Dominant Patterns of Information Flow in the Propagation of the Neuromagnetic Somatosensory Steady-State Response.


:Methods of functional connectivity are applied ubiquitously in studies involving non-invasive whole-brain signals, but may be not optimal for exploring the propagation of the steady-state responses, which are strong oscillatory patterns of neurodynamics evoked by periodic stimulation. In our study, we explore a functional network underlying the somatosensory steady-state response using methods of effective connectivity. Human magnetoencephalographic (MEG) data were collected in 10 young healthy adults during 23-Hz vibro-tactile stimulation of the right hand index finger. The whole-brain dynamics of MEG source activity was reconstructed with a linearly-constrained minimum variance beamformer. We applied information-theoretic tools to quantify asymmetries in information flows between primary somatosensory area SI and the rest of the brain. Our analysis identified a pattern of coupling, leading from area SI to a source in the secondary somato-sensory area SII, thalamus, and motor cortex all contralateral to stimuli as well as to a source in the cerebellum ipsilateral to the stimuli. Our results support previously reported empirical evidence collected both in in vitro and in vivo, indicating critical areas of activation of the somatosensory system at the level of systems neuroscience.


Front Neural Circuits


Vakorin VA,Ross B,Doesburg SM,Ribary U,McIntosh AR




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2019-01-15 00:00:00








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