Natural Products Impacting DNA Methyltransferases and Histone Deacetylases.


:Epigenetics refers to heritable changes in gene expression and chromatin structure without change in a DNA sequence. Several epigenetic modifications and respective regulators have been reported. These include DNA methylation, chromatin remodeling, histone post-translational modifications, and non-coding RNAs. Emerging evidence has revealed that epigenetic dysregulations are involved in a wide range of diseases including cancers. Therefore, the reversible nature of epigenetic modifications concerning activation or inhibition of enzymes involved could be promising targets and useful tools for the elucidation of cellular and biological phenomena. In this review, emphasis is laid on natural products that inhibit DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs) and histone deacetylases (HDACs) making them promising candidates for the development of lead structures for anticancer-drugs targeting epigenetic modifications. However, most of the natural products targeting HDAC and/or DNMT lack isoform selectivity, which is important for determining their potential use as therapeutic agents. Nevertheless, the structures presented in this review offer the well-founded basis that screening and chemical modifications of natural products will in future provide not only leads to the identification of more specific inhibitors with fewer side effects, but also important features for the elucidation of HDAC and DNMT function with respect to cancer treatment.


Front Pharmacol


Akone SH,Ntie-Kang F,Stuhldreier F,Ewonkem MB,Noah AM,Mouelle SEM,Müller R




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2020-08-13 00:00:00








  • Dermaseptins, Multifunctional Antimicrobial Peptides: A Review of Their Pharmacology, Effectivity, Mechanism of Action, and Possible Future Directions.

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  • The Early Awareness and Alert System in Sweden: History and Current Status.

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  • Human Umbilical Cord Blood Cell Transplantation in Neuroregenerative Strategies.

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  • Icariin Protects Hippocampal Neurons From Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and NF-κB Mediated Apoptosis in Fetal Rat Hippocampal Neurons and Asthma Rats.

    abstract::Icariin is a main component of the Chinese medicinal plant Epimedium brevicornu Maxim, exhibits potent activity against inflammatory diseases. Our previous data demonstrated the valid bioactivity of icariin on mitigating rodent asthma. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) pathway were involv...

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  • Erratum on: Epoxyeicosatrienoic acid analog attenuates angiotensin II hypertension and kidney injury.

    abstract::[This corrects the article on p. 216 in vol. 5, PMID: 25295006.]. ...

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  • Acute Effects of 2C-E in Humans: An Observational Study.

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  • Slow-Release H2S Donor Anethole Dithiolethione Protects Liver From Lipotoxicity by Improving Fatty Acid Metabolism.

    abstract::"Lipotoxicity" induced by free fatty acids (FAs) plays a central role in the pathogenesis of many metabolic diseases, with few treatment options available today. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a novel gaseous signaling molecule, has been reported to have a variety of pharmacological properties, but its effect on FAs metaboli...

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    abstract::Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the anticancer effects of Ophiopogonin D' (OPD', a natural product extracted from a traditional Chinese medicine (Radix Ophiopogonis) against androgen-independent prostate cancer cells and to explore the underlying molecular mechanism(s) of action. Methods: The CCK-...

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  • Aspergillus terreus (Trichocomaceae): A Natural, Eco-Friendly Mycoinsecticide for Control of Malaria, Filariasis, Dengue Vectors and Its Toxicity Assessment Against an Aquatic Model Organism Artemia nauplii.

    abstract::Vector-borne diseases like malaria, filariasis, and dengue are transmitted by mosquitoes and they cause global mortality and morbidity due to an increased resistance against commercial insecticides. The present study was aimed to evaluate the neurobehavioral toxicity, knock-down effect, histopathology, ovicidal, adult...

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  • DT-13 Inhibits Proliferation and Metastasis of Human Prostate Cancer Cells Through Blocking PI3K/Akt Pathway.

    abstract::DT-13, a saponin monomer 13 from the dwarf lilyturf tuber, was reported to exhibit anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, cardioprotective as well as antitumor activities in a number of tumor cells. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in males, discovery of novel antitumor drug for therapy of pro...

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  • Clonal evolution and therapeutic resistance in solid tumors.

    abstract::Tumors frequently arise as a result of an acquired genomic instability and the subsequent evolution of neoplastic populations with variable genomes. A barrier to the study of the somatic genetics of human solid tumors in vivo is the presence of admixtures of non-neoplastic cells with normal genomes in patient samples....

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  • ATC-NLSP: Prediction of the Classes of Anatomical Therapeutic Chemicals Using a Network-Based Label Space Partition Method.

    abstract::Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system proposed by the World Health Organization is a widely accepted drug classification scheme in both academic and industrial realm. It is a multilabeling system which categorizes drugs into multiple classes according to their therapeutic, pharmacological, and ch...

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  • Spatiotemporal Mapping Techniques Show Clozapine Impairs Neurogenic and Myogenic Patterns of Activity in the Colon of the Rabbit in a Dose-Dependent Manner.

    abstract::Background: Clozapine, an antipsychotic used in treatment-resistant schizophrenia, has adverse gastrointestinal effects with significant associated morbidity and mortality. However, its effects on defined patterns of colonic contractile activity have not been assessed. Method: We used novel radial and longitudinal spa...

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  • The Pharmacological Potential of Non-ribosomal Peptides from Marine Sponge and Tunicates.

    abstract::Marine biodiversity is recognized by a wide and unique array of fascinating structures. The complex associations of marine microorganisms, especially with sponges, bryozoans, and tunicates, make it extremely difficult to define the biosynthetic source of marine natural products or to deduce their ecological significan...

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  • Trends and Development in Enteral Nutrition Application for Ventilator Associated Pneumonia: A Scientometric Research Study (1996-2018).

    abstract::Background: This study aimed to explore the intellectual landscape of the studies investigating the clinical application of enteral nutrition (EN) in patients with ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP), and to identify thematic development trends and research frontiers in this area. Methods: Scientometric research was...

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  • Duloxetine, a Balanced Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor, Improves Painful Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy by Inhibiting Activation of p38 MAPK and NF-κB.

    abstract::Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is a severe, toxic side effect that frequently occurs in anticancer treatment and may result in discontinuation of treatment as well as a serious reduction in life quality. The CIPN incidence rate is as high as 85-90%. Unfortunately, there is currently no standard evid...

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  • Paracrine Fibroblast Growth Factor 1 Functions as Potent Therapeutic Agent for Intrahepatic Cholestasis by Downregulating Synthesis of Bile Acid.

    abstract::Endocrine fibroblast growth factor (FGF) 19 has been shown to be capable of maintaining bile acid (BA) homeostasis and thus hold promise to be a potential therapeutic agent for cholestasis liver disease. However, whether paracrine FGFs possess this BA regulatory activity remains to be determined. In our study, we iden...

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  • Layered Double Hydroxide Nanomaterials Encapsulating Angelica gigas Nakai Extract for Potential Anticancer Nanomedicine.

    abstract::We prepared hybrids consisting of Angelica gigas Nakai (AGN) root or flower extract and layered double hydroxide (LDH) for potential anticancer nanomedicine, as decursin species (DS) in AGN are known to have anticancer activity. Dimethylsulfoxide solvent was determined hybridization reaction media, as it has affinity ...

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