Sensory Ecology of Predator-Induced Phenotypic Plasticity.


:Ecological communities are organized in trophic levels that share manifold interactions forming complex food webs. Infochemicals can further modify these interactions, e.g., by inducing defenses in prey. The micro-crustacean Daphnia is able to respond to predator-specific chemical cues indicating an increased predation risk. Daphnia shows plastic responses by adapting its morphology, behavior, and physiology, increasing organism, and population fitness. This stabilizes community structures. This review will describe the progress that has been made in understanding the high degree of plasticity observed in the model crustacean Daphnia. I summarize current knowledge on the processes of predator detection, ranging from the nature of biologically active chemical cues to the underlying neurophysiological mechanisms. With this, I aim to provide a comprehensive overview on the molecular mechanisms of ad hoc environmental phenotypic adaptation. In times of climate change and pollution understanding information transfer in aquatic systems is valuable as it will allow us to predict whether and how community structures are being affected.


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  • Searching for learning-dependent changes in the antennal lobe: simultaneous recording of neural activity and aversive olfactory learning in honeybees.

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  • Quantifying the Acoustic Startle Response in Mice Using Standard Digital Video.

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  • Group I mGluR-dependent depotentiation in the lateral amygdala does not require the removal of calcium-permeable AMPA receptors.

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  • Urethane anesthesia depresses activities of thalamocortical neurons and alters its response to nociception in terms of dual firing modes.

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  • Transfer of Visual Learning Between a Virtual and a Real Environment in Honey Bees: The Role of Active Vision.

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  • Consequences of early postnatal benzodiazepines exposure in rats. I. Cognitive-like behavior.

    abstract::Clinical and experimental studies suggest possible risks associated with the repeated administration of benzodiazepines (BZDs) during the prenatal or early postnatal period on further development and behavior. In the present study, we assess short- and long-term effects of early exposure to clonazepam (CZP) on cogniti...

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  • Ecstatic Epileptic Seizures: A Glimpse into the Multiple Roles of the Insula.

    abstract::Ecstatic epileptic seizures are a rare but compelling epileptic entity. During the first seconds of these seizures, ecstatic auras provoke feelings of well-being, intense serenity, bliss, and "enhanced self-awareness." They are associated with the impression of time dilation, and can be described as a mystic experienc...

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  • Learning about Time within the Spinal Cord II: Evidence that Temporal Regularity Is Encoded by a Spinal Oscillator.

    abstract::How a stimulus impacts spinal cord function depends upon temporal relations. When intermittent noxious stimulation (shock) is applied and the interval between shock pulses is varied (unpredictable), it induces a lasting alteration that inhibits adaptive learning. If the same stimulus is applied in a temporally regular...

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  • Vitamin B12 Levels in Methamphetamine Addicts.

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  • Reward-based behaviors and emotional processing in human with narcolepsy-cataplexy.

    abstract::Major advances in the past decade have led a better understanding of the pathophysiology of narcolepsy with cataplexy (NC) caused by the early loss of hypothalamic hypocretin neurons. Although a role for hypocretin in the regulation of sleep/wakefulness state is widely recognized, other functions, not necessarily rela...

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  • Effects of sleep deprivation on different phases of memory in the rat: dissociation between contextual and tone fear conditioning tasks.

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  • Inactivation of medial prefrontal cortex impairs time interval discrimination in rats.

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  • Two Years Follow up of Domain Specific Cognitive Training in Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

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  • The Neurobehavioral Mechanisms Underlying Attitudes Toward People With Mental or Physical Illness.

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  • Economic Holobiont: Influence of Parasites, Microbiota and Chemosignals on Economic Behavior.

    abstract::The article is a perspective on utilization of microorganisms and chemosignals in studying human economic behavior. Research in biological roots of economic development has already confirmed that parasitic pressure influenced the creation and development of cultural norms and institutions. However, other effects of mi...

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  • Does Experience Enhance Cognitive Flexibility? An Overview of the Evidence Provided by the Environmental Enrichment Studies.

    abstract::Neuroplasticity accounts for the ability of the brain to change in both structure and function in consequence of life experiences. An enhanced stimulation provided by the environment is able to create a form of brain, neural, and cognitive reserve, which allows an individual to cope better with the environmental deman...

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  • Effects of optimism on motivation in rats.

    abstract::In humans, optimism is a cognitive construct related to motivation; optimists exert effort, whereas pessimists disengage from effort. In this study, using a recently developed ambiguous-cue interpretation (ACI) paradigm we took the unique opportunity to investigate whether "optimism" as a trait is correlated with moti...

