Kinetics of inhibition of the plasma membrane calcium pump by vanadate in intact human red cells.


:The lack of specific inhibitors of the plasma membrane Ca2+ pump (PMCA) has made vanadate (VO3-), a non-specific inhibitor, an invaluable tool in the study of PMCA function. However, three important properties of vanadate as an inhibitor of the PMCA in intact cells, namely its speed of action in different experimental conditions, the reversibility of its inhibitory effects at different doses, and its dose-response, had never been characterized, despite extensive use. We report here the speed, reversibility and dose-response of PMCA inhibition by vanadate in intact human red cells. Near maximal inhibitory concentrations (1mM) in the red cell suspension blocked almost instantly the uphill Ca2+ extrusion by the PMCA, regardless of the intracellular Ca2+ concentration, cation composition of the external media, membrane potential or volume-stability of the cell. PMCA inhibition by vanadate, at concentrations of 10mM and 1mM, was not reversed by washing, resuspending, and incubating the cells for up to 2h in vanadate-free media. Vanadate inhibited PMCA-mediated Ca2+ efflux in intact red cells with a K1/2 of approximately 3 microM, a value similar to that described for the Ca2+-ATPase in isolated red cell membranes.


Cell Calcium


Cell calcium


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  • Differential functional interaction of two Vesl/Homer protein isoforms with ryanodine receptor type 1: a novel mechanism for control of intracellular calcium signaling.

    abstract::Vesl/Homer proteins physically link proteins that mediate cellular signaling [Curr. Opin. Neurobiol. 10 (2000) 370; Trends Neurosci. 23 (2000) 80; J. Cell Sci. 113 (2000) 1851] and thereby influence cellular function [Nat. Neurosci. 4 (2001) 499; Nature 411 (2001) 962]. A previous study reported that Vesl-1L/Homer-1c ...

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  • Optical single-channel recording by imaging Ca2+ flux through individual ion channels: theoretical considerations and limits to resolution.

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  • Photolysis of caged calcium using a low-cost flash unit: efficacy analysis with a calcium selective electrode.

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    abstract::T-type Ca(2+) channel family includes three subunits Ca(V)3.1, Ca(V)3.2 and Ca(V)3.3 and have been shown to control burst firing and intracellular Ca(2+) concentration ([Ca(2+)](i)) in neurons. Here, we investigated whether Ca(V)3.1 channels could generate a pacemaker current and contribute to cell excitability. Ca(V)...

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  • Calibration of intracellular Ca transients of isolated adult heart cells labelled with fura-2 by acetoxymethyl ester loading.

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  • Squid nerve Na+/Ca2+ exchanger expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: up-regulation by a phosphorylated cytosolic protein (ReP1-NCXSQ) is identical to that of native exchanger in situ.

    abstract::This work shows, for the first time, a properly metabolically regulated squid nerve Na(+)/Ca(2+) exchanger (NCXSQ1) heterologous expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The exchanger was fused to the enhanced green fluorescence protein (eGFP) on its C-terminus and had two tags, a Strep-tag II and 6 histidines, added to...

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  • Tacrolimus (FK506) modulates calcium release and contractility of intestinal smooth muscle.

    abstract::Several proteins have been identified that associate with calcium release channels and potentially regulate their function. Using tacrolimus as a pharmacological tool, we investigated whether the immunophilin FKBP12 modulates ryanodine receptor channels in intestinal smooth muscle. Results with PCR demonstrated the pr...

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  • Enhanced spontaneous Ca2+ events in endothelial cells reflect signalling through myoendothelial gap junctions in pressurized mesenteric arteries.

    abstract::Increases in global Ca(2+) in the endothelium are a crucial step in releasing relaxing factors to modulate arterial tone. In the present study we investigated spontaneous Ca(2+) events in endothelial cells, and the contribution of smooth muscle cells to these Ca(2+) events, in pressurized rat mesenteric resistance art...

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  • Capacitative calcium entry in the nervous system.

    abstract::Capacitative calcium entry is a process whereby the depletion of Ca(2+) from intracellular stores (likely endoplasmic or sarcoplasmic reticulum) activates plasma membrane Ca(2+) channels. Current research has focused on identification of capacitative calcium entry channels and the mechanism by which Ca(2+) store deple...

