The Immune System Computes the State of the Body: Crowd Wisdom, Machine Learning, and Immune Cell Reference Repertoires Help Manage Inflammation.


:Here, we outline an overview of the mammalian immune system that updates and extends the classical clonal selection paradigm. Rather than focusing on strict self-not-self discrimination, we propose that the system orchestrates variable inflammatory responses that maintain the body and its symbiosis with the microbiome while eliminating the threat from pathogenic infectious agents and from tumors. The paper makes four points: The immune system classifies healthy and pathologic states of the body-including both self and foreign elements-by deploying individual lymphocytes as cellular computing machines; immune cells transform input signals from the body into an output of specific immune reactions.Rather than independent clonal responses, groups of individually activated immune-system cells co-react in lymphoid organs to make collective decisions through a type of self-organizing swarm intelligence or crowd wisdom.Collective choices by swarms of immune cells, like those of schools of fish, are modified by relatively small numbers of individual regulators responding to shifting conditions-such collective inflammatory responses are dynamically responsive.Self-reactive autoantibody and T-cell receptor (TCR) repertoires shared by healthy individuals function in a biological version of experience-based supervised machine learning. Immune system decisions are primed by formative experience with training sets of self-antigens encountered during lymphocyte development; these initially trained T cell and B cell repertoires form a Wellness Profile that then guides immune responses to test sets of antigens encountered later. This experience-based machine learning strategy is analogous to that deployed by supervised machine-learning algorithms. We propose experiments to test these ideas. This overview of the immune system bears clinical implications for monitoring wellness and for treating autoimmune disease, cancer, and allograft reactions.


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  • Interleukin-2 production by dendritic cells and its immuno-regulatory functions.

    abstract::Dendritic cells (DCs) are uniquely potent antigen presenting cells that acquire microbial products and prime adaptive immune responses against pathogens. Furthermore, DCs also play a key role in induction and maintenance of tolerance. Although numerous studies have assessed the diverse functions of DCs, many unanswere...

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  • A Novel Synthetic Dual Agonistic Liposomal TLR4/7 Adjuvant Promotes Broad Immune Responses in an Influenza Vaccine With Minimal Reactogenicity.

    abstract::The limited efficacy of seasonal influenza vaccines is usually attributed to ongoing variation in the major antigenic targets for protective antibody responses including hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA). Hence, vaccine development has largely focused on broadening antigenic epitopes to generate cross-reactive...

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  • Circulating Mucosal-Associated Invariant T Cells in a Large Cohort of Healthy Chinese Individuals From Newborn to Elderly.

    abstract::Mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells, which are enriched in human blood and express a semi-invariant TCR chain, play important roles in conditions such as infectious diseases and cancer. The influence of age on levels and functional characteristics of circulating MAIT cells have not been fully addressed. Here w...

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  • Crystallizable Fragment Glycoengineering for Therapeutic Antibodies Development.

    abstract::Monoclonal antibody (mAb)-based therapeutics are the fastest growing class of human pharmaceuticals. They are typically IgG1 molecules with N-glycans attached to the N297 residue on crystallizable fragment (Fc). Different Fc glycoforms impact their effector function, pharmacokinetics, stability, aggregation, safety, a...

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  • The Non-Obese Diabetic Mouse Strain as a Model to Study CD8(+) T Cell Function in Relapsing and Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

    abstract::Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurodegenerative disease resulting from an autoimmune attack on central nervous system (CNS) myelin. Although CD4(+) T cell function in MS pathology has been extensively studied, there is also strong evidence that CD8(+) T lymphocytes play a key role. Intriguingly, CD8(+) T cells accumula...

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  • Prefusion RSV F Immunization Elicits Th2-Mediated Lung Pathology in Mice When Formulated With a Th2 (but Not a Th1/Th2-Balanced) Adjuvant Despite Complete Viral Protection.

    abstract::Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) remains the most common cause of lower respiratory tract infections in children worldwide. Development of a vaccine has been hindered by the risk of developing enhanced respiratory disease (ERD) upon natural exposure to the virus. Generation of higher quality neutralizing antibodies w...

