Designing an educational intervention to prevent excessive gestational weight gain: a protocol for a randomized controlled trial.


BACKGROUND:Pregnancy as one of the critical stages of life carries a high risk to the health of pregnant women. The amount of weight gained during pregnancy can affect the woman and her infant health immediately or in the future. The present study is conducted to design and explore the effectiveness of an educational intervention based on health belief model (HBM) to preventing excessive gestational weight gain (GWG). METHODS:This research-based planning is designed in three phases and will be conducted on pregnant women in first trimester. In the first phase of this randomized controlled trial study, body mass index (BMI), the level of knowledge and the level of the HBM constructs will be measured using a questionnaire. The HBM questionnaire is designed based on a literature review and experts opinions. In the next phase the educational program content will be designed based on the results of the first phase of the study on the level of women's knowledge, and HBM constructs as well as a literature review and experts opinions. The intervention will be designed in four training sessions about the importance of behaviors, especially physical activity and nutrition, in the prevention of excessive weight gain during pregnancy. The tired phase includes the implementation of educational intervention with two intervention and control groups. The efficacy of the program will be evaluated by measuring the level of the knowledge, HBM constructs and women's weight gain during pregnancy in the second and third trimesters. Appreciate weight gain will be considered according to the BMI in first trimester. DISCUSSION:The present study will provide strong information regarding the effetiness of the HBM and appropriate framework to develop educational interventions together with enhancing pregnant women's knowledge and belief toward weight management behaviors. TRIAL REGISTRATION:Registration of this randomized control trial has been completed with the Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials, IRCT20180703040325N1 . Date of registration: 2018-08-20.


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Reproductive health


Shahnazi H,Abdolalian N,Kazemi A,Hassanzadeh A




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