Manganese Enhanced MRI for Use in Studying Neurodegenerative Diseases.


:MRI has been extensively used in neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease (AD), frontal-temporal dementia (FTD), mild cognitive impairment (MCI), Parkinson's disease (PD), Huntington's disease (HD) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). MRI is important for monitoring the neurodegenerative components in other diseases such as epilepsy, stroke and multiple sclerosis (MS). Manganese enhanced MRI (MEMRI) has been used in many preclinical studies to image anatomy and cytoarchitecture, to obtain functional information in areas of the brain and to study neuronal connections. This is due to Mn2+ ability to enter excitable cells through voltage gated calcium channels and be actively transported in an anterograde manner along axons and across synapses. The broad range of information obtained from MEMRI has led to the use of Mn2+ in many animal models of neurodegeneration which has supplied important insight into brain degeneration in preclinical studies. Here we provide a brief review of MEMRI use in neurodegenerative diseases and in diseases with neurodegenerative components in animal studies and discuss the potential translation of MEMRI to clinical use in the future.


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  • Live imaging of synaptic vesicle release and retrieval in dopaminergic neurons.

    abstract::Dopaminergic (DA) neurons represent <0.01% of neurons in the human brain, but are essential for normal neurological and psychiatric function. The majority of these neurons reside in the ventral midbrain, but they exert their profound influences on brain function through projections to both the cortex and the basal gan...

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  • Functional recovery of odor representations in regenerated sensory inputs to the olfactory bulb.

    abstract::The olfactory system has a unique capacity for recovery from peripheral damage. After injury to the olfactory epithelium (OE), olfactory sensory neurons (OSNs) regenerate and re-converge on target glomeruli of the olfactory bulb (OB). Thus far, this process has been described anatomically for only a few defined popula...

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  • Two-photon scanning microscopy of in vivo sensory responses of cortical neurons genetically encoded with a fluorescent voltage sensor in rat.

    abstract::A fluorescent voltage sensor protein "Flare" was created from a Kv1.4 potassium channel with YFP situated to report voltage-induced conformational changes in vivo. The RNA virus Sindbis introduced Flare into neurons in the binocular region of visual cortex in rat. Injection sites were selected based on intrinsic optic...

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  • Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of REM Sleep Homeostatic Drive: A Plausible Component for Behavioral Plasticity.

    abstract::Homeostatic regulation of REM sleep drive, as measured by an increase in the number of REM sleep transitions, plays a key role in neuronal and behavioral plasticity (i.e., learning and memory). Deficits in REM sleep homeostatic drive (RSHD) are implicated in the development of many neuropsychiatric disorders. Yet, the...

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  • Longitudinal Changes in Depressive Circuitry in Response to Neuromodulation Therapy.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a public health problem worldwide. There is increasing interest in using non-invasive therapies such as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) to treat MDD. However, the changes induced by rTMS on neural circuits remain poorly characterized. The present study a...

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  • Stimulation of the Nigrotectal Pathway at the Level of the Superior Colliculus Reduces Threat Recognition and Causes a Shift From Avoidance to Approach Behavior.

    abstract::Defensive behavioral responses are essential for survival in threating situations. The superior colliculus (SC) has been implicated in the generation of defensive behaviors elicited by visual, tactile and auditory stimuli. Furthermore, substantia nigra pars reticulata (SNr) neurons are known to exert a modulatory effe...

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  • Brain Structural Alterations in Left-Behind Children: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study.

    abstract::Parental migration has caused millions of children left behind, especially in China and India. Left-behind children (LBC) have a high risk of mental disorders and may present negative life outcomes in the future. However, little is known whether there are cerebral structural alterations in LBC in relative to those wit...

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  • Cortical modulation of auditory processing in the midbrain.

    abstract::In addition to their ascending pathways that originate at the receptor cells, all sensory systems are characterized by extensive descending projections. Although the size of these connections often outweighs those that carry information in the ascending auditory pathway, we still have a relatively poor understanding o...

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  • Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Inhibition Mapped by Optical Stimulation in Mouse Olfactory Bulb.

    abstract::Mitral and tufted cells (MTCs) of the mammalian olfactory bulb are connected via dendrodendritic synapses with inhibitory interneurons in the external plexiform layer. The range, spatial layout, and temporal properties of inhibitory interactions between MTCs mediated by inhibitory interneurons remain unclear. Therefor...

