and acquisition through horizontal gene transfer (HGT) is thought to drive Streptococcus thermophilus adaptation to its niche, i.e. milk. In this study, we describe an in silico analysis combining a stochastic data mining method, analysis of homologous gene distribution and the identificatio...

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    authors: Eng C,Thibessard A,Danielsen M,Rasmussen TB,Mari JF,Leblond P

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  • Poly-3-hydroxybutyrate production by washed cells of Alcaligenes eutrophus; purification, characterisation and potential regulatory role of citrate synthase.

    abstract::Washed cells prepared from carbon-limited continuous cultures of Alcaligenes eutrophus synthesised poly-3-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) rapidly when supplied with glucose, DL-lactate or L-lactate. Unlike growing cultures, washed cells excreted significant amounts of pyruvate. The combined rates of PHB production (qPHB) and py...

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    authors: Henderson RA,Jones CW

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  • Nesterenkonia haasae sp. nov., an alkaliphilic actinobacterium isolated from a degraded pasture in Songnen Plain.

    abstract::An alkaliphilic actinobacterial strain, designated Hz 6-5T, was isolated from saline-alkaline soil from Songnen Plain in north-eastern China. The isolate formed light yellow-colored colonies and its cells were Gram-staining positive, non-motile, and non-spore-forming short rods. The strain was aerobic with optimal gro...

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  • Characterisation of the effect of day length, and associated differences in dietary intake, on the gut microbiota of Soay sheep.

    abstract::Differences in the rumen bacterial community have been previously reported for Soay sheep housed under different day length conditions. This study extends this previous investigation to other organs of the digestive tract, as well as the analysis of ciliated protozoa and anaerobic fungi. The detectable concentrations ...

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    authors: Thomas NA,Olvera-Ramírez AM,Abecia L,Adam CL,Edwards JE,Cox GF,Findlay PA,Destables E,Wood TA,McEwan NR

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  • A serine alkaline protease from the fungus Conidiobolus coronatus with a distinctly different structure than the serine protease subtilisin Carlsberg.

    abstract::In view of the functional similarities between subtilisin Carlsberg and the alkaline protease from Conidiobolus coronatus, the biochemical and structural properties of the two enzymes were compared. In spite of their similar biochemical properties, e.g., pH optima, heat stability, molecular mass, pI, esterase activity...

    journal_title:Archives of microbiology

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    authors: Phadtare S,Rao M,Deshpande V

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  • Aerobic and anaerobic cellulase production by Cellulomonas uda.

    abstract::Cellulomonas uda (DSM 20108/ATCC 21399) is one of the few described cellulolytic facultative anaerobes. Based on these characteristics, we initiated a physiological study of C. uda with the aim to exploit it for cellulase production in simple bioreactors with no or sporadic aeration. Growth, cellulase activity and fer...

    journal_title:Archives of microbiology

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    authors: Poulsen HV,Willink FW,Ingvorsen K

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  • Microfilament bundles in antheridial nuclei of Achlya ambisexualis E 87.

    abstract::This is the first report of intranuclear microfilaments within gametangial nuclei of oömycetous fungi. Longitudinal sections of four to six microfilaments were frequently observed in meiotic antheridial nuclei of Achlya ambisexualis. Each microfilament measured approximately 7--10 nm in diameter. Spindle tubules (25 n...

    journal_title:Archives of microbiology

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    authors: Ellzey J,Huizar E,Yanez D

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  • Characterization of a eukaryotic-like protein kinase, DspB, with an atypical catalytic loop motif from Myxococcus xanthus.

    abstract::Serine (Ser)/threonine (Thr) or tyrosine (Tyr) protein kinases in eukaryotes contain RDxKxxN or RDx(A/R)A(A/R)N sequences, respectively, in the catalytic loop. Myxococcus xanthus DspB is a dual-specificity kinase that contains an atypical sequence, RDVAQKN, in the catalytic loop. The DspB mutant (A165K), which contain...

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    authors: Kimura Y,Urata M

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  • Activity of wild-type and hybrid Bacillus thuringiensis delta-endotoxins against Agrotis ipsilon.

    abstract::Twelve Cry1 and two Cry9 delta-endotoxins from Bacillus thuringiensis were tested for their activity against black cutworm ( Agrotis ipsilon). A. ipsilon was not susceptible to many toxins, but three toxins had significant activity. Cry9Ca was the most toxic, followed by Cry1Aa and Cry1Fb. Hybrids between these three ...