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  • Does NETosis Contribute to the Bacterial Pathoadaptation in Cystic Fibrosis?

    abstract::Significant advances in our understanding of neutrophil biology were made in the past several years. The exciting discovery that neutrophils deploy neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) to catch pathogens paved the way for a series of additional studies to define the molecular mechanisms of NET generation and the biol...

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  • Dynamic Perturbations of the T-Cell Receptor Repertoire in Chronic HIV Infection and following Antiretroviral Therapy.

    abstract::HIV infection profoundly affects many parameters of the immune system and ultimately leads to AIDS, yet which factors are most important for determining resistance, pathology, and response to antiretroviral treatment - and how best to monitor them - remain unclear. We develop a quantitative high-throughput sequencing ...

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  • Analysis of Predicted Host-Parasite Interactomes Reveals Commonalities and Specificities Related to Parasitic Lifestyle and Tissues Tropism.

    abstract::The study of molecular host-parasite interactions is essential to understand parasitic infection and adaptation within the host system. As well, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases require a clear understanding of the molecular crosstalk between parasites and their hosts. Yet, large-scale experimental iden...

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  • IRF-7 Mediates Type I IFN Responses in Endotoxin-Challenged Mice.

    abstract::IRF-7 mediates robust production of type I IFN via MyD88 of the TLR9 pathway in plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs). Previous in vitro studies using bone marrow-derived dendritic cells lacking either Irf7 or Irf3 have demonstrated that only IRF-3 is required for IFN-β production in the TLR4 pathway. Here, we show that...

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  • Longitudinal study on health-related quality of life in a cohort of 96 patients with common variable immune deficiencies.

    abstract::Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in common variable immunodeficiency diseases (CVID) was evaluated by different tools, which were mainly used to compare different schedules of immunoglobulins administration in cross-sectional or short-term longitudinal studies. We assessed the HRQoL and psychological status of C...

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  • SpBark Suppresses Bacterial Infection by Mediating Hemocyte Phagocytosis in an Invertebrate Model, Scylla paramamosain.

    abstract::Scavenger receptors are cell surface membrane-bound receptors that typically bind multiple ligands and promote the removal of endogenous proteins and pathogens. In this study, we characterized a novel scavenger receptor-like protein, namely, SpBark. SpBark was upregulated in hemocytes after challenges with bacteria, s...

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  • Piperlongumine Acts as an Immunosuppressant by Exerting Prooxidative Effects in Human T Cells Resulting in Diminished TH17 but Enhanced Treg Differentiation.

    abstract::Piperlongumine (PL), a natural small molecule derived from the Piper longum Linn plant, has received growing interest as a prooxidative drug with promising anticancer properties. Yet, the influence of PL on primary human T cells remained elusive. Knowledge of this is of crucial importance, however, since T cells in pa...

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  • Trypanosoma cruzi Exploits Wnt Signaling Pathway to Promote Its Intracellular Replication in Macrophages.

    abstract::During the acute phase of Trypanosoma cruzi infection, macrophages can act as host cells for the parasites as well as effector cells in the early anti-parasitic immune response. Thus, the targeting of specific signaling pathways could modulate macrophages response to restrict parasite replication and instruct an appro...

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  • A Case of Adult-Onset Still's Disease Caused by a Novel Splicing Mutation in TNFAIP3 Successfully Treated With Tocilizumab.

    abstract::TNFAIP3 encodes the NF-κB regulatory protein A20. High-penetrance heterozygous mutations in TNFAIP3 cause a haploinsufficiency of A20 (HA20), inadequate inhibition of NF-κB pathway, and an early onset autoinflammatory disorder. However, the clinical phenotype of patients with HA20 varies greatly and clinical diagnoses...

