Treatment of Staphylococcal Device Infections: Synergistic Daptomycin With Ceftaroline Versus Rifampin-Adjunct Therapy.


:This is a single-center retrospective observational cohort study comparing daptomycin/ceftaroline combination therapy with rifampin-adjunct therapy for the treatment of staphylococcal device infections. The results of this study support use of the daptomycin/ceftaroline as an alternative or salvage option to standard of care.


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Chang AT,Cosimi RA,Bochan MR




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2020-02-28 00:00:00












  • Antibiotic Treatment Versus No Treatment for Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Multicenter Randomized Trial.

    abstract:Background:Whether antibiotic treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria (AB) can prevent acute graft pyelonephritis (AGP) in kidney transplant (KT) recipients has not been elucidated. Methods:In this multicenter, open-label, nonblinded, prospective, noninferiority, randomized controlled trial, we compared antibiotic treat...

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  • A Targeted Screening Program for Latent Tuberculosis Infection Among Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Recipients.

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  • Risk Factors for Clinician-Diagnosed Lyme Arthritis, Facial Palsy, Carditis, and Meningitis in Patients From High-Incidence States.

    abstract:Background:Clinical features of Lyme disease (LD) range from localized skin lesions to serious disseminated disease. Information on risk factors for Lyme arthritis, facial palsy, carditis, and meningitis is limited but could facilitate disease recognition and elucidate pathophysiology. Methods:Patients from high-incid...

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  • Addressing the Disease Burden of Vertically Acquired Hepatitis C Virus Infection Among Opioid-Exposed Infants.

    abstract:Background:This study aims to estimate the disease burden of vertically acquired hepatitis C virus (HCV) in a large Midwestern hospital and to identify factors associated with HCV diagnostic testing among high-risk infants. Methods:This is a retrospective analysis of an infant cohort (n = 58 427) born from 2014 to 201...

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  • Acute Weight Gain After Switch to Emtricitabine/Tenofovir Alafenamide for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis.

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  • Comparative Outcomes of Adults Hospitalized With Seasonal Influenza A or B Virus Infection: Application of the 7-Category Ordinal Scale.

    abstract:Background:The objective of this study was to investigate the difference in disease severity between influenza A and B among hospitalized adults using a novel ordinal scale and existing clinical outcome end points. Methods:A prospective, observational study was conducted over the 2016-2018 influenza seasons in a centr...

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  • Correlation Between Tenofovir Drug Levels and the Renal Biomarkers RBP-4 and ß2M in the ION-4 Study Cohort.

    abstract:Background:Concomitant dosing of ledipasvir (LDV) and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) results in an increased tenofovir (TFV) area under the curve (AUC). The aim of this study was to examine whether there was a correlation between the renal biomarkers retinol binding protein-4 (RBP-4) and β2 microglobulin (β2M) and...

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  • Hepatitis C Virus Treatment Access Among Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)-Coinfected People Who Inject Drugs in Guangzhou, China: Implications for HCV Treatment Expansion.

    abstract::Background.  Hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment access among human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/HCV-coinfected people who inject drugs is poor, despite a high burden of disease in this population. Understanding barriers and facilitators to HCV treatment uptake is critical to the implementation of new direct-acting anti...

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  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Review of Automated Candidemia Alerts Using the Epic Stewardship Module Improves Bundle-of-Care Adherence.

    abstract:Background:Antimicrobial stewardship interventions utilizing real-time alerting through the electronic medical record enable timely implementation of the bundle of care (BOC) for patients with severe infections, such as candidemia. Automated alerting for candidemia using the Epic stewardship module has been in place si...

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  • Implementing a Comprehensive HCV Clinic within an HIV Clinic: A Model of Care for HCV Micro-elimination.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Among the 1.2 M persons living with HIV in the United States, 25% are co- infected with HCV. The availability of effective direct antiviral agents (DAAs) makes the goal of HCV elimination feasible, but implementation requires improvements to the HCV treatment cascade, especially linkage to and initiation of ...

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  • A Subset of Extreme Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Controllers Is Characterized by a Small HIV Blood Reservoir and a Weak T-Cell Activation Level.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Human immunodeficiency virus controllers (HICs) form a heterogeneous group of patients with regard to formal definitions, immunologic characteristics, and changes over time in viral load. PATIENTS AND METHODS:The HICs with undetectable viral load ([uHICs] ie, for whom a viral load had never been detected wi...

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    authors: Canouï E,Lécuroux C,Avettand-Fenoël V,Gousset M,Rouzioux C,Saez-Cirion A,Meyer L,Boufassa F,Lambotte O,Noël N,and the ANRS CO21 CODEX Study Group.