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  • Differences in social interaction- vs. cocaine reward in mouse vs. rat.

    abstract::We previously developed rat experimental models based on the conditioned place preference (CPP) paradigm in which only four 15-min episodes of dyadic social interaction with a sex- and weight-matched male Sprague Dawley (SD) rat (1) reversed CPP from cocaine to social interaction despite continuing cocaine training, a...

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  • Contextual Fear Conditioning and Fear Generalization in Individuals With Panic Attacks.

    abstract::Context conditioning is characterized by unpredictable threat and its generalization may constitute risk factors for panic disorder (PD). Therefore, we examined differences between individuals with panic attacks (PA; N = 21) and healthy controls (HC, N = 22) in contextual learning and context generalization using a vi...

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  • Cannabinoid type-1 receptor signaling in central serotonergic neurons regulates anxiety-like behavior and sociability.

    abstract::The endocannabinoid (eCB) system possesses neuromodulatory functions by influencing the release of various neurotransmitters, including γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate. A functional interaction between eCBs and the serotonergic system has already been suggested. Previously, we showed that cannabinoid type-1 (...

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  • Frontal EEG Asymmetry of Mood: A Mini-Review.

    abstract::The present mini-review was aimed at exploring the frontal EEG asymmetry of mood. With respect to emotion, interpreted as a discrete affective process, mood is more controllable, more nebulous, and more related to mind/cognition; in addition, causes are less well-defined than those eliciting emotion. Therefore, firstl...

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  • Empathy Mediates the Effects of Age and Sex on Altruistic Moral Decision Making.

    abstract::Moral decision making involves affective and cognitive functions like emotional empathy, reasoning and cognitive empathy/theory of mind (ToM), which are discussed to be subject to age-related alterations. Additionally, sex differences in moral decision making have been reported. However, age-related changes in moral d...

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  • The endocannabinoid transport inhibitor AM404 differentially modulates recognition memory in rats depending on environmental aversiveness.

    abstract::Cannabinoid compounds may influence both emotional and cognitive processes depending on the level of environmental aversiveness at the time of drug administration. However, the mechanisms responsible for these responses remain to be elucidated. The present experiments investigated the effects induced by the endocannab...

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  • Behavioral Characterization of β-Arrestin 1 Knockout Mice in Anxiety-Like and Alcohol Behaviors.

    abstract::β-Arrestin 1 and 2 are highly expressed proteins involved in the desensitization of G protein-coupled receptor signaling which also regulate a variety of intracellular signaling pathways. Gene knockout (KO) studies suggest that the two isoforms are not homologous in their effects on baseline and drug-induced behavior;...

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  • Community Violence Exposure and Conduct Problems in Children and Adolescents with Conduct Disorder and Healthy Controls.

    abstract::Exposure to community violence through witnessing or being directly victimized has been associated with conduct problems in a range of studies. However, the relationship between community violence exposure (CVE) and conduct problems has never been studied separately in healthy individuals and individuals with conduct ...

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    authors: Kersten L,Vriends N,Steppan M,Raschle NM,Praetzlich M,Oldenhof H,Vermeiren R,Jansen L,Ackermann K,Bernhard A,Martinelli A,Gonzalez-Madruga K,Puzzo I,Wells A,Rogers JC,Clanton R,Baker RH,Grisley L,Baumann S,Gundlach

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  • Early life environmental and pharmacological stressors result in persistent dysregulations of the serotonergic system.

    abstract::Dysregulations in the brain serotonergic system and exposure to environmental stressors have been implicated in the development of major depressive disorder. Here, we investigate the interactions between the stress and serotonergic systems by characterizing the behavioral and biochemical effects of chronic stress appl...

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    authors: Wong P,Sze Y,Gray LJ,Chang CC,Cai S,Zhang X

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  • Individual Vulnerability to Stress Is Associated With Increased Demand for Intravenous Heroin Self-administration in Rats.

    abstract::Opioid use is a widespread epidemic, and traumatic stress exposure is a critical risk factor in opioid use and relapse. There is a significant gap in our understanding of how stress contributes to heroin use, and there are limited studies investigating individual differences underlying stress reactivity and subsequent...

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  • Early handling and repeated cross-fostering have opposite effect on mouse emotionality.

    abstract::Early life events have a crucial role in programming the individual phenotype and exposure to traumatic experiences during infancy can increase later risk for a variety of neuropsychiatric conditions, including mood and anxiety disorders. Animal models of postnatal stress have been developed in rodents to explore mole...

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