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    authors: de Maagd RA,Weemen-Hendriks M,Molthoff JW,Naimov S

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  • Genome organisation of the marine Roseobacter clade member Marinovum algicola.

    abstract::The Roseobacter clade, belonging to the family Rhodobacteraceae of the class Alphaproteobacteria, is one of the major bacterial groups in marine environments. A remarkable wealth of diverse large plasmids has been detected in members of this lineage. Here, we analysed the genome structure and extrachromosomal DNA cont...

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    authors: Pradella S,Päuker O,Petersen J

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  • Quinolinate dehydrogenase and 6-hydroxyquinolinate decarboxylase involved in the conversion of quinolinic acid to 6-hydroxypicolinic acid by Alcaligenes sp. strain UK21.

    abstract::In the conversion of quinolinic acid to 6-hydroxypicolinic acid by whole cells of Alcaligenes sp. strain UK21, the enzyme reactions involved in the hydroxylation and decarboxylation of quinolinic acid were examined. Quinolinate dehydrogenase, which catalyzes the first step, the hydroxylation of quinolinic acid, was so...

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    authors: Uchida A,Ogawa M,Yoshida T,Nagasawa T

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  • Presence of nucleoside triphosphates and calcium associated with mycobacteriophage 13.

    abstract::The association of nucleoside triphosphate molecules and calcium ions with purified particles of mycobacteriophage 13 has been documented. The content of nucleoside triphosphate has been determined to be 118 molecules per phage particle by equilibrium dialysis against labelled ATP or 148 molecules per phage particle b...

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    authors: Karnik SS,Gopinathan KP

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  • Degradation and turnover of peroxisomes in the yeast Hansenula polymorpha induced by selective inactivation of peroxisomal enzymes.

    abstract::Inactivation of peroxisomal enzymes in the yeast Hansenula polymorpha was studied following transfer of cells into cultivation media in which their activity was no longer required for growth. After transfer of methanol-grown cells into media containing glucose - a substrate that fully represses alcohol oxidase synthes...

    journal_title:Archives of microbiology

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    authors: Veenhuis M,Douma A,Harder W,Osumi M

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  • Coniochaeta fungus benefits from its intracellular bacteria to form biofilm and defend against other fungi.

    abstract::During cultivation of a gastric fungus, Coniochaeta polymorpha, growth of Nocardia colonies on top of the fungal culture raised the question whether bacteria originated from inside of fungus. In this study, the likelihood of intracellular origin of bacteria as well as interaction of two microorganisms was assessed. Fl...

    journal_title:Archives of microbiology

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    authors: Heydari S,Siavoshi F,Sarrafnejad A,Malekzadeh R

    更新日期:2021-01-02 00:00:00

  • Intracellular localization of the particulate methane monooxygenase and methanol dehydrogenase in Methylomicrobium album BG8.

    abstract::The methanotrophic bacterium Methylomicrobium album BG8 uses methane as a sole source of carbon and energy. This bacterium forms an extensive intracytoplasmic membrane. The first enzymes of the methane oxidation pathway are the membrane-bound particulate methane monooxygenase and the periplasmic methanol dehydrogenase...

    journal_title:Archives of microbiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Brantner CA,Remsen CC,Owen HA,Buchholz LA,Perille Collins ML

    更新日期:2002-07-01 00:00:00

  • Expression of putative virulence factors in the potato pathogen Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus during infection.

    abstract::The Gram-positive bacterium Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus is the causal agent of bacterial wilt and ring rot of potato. So far, only two proteins have been shown to be essential for virulence, namely a plasmid-encoded cellulase CelA and a hypersensitive response-inducing protein. We have examined the re...

    journal_title:Archives of microbiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Holtsmark I,Takle GW,Brurberg MB

    更新日期:2008-02-01 00:00:00

  • Pheophytinization of bacteriochlorophyll c and energy transfer in cells of Chlorobium tepidum.

    abstract::Bacteriochlorophyll (BChl) c in whole cells of Chlorobium tepidum grown at 46 degrees C changed into bacteriopheophytin (BPhe) c within 10 days after reaching full growth. When a small amount of C. tepidum cells in which BChl c had been completely pheophytinized were transferred to a new culture medium, normal growth ...

    journal_title:Archives of microbiology

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    authors: Tokita S,Hirota M,Frigaard NU,Shimada K,Matsuura K

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  • Microbiological and chemical profiles of elephant grass inoculated with and without Lactobacillus plantarum and Pediococcus acidilactici.

    abstract::The study was conducted to evaluate the microbiological and chemical profiles of elephant grass inoculated with and without different wild strains of lactic acid bacteria. Silage was prepared of four treatments and one control with three replicates as control (EKC, adding 2 ml/kg sterilizing water), Lactobacillus plan...

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    authors: Shah AA,Xianjun Y,Zhihao D,Junfeng L,Sao T

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