Home Environment Factors and Health Behaviors of Low-income, Overweight, and Obese Youth.


:Objectives: Home environment may influence children's health behaviors associated with obesity. In this study, we examined home environment factors associated with diet and physical activity behaviors of overweight or obese youth. Methods: We analyzed baseline data from child and parent/caregiver dyads enrolled in an urban family weight management program. Multivariable logistic regression examined how home environment (parenting practices, family meal habits, and home availability of fruits/vegetables, sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), screen media, and physical activity resources) are related to children's intake of fruit, vegetables, and SSBs, and moderate-vigorous physical activity and sedentary time (ST) after adjusting for potential confounders. Results: Children were more likely to consume fruit if their families frequently ate meals together and infrequently watched TV during meals, and more likely to consume vegetables with high fruit/vegetable availability and low SSB availability. Children were more likely to engage in ST if parents practiced monitoring and frequently watched TV during meals. Conclusions: Overweight or obese children appear to have healthier habits if their families eat meals together without watching TV and if healthy food choices are available in the home. Encouraging parents to focus these practices may promote healthier body weight in children.


Am J Health Behav


Conlon BA,Mcginn AP,Isasi CR,Mossavar-Rahmani Y,Lounsbury DW,Ginsberg MS,Diamantis PM,Groisman-Perelstein AE,Wylie-Rosett J




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