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  • Whole-Brain Mapping of the Inputs and Outputs of the Medial Part of the Olfactory Tubercle.

    abstract::The medial part of the olfactory tubercle (OT) is a brain structure located at the interface of the reward and olfactory system. It is closely related to pheromone-rewards, natural reinforcement, addiction and many other behaviors. However, the structure of the anatomic circuitry of the medial part of the OT is still ...

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  • Cholinergic partition cells and lamina x neurons induce a muscarinic-dependent short-term potentiation of commissural glutamatergic inputs in lumbar motoneurons.

    abstract::Acetylcholine and the activation of muscarinic receptors influence the activity of neural networks generating locomotor behavior in the mammalian spinal cord. Using electrical stimulations of the ventral commissure, we show that commissural muscarinic (CM) depolarizations could be induced in lumbar motoneurons. We pro...

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  • Axonal Cleaved Caspase-3 Regulates Axon Targeting and Morphogenesis in the Developing Auditory Brainstem.

    abstract::Caspase-3 is a cysteine protease that is most commonly associated with cell death. Recent studies have shown additional roles in mediating cell differentiation, cell proliferation and development of cell morphology. We investigated the role of caspase-3 in the development of chick auditory brainstem nuclei during embr...

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  • Differential axonal projection of mitral and tufted cells in the mouse main olfactory system.

    abstract::In the past decade, much has been elucidated regarding the functional organization of the axonal connection of olfactory sensory neurons to olfactory bulb (OB) glomeruli. However, the manner in which projection neurons of the OB process odorant input and send this information to higher brain centers remains unclear. H...

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  • Distinct Spatiotemporal Activation Patterns of the Perirhinal-Entorhinal Network in Response to Cortical and Amygdala Input.

    abstract::The perirhinal (PER) and entorhinal cortex (EC) receive input from the agranular insular cortex (AiP) and the subcortical lateral amygdala (LA) and the main output area is the hippocampus. Information transfer through the PER/EC network however, is not always guaranteed. It is hypothesized that this network actively r...

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  • The contribution of δ subunit-containing GABAA receptors to phasic and tonic conductance changes in cerebellum, thalamus and neocortex.

    abstract::We have made use of the δ subunit-selective allosteric modulator DS2 (4-chloro-N-[2-(2-thienyl)imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine-3-yl benzamide) to assay the contribution of δ-GABAARs to tonic and phasic conductance changes in the cerebellum, thalamus and neocortex. In cerebellar granule cells, an enhancement of the tonic conduc...

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  • Mapping arealisation of the visual cortex of non-primate species: lessons for development and evolution.

    abstract::The integration of the visual stimulus takes place at the level of the neocortex, organized in anatomically distinct and functionally unique areas. Primates, including humans, are heavily dependent on vision, with approximately 50% of their neocortical surface dedicated to visual processing and possess many more visua...

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  • The Thalamus as a Low Pass Filter: Filtering at the Cellular Level does Not Equate with Filtering at the Network Level.

    abstract::In the mammalian central nervous system, most sensory information passes through primary sensory thalamic nuclei, however the consequence of this remains unclear. Various propositions exist, likening the thalamus to a gate, or a high pass filter. Here, using a simple leaky integrate and fire model based on physiologic...

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  • Abundance of gap junctions at glutamatergic mixed synapses in adult Mosquitofish spinal cord neurons.

    abstract::"Dye-coupling", whole-mount immunohistochemistry for gap junction channel protein connexin 35 (Cx35), and freeze-fracture replica immunogold labeling (FRIL) reveal an abundance of electrical synapses/gap junctions at glutamatergic mixed synapses in the 14th spinal segment that innervates the adult male gonopodium of W...

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  • Dopamine modulation of learning and memory in the prefrontal cortex: insights from studies in primates, rodents, and birds.

    abstract::In this review, we provide a brief overview over the current knowledge about the role of dopamine transmission in the prefrontal cortex during learning and memory. We discuss work in humans, monkeys, rats, and birds in order to provide a basis for comparison across species that might help identify crucial features and...

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  • Center-surround vs. distance-independent lateral connectivity in the olfactory bulb.

    abstract::Lateral neuronal interactions are known to play important roles in sensory information processing. A center-on surround-off local circuit arrangement has been shown to play a role in mediating contrast enhancement in the visual, auditory, and somatosensory systems. The lateral connectivity and the influence of those c...