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  • A membrane potential model with counterions for cytosolic calcium oscillations.

    abstract::An initial model has been proposed to describe a mechanism for cytosolic calcium oscillations [Jafri MS. Vajda S. Pasik P. Gillo B. (1992) A membrane model for cytosolic calcium oscillations: a study using Xenopus oocytes. Biophys. J., 63, 235-246]. In this paper we extend our original model to include the effects of ...

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  • Alpha-parvalbumin reduces depolarization-induced elevations of cytosolic free calcium in human neuroblastoma cells.

    abstract::We investigated whether the expression of human alpha-parvalbumin affects depolarization-induced elevations of the cytosolic free calcium concentration ([Ca2+]i) in human neuroblastoma SKNBE2 cells. A full length human parvalbumin cDNA was cloned by PCR from human cerebellum and transiently transfected into SKNBE2 cel...

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  • T-type Ca2+ channels and absence epilepsy.

    abstract::Burst firing of the thalamic neurons is driven by the low threshold Ca2+ spike generated by Ca2+ influx through T-type Ca2+ channels when these channels are activated by membrane hyperpolarization due to inhibitory inputs. The major inhibitory inputs to the thalamocortical (TC) neurons are from the GABAergic neurons i...

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  • MiR-204 regulates type 1 IP3R to control vascular smooth muscle cell contractility and blood pressure.

    abstract::MiR-204 is expressed in vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC). However, its role in VSMC contraction is not known. We determined if miR-204 controls VSMC contractility and blood pressure through regulation of sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) calcium (Ca2+) release. Systolic blood pressure (SBP) and vasoreactivity to VSMC con...

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  • Evolution of the Ca2+ current during dialysis of isolated bovine chromaffin cells: effect of internal calcium.

    abstract::We have examined the internal Ca(2+)-dependence of the long-term evolution of whole cell high voltage activated Ca current in chromaffin cells. The evolution of the peak Ca current was characterized by 2 distinct phases: after an initial facilitation, there followed a rundown, which represented a reduction by 70% with...

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  • Molecular pathways underlying the modulation of T-type calcium channels by neurotransmitters and hormones.

    abstract::Low-voltage-activated T-type calcium channels are expressed in various tissues, especially in the brain, where they promote neuronal firing and are involved in slow wave sleep and absence epilepsy. While the transduction pathways by which hormones and neurotransmitters modulate high-voltage-activated calcium channels ...

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  • Differential activation of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate-sensitive calcium pools by muscarinic receptors in Xenopus laevis oocytes.

    abstract::Muscarinic acetylcholine (ACh) receptors activate the phospholipase C signal transduction pathway to promote the formation of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate [Ins(1,4,5)P3] and the consequent elevation of cytoplasmic calcium (Ca2+). The inositol phosphate and Ca(2+)-mobilization responses to ACh were analyzed in Xenopus ...

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  • Caloxin 1b3: a novel plasma membrane Ca(2+)-pump isoform 1 selective inhibitor that increases cytosolic Ca(2+) in endothelial cells.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to invent an extracellular inhibitor selective for the plasma membrane Ca(2+) pump(s) (PMCA) isoform 1. PMCA extrude Ca(2+) from cells during signalling and homeostasis. PMCA isoforms are encoded by 4 genes (PMCA1-4). Pig coronary artery endothelium and smooth muscle express the genes PMC...

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  • Possible regulation of capacitative Ca2+ entry into colonic epithelial cells by NO and cGMP.

    abstract::A possible role of the nitric oxide (NO)/cGMP pathway in the regulation of Ca2+ entry into HT29/B6 human colonic epithelial cells was investigated using digital image processing of Fura-2 fluorescence and immunoblotting for nitric oxide synthase (NOS). We tested the hypothesis that Ca2+ store depletion causes increase...

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  • Functional organization of dendritic Ca2+ signals in midbrain dopamine neurons.

    abstract::Dendritic Ca2+ plays an important role not only in synaptic integration and synaptic plasticity, but also in dendritic excitability in midbrain dopamine neurons. However, the functional organization of dendritic Ca2+ signals in the dopamine neurons remains largely unknown. We therefore investigated dendritic Ca2+ sign...