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  • Congenital Parvovirus B19 Infection: Persistent Viremia and Red Blood Cell Aplasia.

    abstract::We describe a case of fetal parvovirus B19 infection resulting in preterm birth and leading to hydrops fetalis requiring multiple in utero transfusions. The infant developed chronic postnatal anemia responsive to intravenous immunoglobulin therapy. Serum viral load decreased after immunoglobulin treatment but remained...

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  • Determinants of Clostridium difficile Infection Incidence Across Diverse United States Geographic Locations.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) is no longer restricted to hospital settings, and population-based incidence measures are needed. Understanding the determinants of CDI incidence will allow for more meaningful comparisons of rates and accurate national estimates. METHODS:Data from active population- an...

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  • Incidence and Predictors of Serological Treatment Response in Early and Late Syphilis Among People Living With HIV.

    abstract:Background:Few studies have investigated predictors of serological response to syphilis treatment in people living with HIV (PLWH). Methods:This was a retrospective, longitudinal study on PLWH who were diagnosed with and treated for syphilis who had an assessable serological response between January 2004 and June 2016...

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  • Transfusion-Transmitted Malaria: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

    abstract:Background:Malaria transmission through blood transfusion is an accidental but preventable cause of malaria infection and is increasingly becoming a matter of concern for blood transfusion services. This systematic review was conducted to provide a summary of evidence about the prevalence of Plasmodium infection in asy...

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  • Intra-abdominal Infections: The Role of Anaerobes, Enterococci, Fungi, and Multidrug-Resistant Organisms.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Intra-abdominal infections (IAI) constitute a common reason for hospitalization. However, there is lack of standardization in empiric management of (1) anaerobes, (2) enterococci, (3) fungi, and (4) multidrug-resistant organisms (MDRO). The recommendation is to institute empiric coverage for some of these or...

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  • Diagnostic Value of Chest X-Ray in Patients With Suspected Infection and No Respiratory Signs or Symptoms.

    abstract::Suspicion of an infection without localizing signs or symptoms is a common problem. A chest x-ray (CXR) is often performed to rule out pneumonia. Our prospective cross-sectional study suggests that a CXR has no diagnostic value in patients without respiratory signs or symptoms, if a reliable medical history can be obt...

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  • Feasibility of Treating Hepatitis C in a Transient Jail Population.

    abstract::Jails represent a critical component of the public health response to HCV elimination. We report on outcomes of 104 patients receiving HCV treatment from January 1, 2014 to June 30, 2016 in a large urban jail setting. Our data demonstrate that treatment in jails is feasible, but many barriers remain. ...

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  • Continuing Decline in Varicella Incidence After the 2-Dose Vaccination Recommendation-Connecticut, 2009-2014.

    abstract::Background.  Varicella is a highly contagious vaccine-preventable illness. In 1996, the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices recommended 1 dose of vaccine for children, and in 2006 it recommended 2 doses; Connecticut required 1 dose for school entry in 2000 and 2 doses for school entry starting in 2011. Conne...

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  • A 7-Year-Old Child With Headaches and Prolonged Fever Associated With Oral and Nail Lesions.

    abstract::A 7-year-old child of Turkish origin presented with headache and vomiting in the context of prolonged fever of unknown source. At examination, oral candidiasis and chronic onychomycosis were noted. A Candida meningoencephalitis was diagnosed and intravenous Amphotericin B liposomal was given during 6 months relayed by...

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    authors: Martin S,Balligand E,Peeters J,Nassogne MC,Mondovits B,Loop M,de Selys A,Vanclaire J,Vermylen C,De Bruyckere JJ,Chatzis O,Puel A,Gilliaux O,Van Der Linden D

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  • Influence of Reported Penicillin Allergy on Mortality in MSSA Bacteremia.

    abstract:Background:Penicillin allergy frequently impacts antibiotic choice. As beta-lactams are superior to vancomycin in treating methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA) bacteremia, we examined the effect of reported penicillin allergy on clinical outcomes in patients with MSSA bacteremia. Methods:In this retros...

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  • Perspectives of Physician and Pharmacist Stewards on Successful Antibiotic Stewardship Program Implementation: A Qualitative Study.

    abstract:Background:Antibiotic stewardship programs (ASPs) are required at every hospital regardless of size. We conducted a qualitative study across different hospital settings to examine perspectives of physician and pharmacist stewards about the dynamics within their team and contextual factors that facilitate the success of...

