Changes in Blood microRNA Expression and Early Metabolic Responsiveness 21 Days Following Bariatric Surgery.


:Background: Early metabolic responses following bariatric surgery appear greater than expected given the initial weight loss and coincide with improvement in diabetes. We hypothesized that small non-coding microRNA changes might contribute to regulating mechanisms for metabolic changes and weight loss in patients with severe obesity and diabetes. Methods: Twenty-nine type 2 patients with severe obesity (mean BMI 46.2 kg/m2) and diabetes underwent Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery. Clinical measurements and fasting blood samples were taken preoperatively and at day 21 postoperatively. Normalization of fasting glucose and HbA1c following bariatric surgery (short-term diabetes remission) was defined as withdrawal of anti-diabetic medication and fasting glucose < 100 mg/dL (5.6 mmol/L) or HbA1c < 6.0%. MicroRNA expression was determined by quantitative polymerase chain reaction and tested for significant changes after surgery. Results: BMI decreased by 3.8 kg/m2 21 days postoperatively. Eighteen of 29 RYGB (62%) had short-term diabetes remission. Changes from pre- to post-surgery in 32 of 175 microRNAs were nominally significant (p < 0.05). Following multiple comparison adjustment, changes in seven microRNAs remained significant: miR-7-5p, let-7f-5p, miR-15b-5p, let-7i-5p, miR-320c, miR-205-5p, and miR-335-5p. Four pathways were over-represented by these seven microRNAs, including diabetes and insulin resistance pathways. Conclusion: Seven microRNAs showed significant changes 21 days after bariatric surgery. Functional pathways of the altered microRNAs were associated with diabetes-, pituitary-, and liver-related disease, with expression in natural killer cells, and pivotal intestinal pathology suggesting possible mechanistic roles in early diabetes responses following bariatric surgery.


Atkin SL,Ramachandran V,Yousri NA,Benurwar M,Simper SC,McKinlay R,Adams TD,Najafi-Shoushtari SH,Hunt SC




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  • Incretin hormones as immunomodulators of atherosclerosis.

    abstract::Atherosclerosis results from endothelial cell dysfunction and inflammatory processes affecting both macro- and microvasculature which are involved in vascular diabetic complications. Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) is an incretin hormone responsible for amplification of insulin secretion when nutrients are given orall...

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  • New Frontier in Glycoprotein Hormones and Their Receptors Structure-Function.

    abstract::Last two decades of structure-function studies performed in numerous laboratories provided substantial progress in understanding basic science, physiological, pathophysiological, pharmacological, and comparative aspects of glycoprotein hormones (GPHs) and their cognate receptors. Multiple concepts and models developed...

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  • Expanding the Clinical Spectrum of Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type V: 13 Additional Patients and Review.

    abstract::Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is an inherited connective tissue disorder characterized by bone fragility and is characterized by clinical and genetic heterogeneity. Previous studies showed that the same mutation (c.-14C> T) of the IFITM5 gene is responsible for autosomal dominant OI type V. However, the mutation has a ...

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  • Coexistence of Myelolipoma and Primary Bilateral Macronodular Adrenal Hyperplasia With GIP-Dependent Cushing's Syndrome.

    abstract::Introduction: Adrenal myelolipomas are usually isolated benign adrenal lesions, but can be adjacent to steroid-secreting adrenocortical tumors. We studied the aberrant regulation of cortisol secretion in a 61 year-old woman with combined bilateral myelolipomas and primary bilateral macronodular adrenal hyperplasia (BM...

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