Brain Health and Dementia Prevention: A Mixed-method Analysis.


:Objective: In this study, we assessed patient knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes about brain health and strategies for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias (ADRD) prevention. Methods: We administered a Web-based survey consisting of 17 questions about brain health and strategies for ADRD prevention in a convenience sample of 1661 patients in an integrated healthcare delivery system in Washington state between February and March 2018. We calculated frequency distributions of the quantitative data and conducted inductive content analysis of qualitative data. Results: Most respondents were female (77%), 51-70 years of age (64%), and white (89%). Although most agreed it is possible to improve brain health and reduce personal ADRD risk, one- third lacked confidence that they could take action to reduce personal ADRD risk. Participants' responses to open-ended questions revealed 10 themes grouped into 3 organizing categories regarding their perceptions about how to prevent ADRD onset: (1) understand ADRD; (2) stay engaged; and (3) manage one's own health and healthcare. Conclusions: Survey respondents were engaged and aware of dementia prevention, but they lacked access to personally action- able evidence..


Am J Health Behav


Marcum ZA,Hohl SD,Gray SL,Barthold D,Crane PK,Larson EB




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