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  • Autophagy, a novel pathway to regulate calcium mobilization in T lymphocytes.

    abstract::The T lymphocyte response initiates with the recognition of MHC/peptides on antigen presenting cells by the T cell receptor (TCR). After the TCR engagement, the proximal signaling pathways are activated for downstream cellular events. Among these pathways, the calcium-signaling flux is activated through the depletion ...

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  • Meta-Analysis of in vitro-Differentiated Macrophages Identifies Transcriptomic Signatures That Classify Disease Macrophages in vivo.

    abstract::Macrophages are heterogeneous leukocytes regulated in a tissue- and disease-specific context. While in vitro macrophage models have been used to study diseases empirically, a systematic analysis of the transcriptome thereof is lacking. Here, we acquired gene expression data from eight commonly-used in vitro macrophage...

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    authors: Chen HJ,Li Yim AYF,Griffith GR,de Jonge WJ,Mannens MMAM,Ferrero E,Henneman P,de Winther MPJ

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  • Human Serum Albumin Binds Streptolysin O (SLO) Toxin Produced by Group A Streptococcus and Inhibits Its Cytotoxic and Hemolytic Effects.

    abstract::The pathogenicity of group A Streptococcus (GAS) is mediated by direct bacterial invasivity and toxin-associated damage. Among the extracellular products, the exotoxin streptolysin O (SLO) is produced by almost all GAS strains. SLO is a pore forming toxin (PFT) hemolitically active and extremely toxic in vivo. Recent ...

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  • Alkaline pH Promotes NADPH Oxidase-Independent Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Formation: A Matter of Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species Generation and Citrullination and Cleavage of Histone.

    abstract::pH is highly variable in different tissues and affects many enzymatic reactions in neutrophils. In response to calcium ionophores such as A23187 and ionomycin, neutrophils undergo nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase (NOX)-independent neutrophil extracellular trap (NET) formation (NETosis). However, how...

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  • Cytokines Stimulate the Release of Microvesicles from Myeloid Cells Independently from the P2X7 Receptor/Acid Sphingomyelinase Pathway.

    abstract::Microvesicles (MVs) are membrane particles of 200-500 nm released by all cell types constitutively. MVs of myeloid origin are found increased in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of patients suffering from neuroinflammatory disorders, although the factors triggering their production have never been defined. Here, we repor...

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  • Mycobacterium leprae-Specific Antibodies in Multibacillary Leprosy Patients Decrease During and After Treatment With Either the Regular 12 Doses Multidrug Therapy (MDT) or the Uniform 6 Doses MDT.

    abstract::Leprosy serology reflects the bacillary load of patients and multidrug therapy (MDT) reduces Mycobacterium leprae-specific antibody titers of multibacillary (MB) patients. The Clinical Trial for Uniform Multidrug Therapy Regimen for Leprosy Patients in Brazil (U-MDT/CT-BR) compared outcomes of regular 12 doses MDT/R-M...

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  • Toward the Discovery of Host-Defense Peptides in Plants.

    abstract::Defense peptides protect multicellular eukaryotes from infections. In biomedical sciences, a dominant conceptual framework refers to defense peptides as host-defense peptides (HDPs), which are bifunctional peptides with both direct antimicrobial and immunomodulatory activities. No HDP has been reported in plants so fa...

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    authors: Petre B

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  • Selection of a Single Domain Antibody, Specific for an HLA-Bound Epitope of the Mycobacterial Ag85B Antigen.

    abstract::T cells recognizing epitopes on the surface of mycobacteria-infected macrophages can impart protection, but with associated risk for reactivation to lung pathology. We aimed to identify antibodies specific to such epitopes, which carry potentials for development toward novel therapeutic constructs. Since epitopes pres...

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  • Hyperprogressive Disease in Anorectal Melanoma Treated by PD-1 Inhibitors.

    abstract::The 5-year survival rate of primary anorectal malignant melanoma is less than 20%. Optimal treatment of this condition remains controversial regarding locally disease, and whether any preferential survival benefit arises from either abdominoperineal resection or wide local excision remains unknown. The majority of pat...