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  • Severe drug-induced repetitive behaviors and striatal overexpression of VAChT in ChAT-ChR2-EYFP BAC transgenic mice.

    abstract::In drug users, drug-related cues alone can induce dopamine release in the dorsal striatum. Instructive cues activate inputs to the striatum from both dopaminergic and cholinergic neurons, which are thought to work together to support motor learning and motivated behaviors. Imbalances in these neuromodulatory influence...

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  • Input-specific excitation of olfactory cortex microcircuits.

    abstract::Every higher-order association cortex receives a variety of synaptic signals from different regions of the brain. How these cortical networks are capable of differentially responding to these various extrinsic synaptic inputs remains unclear. To address this issue, we studied how the basolateral amygdala (BLA) and the...

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    authors: Luna VM,Morozov A

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  • Shaping Diversity Into the Brain's Form and Function.

    abstract::The brain contains a large diversity of unique cell types that use specific genetic programs to control development and instruct the intricate wiring of sensory, motor, and cognitive brain regions. In addition to their cellular diversity and specialized connectivity maps, each region's dedicated function is also expre...

    journal_title:Frontiers in neural circuits

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    authors: Miterko LN,Lackey EP,Heck DH,Sillitoe RV

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  • Anatomical and functional evidence for trace amines as unique modulators of locomotor function in the mammalian spinal cord.

    abstract::The trace amines (TAs), tryptamine, tyramine, and β-phenylethylamine, are synthesized from precursor amino acids via aromatic-L-amino acid decarboxylase (AADC). We explored their role in the neuromodulation of neonatal rat spinal cord motor circuits. We first showed that the spinal cord contains the substrates for TA ...

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  • Corrigendum: "The role of prefrontal catecholamines in attention and working memory".

    abstract::[This corrects the article on p. 33 in vol. 8, PMID: 24782714.]. ...

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    authors: Noudoost B,Clark KL

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  • Multiple embryonic origins of nitric oxide synthase-expressing GABAergic neurons of the neocortex.

    abstract::CORTICAL GABAERGIC INTERNEURONS IN RODENTS ORIGINATE IN THREE SUBCORTICAL REGIONS: the medial ganglionic eminence (MGE), the lateral/caudal ganglionic eminence (LGE/CGE), and the preoptic area (POA). Each of these neuroepithelial precursor domains contributes different interneuron subtypes to the cortex. Neuronal NOS ...

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    authors: Magno L,Oliveira MG,Mucha M,Rubin AN,Kessaris N

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  • Imaging zebrafish neural circuitry from whole brain to synapse.

    abstract::Recent advances in imaging tools are inspiring zebrafish researchers to tackle ever more ambitious questions in the neurosciences. Behaviorally fundamental conserved neural networks can now be potentially studied using zebrafish from a brain-wide scale to molecular resolution. In this perspective, we offer a roadmap b...

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    authors: Leung LC,Wang GX,Mourrain P

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  • Control of a specific motor program by a small brain area in zebrafish.

    abstract::Complex motor behaviors are thought to be coordinated by networks of brain nuclei that may control different elementary motor programs. Transparent zebrafish larvae offer the opportunity to analyze the functional organization of motor control networks by optical manipulations of neuronal activity during behavior. We e...

    journal_title:Frontiers in neural circuits

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    authors: Fajardo O,Zhu P,Friedrich RW

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  • Corticofugal projection patterns of whisker sensorimotor cortex to the sensory trigeminal nuclei.

    abstract::The primary (S1) and secondary (S2) somatosensory cortices project to several trigeminal sensory nuclei. One putative function of these corticofugal projections is the gating of sensory transmission through the trigeminal principal nucleus (Pr5), and some have proposed that S1 and S2 project differentially to the spin...

    journal_title:Frontiers in neural circuits

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    authors: Smith JB,Watson GD,Alloway KD,Schwarz C,Chakrabarti S

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  • Spatiotemporal characteristics and pharmacological modulation of multiple gamma oscillations in the CA1 region of the hippocampus.

    abstract::Multiple components of "γ-oscillations" between 30-170 Hz in the CA1 region of the hippocampus have been described, based on their coherence with oscillations in other brain regions and on their cross-frequency coupling with local θ-oscillations. However, it remains unclear whether the different sub-bands are generate...

    journal_title:Frontiers in neural circuits

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    authors: Balakrishnan S,Pearce RA

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