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  • Far East Scarlet-Like Fever: A Review of the Epidemiology, Symptomatology, and Role of Superantigenic Toxin: Yersinia pseudotuberculosis-Derived Mitogen A.

    abstract::Far East scarlet-like fever (FESLF) is a severe inflammatory disease that occurs sporadically and in outbreaks in Russia and Japan. Far East scarlet-like fever is caused by Yersinia pseudotubuclosis infection, an organism that typically causes self-limiting gastroenteritis in Europe. Studies suggest the ability of Far...

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  • Hyaluronidase-Facilitated High-Dose Subcutaneous IgG Effectively Controls Parvovirus B19 Infection in a Pediatric Cardiac Transplant Patient With Severe T-Cell Lymphopenia.

    abstract::We treated three pediatric cardiac transplant patients with chronic parvovirus viremia with high-dose intravenous immunoglobulin (HD-IVIG). One patient with severe T-cell lymphopenia suffered recurrent viremia and aseptic meningitis, which resolved remarkably when he was switched to high-dose hyaluronidase-facilitated...

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    authors: Cruz RJ,Dasso JF,Duff C,Krasnopero D,Long Z,Ellison M,Nieves D,Sriaroon P,Asante-Korang A,Walter JE

    更新日期:2020-03-12 00:00:00

  • Novel Highly Pathogenic Avian H5 Influenza A Viruses in Live Poultry Markets, Wuxi City, China, 2013-2014.

    abstract::During 12 recent months of periodic influenza virus surveillance at 9 live poultry markets in Wuxi City China, we identified multiple highly pathogenic H5N6, H5N8, H5N2, and H5N1 avian influenza viruses. The variety of potentially pandemic viruses in this low-risk area is disconcerting and portends an increased pandem...

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    authors: Ma MJ,Chen SH,Wang GL,Zhao T,Qian YH,Wu MN,Liu Y,Gray GC,Lu B,Cao WC

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  • Time for Precision: A World Without Susceptibility Breakpoints.

    abstract::Interpretive criteria for in vitro susceptibility testing criteria, "susceptibility breakpoints," underpin the evaluation and selection of antimicrobial regimens. However, despite their strengths, susceptibility breakpoints are a relatively blunt instrument employed to address an extremely complex question-what is the...

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    authors: Bader JC,Lakota EA,Andes DR,Rubino CM,Ambrose PG,Bhavnani SM

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  • Impact of a 24/7 Rapid Molecular Assay for Influenza Detection on the Prescription of Oseltamivir.

    abstract::We assessed the impact of a rapid molecular assay for influenza detection whether outsourced or performed onsite 24/7 in a University Hospital in Paris, France. Shorter median time-to-results (16.8 vs 2.3 hours, P < .05) and an increased rate of adequate prescription of oseltamivir (76.6% vs 95.3%, P < .05) were obser...

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    authors: Jacquier H,Péan de Ponfilly G,Chauvin A,Amarsy R,Benmansour H,Hoang-Nguyen DT,Lecorché E,Mesnil C,Mougari F,Munier AL,Salmona M,Berçot B,Le Goff J,Cambau E

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  • Viral Interference Between Dengue Virus and Hepatitis C Virus Infections.

    abstract::Both dengue virus (DENV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) belong to the Flaviviridae family and could induce hepatitis. We aimed to investigate the interference between them. In total, 515 patients confirmed with dengue fever (DF) were enrolled. Thirty-two patients (6.21%) were seropositive for anti-HCV; 12 of 32 anti-HCV-...

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    authors: Liang PC,Chen KY,Huang CH,Chang K,Lu PL,Yeh ML,Huang CF,Huang CI,Hsieh MH,Dai CY,Lin ZY,Chen SC,Chuang WL,Chen YH,Huang JF,Yu ML

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  • PrEP Nonadherence, White Coat Dosing, and HIV Risk Among a Cohort of MSM.

    abstract::Among a cohort of men who have sex with men in a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) adherence trial, syphilis requiring treatment was associated with white coat dosing (increased PrEP adherence immediately preceding study visits) when compared with participants with optimal drug concentrations. The findings highlight the...

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  • Is It Actionable? An Evaluation of the Rapid PCR-Based Blood Culture Identification Panel on the Management of Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Blood Stream Infections.

    abstract:Background:There is growing interest in the use of rapid blood culture identification (BCID) in antimicrobial stewardship programs (ASPs). Although many studies have looked at its clinical and economic utility, its comparative utility in gram-positive and gram-negative blood stream infections (BSIs) has not been as wel...

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