Th17 Cells Paradoxical Roles in Melanoma and Potential Application in Immunotherapy.


:The progressive infiltration of immune cells is associated with the progression of melanoma. Specifically, Th17 cells in melanoma microenvironment have both antitumor and protumor effects. It is now necessary to understand the contradictory data associated with how Th17 cells play a role in melanoma. This review will summarize the current knowledge regarding the potential mechanisms that may be involved in the effects of Th17 cells in melanoma progression. Currently, since adoptive transferring Th17 cells has been successful in eradicating melanoma in mice, it offers promise for next-generation adoptive cell transfer, as ex vivo expanded stemness-like memory Th17 cells which are induced by distinct cytokines or pharmacologic reagents may be infused into melanoma patients to potentiate treatment outcome.


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Chen C,Gao FH




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    abstract::Background: Immune Dysregulation, Polyendocrinopathy, Enteropathy, X-linked (IPEX) Syndrome is a rare recessive disorder caused by mutations in the FOXP3 gene. In addition, there has been an increasing number of patients with wild-type FOXP3 gene and, in some cases, mutations in other immune regulatory genes. Objectiv...

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  • Streptococcal Enzymes as Precision Tools Against Pathogenic IgG Autoantibodies in Small Vessel Vasculitis.

    abstract::In primary systemic small vessel vasculitis autoantibodies are common and seem to play an important role in the pathogenesis. Autoantibodies in vasculitis are preferentially directed against components of the immune system or directly against components of the vessel wall. Plasmapheresis is often applied in emergency ...

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  • Complement Factor H Modulates Splenic B Cell Development and Limits Autoantibody Production.

    abstract::Complement factor H (CFH) has a pivotal role in regulating alternative complement activation through its ability to inhibit the cleavage of the central complement component C3, which links innate and humoral immunity. However, insights into the role of CFH in B cell biology are limited. Here, we demonstrate that defic...

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  • Combined p14ARF and Interferon-β Gene Transfer to the Human Melanoma Cell Line SK-MEL-147 Promotes Oncolysis and Immune Activation.

    abstract::Immune evasion is an important cancer hallmark and the understanding of its mechanisms has generated successful therapeutic approaches. Induction of immunogenic cell death (ICD) is expected to attract immune cell populations that promote innate and adaptive immune responses. Here, we present a critical advance for our...

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  • Nanoparticle Interactions with the Immune System: Clinical Implications for Liposome-Based Cancer Chemotherapy.

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