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    authors: Faure M,Rochigneux P,Olive D,Taix S,Brenot-Rossi I,Gilabert M

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  • Ménage-à-Trois: The Ratio of Bicarbonate to CO2 and the pH Regulate the Capacity of Neutrophils to Form NETs.

    abstract::In this study, we identified and characterized the potential of a high ratio of bicarbonate to CO2 and a moderately alkaline pH to render neutrophils prone to undergo neutrophil extracellular trap (NET) formation. Both experimental settings increased the rate of spontaneous NET release and potentiated the NET-inducing...

    journal_title:Frontiers in immunology

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    authors: Maueröder C,Mahajan A,Paulus S,Gößwein S,Hahn J,Kienhöfer D,Biermann MH,Tripal P,Friedrich RP,Munoz LE,Neurath MF,Becker C,Schett GA,Herrmann M,Leppkes M

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  • Residual Activatability of Circulating Tfh17 Predicts Humoral Response to Thymodependent Antigens in Patients on Therapeutic Immunosuppression.

    abstract::The generation of antibodies against protein antigens (such as donor-specific HLA molecules) requires that T follicular helper cells (Tfh) provide help to B cells. Immunosuppressive (IS) armamentarium prevents T cell activation, yet a significant proportion of renal transplant patients develop donor-specific antibodie...

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    authors: Dahdal S,Saison C,Valette M,Bachy E,Pallet N,Lina B,Koenig A,Monneret G,Defrance T,Morelon E,Thaunat O

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  • Myeloid Cells Enriched for a Dendritic Cell Population From People Living With HIV Have Altered Gene Expression Not Restored by Antiretroviral Therapy.

    abstract::Antiretroviral therapy (ART) for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections has been designed to optimize CD4 T-cell survival and limit HIV replication. Cell types other than CD4 T cells such as monocytes/macrophage, dendritic cells, and granulocytes (collectively known as myeloid cells), are generally not consider...

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    authors: Murray SM,Zhang Y,Douek DC,Sekaly RP

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  • The Significance of Discordant Serology in Chagas Disease: Enhanced T-Cell Immunity to Trypanosoma cruzi in Serodiscordant Subjects.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Subjects are considered infected with Trypanosoma cruzi when tested positive by at least two out of three serological tests, whereas a positive result in only one of up to three tests is termed "serodiscordant" (SD). Assessment of parasite-specific T-cell responses may help discriminate the uninfected from i...

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    authors: Castro Eiro MD,Alvarez MG,Cooley G,Viotti RJ,Bertocchi GL,Lococo B,Albareda MC,De Rissio AM,Natale MA,Parodi C,Tarleton RL,Laucella SA

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  • Unsolved Mysteries in NLR Biology.

    abstract::NOD-like receptors (NLRs) are a class of cytoplasmic pattern-recognition receptors. Although most NLRs play some role in immunity, their functions range from regulating antigen presentation (NLRC5, CIITA) to pathogen/damage sensing (NLRP1, NLRP3, NLRC1/2, NLRC4) to suppression or modulation of inflammation (NLRC3, NLR...

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    authors: Lupfer C,Kanneganti TD

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  • Altered Microbiota, Impaired Quality of Life, Malabsorption, Infection, and Inflammation in CVID Patients With Diarrhoea.

    abstract::Background: Diarrhoea is the commonest gastrointestinal symptom in patients with common variable immunodeficiency (CVID). Objective: The aim of this study was to describe the prevalence and clinical presentation of chronic and recurrent diarrhoea in the Royal-Free-Hospital (RFH) London CVID cohort, including symptoms,...

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    authors: van Schewick CM,Nöltner C,Abel S,Burns SO,Workman S,Symes A,Guzman D,Proietti M,Bulashevska A,Moreira F,Soetedjo V,Lowe DM,Grimbacher B

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