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  • Oxidase activation in individual neutrophils is dependent on the onset and magnitude of the Ca2+ signal.

    abstract::Using single-cell ratio imaging of Fura-2-loaded neutrophils, we demonstrate that the heterogeneity and asynchrony of the oxidase response originates from variability in the timing and magnitude of the cytosolic free Ca2+ signal. The Ca2+ signals from individual cells could be classified into four types: (a) type 1, a...

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  • A comparison of cytosolic free Ca2+ in resting feline and rat ventricular myocytes.

    abstract::The Ca2+-sensitive dye quin-2 was used to measure the cytosolic free Ca2+ (Cai2+) in suspensions of ventricular myocytes isolated from cat and rat ventricles. Following an isolation procedure that was similar for both species, the cells were loaded with quin-2 AM (25 microM) for 30 min at 37 degrees C. After two washe...

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  • Characterization of the maitotoxin-induced calcium influx pathway from human skin fibroblasts.

    abstract::Maitotoxin (MTX), a water-soluble polyether obtained from the marine dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus toxicus increased intracellular calcium in a concentration-dependent manner in fibroblasts obtained from human skin. The effect of this toxin was both saturable and of high affinity, showing an apparent half activation co...

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  • Examination of the role of TRPM8 in human mast cell activation and its relevance to the etiology of cold-induced urticaria.

    abstract::Mast cells are considered the primary initiators of allergic diseases as a consequence of the release of multiple inflammatory mediators on activation. Although predominately activated through antigen-mediated aggregation of IgE-occupied-FcɛRI, they can also be induced to release mediators by other receptors and envir...

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  • Impairment of myocardial calcium homeostasis by antibodies against the adenine nucleotide translocator.

    abstract::The adenine nucleotide translocator (ANT) is an autoantigen in myocarditis and dilated cardiomyopathy. Carrier-specific antibodies impair myocardial energy metabolism and heart function. They cross-react with a myolemmal calcium channel and alter calcium fluxes in isolated myocytes. To test whether antibodies against ...

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  • S-100b protein regulates aggregation and fusion of cardiolipin vesicles.

    abstract::We have recently shown that S-100b protein interacts with the polar surface of cardiolipin vesicles [6]. This interaction produces changes in the secondary structure of S-100b as well as changes in the structural organization of cardiolipin vesicles. We report here on the effects of S-100b on cardiolipin vesicles as i...

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  • Calcium imaging of infrared-stimulated activity in rodent brain.

    abstract::Infrared neural stimulation (INS) is a promising neurostimulation technique that can activate neural tissue with high spatial precision and without the need for exogenous agents. However, little is understood about how infrared light interacts with neural tissue on a cellular level, particularly within the living brai...

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  • Calcium dependence of bleb formation and cell death in hepatocytes.

    abstract::Calcium dependence of bleb formation and cell death was evaluated in rat hepatocytes following ATP depletion by metabolic inhibition with KCN and iodoacetate ('chemical hypoxia'). Cytosolic free Ca2+ was measured in single cells by ratio imaging of Fura-2 fluorescence using multiparameter digitized video microscopy. C...

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  • The TRPC3/6/7 subfamily of cation channels.

    abstract::The mammalian transient receptor potential (TRP) proteins consist of a superfamily of Ca2+-permeant non-selective cation channels with structural similarities to Drosophila TRP. The TRP superfamily can be divided into three major families, among them the "canonical TRP" family (TRPC). The seven protein products of the...

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  • Rho kinase regulation of vasopressin-induced calcium entry in vascular smooth muscle cell: comparison between rat isolated aorta and cultured aortic cells.

    abstract::In addition to its role in artery contraction, Rho kinase (ROCK) is reported to be involved in the Ca(2+) response to vasoconstrictor agonist in rat aorta. However the signaling pathway mediated by ROCK had not been investigated so far and it was not known whether ROCK also contributed to Ca(2+) signaling in cultured ...

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  • Ratiometric confocal Ca(2+)-measurements with visible wavelength indicators in isolated cardiac myocytes.

    abstract::We present a new method for ratiometric Ca2+ measurements using indicators with excitation spectra in the visible range of wavelengths. Laser-scanning confocal microscopy was used to record intracellular Ca(2+)-signals with high temporal and spatial resolution in single cardiac myocytes. The patch-clamp technique was ...

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