cis pT231-Tau Drives Neurodegeneration in Bipolar Disorder.


:Bipolar disorder is a complex neuropsychiatric disorder, characterized by intermittent episodes of mania and depression. Recent studies have indicated argyrophilic grains, composed of hyperphosphorylated tau, are observable in postmortem brains of bipolar patients. It remains uncertain how tau hyperphosphorylation results in neurodegeneration upon the disease. Recent studies have demonstrated that phosphorylated tau at Thr231 exists in two distinct cis and trans conformations, in which cis pT231-tau is highly neurotoxic and acts as an early driver of tauopathy in several neurodegenerative diseases. We herein employed an in vitro model, which resembles some aspects of bipolar disorder, to study the cis p-tau mediatory role. We established GSK3β overexpressing SH-SY5Y cells and examined cell viability, cis p-tau formation, and lithium effects by immunofluorescence and flow cytometry. We found an increase in cis p-tau levels as well as viability decrease in the cell model. Furthermore, we discovered that lithium treatment inhibits cis p-tau formation, resulting in diminished cell death. We also examined BD and healthy human brain samples and detected cis p-tau in the patients' brains. Our results show that tauopathy, observed in bipolar disorder, is being mediated through cis p-tau and that a conformer could be the cause of neurodegeneration upon the disease. Our findings would suggest novel therapeutic target to fight the devastating disorder.


ACS Chem Neurosci


Naserkhaki R,Zamanzadeh S,Baharvand H,Nabavi SM,Pakdaman H,Shahbazi S,Vosough M,Ghaedi G,Barzegar A,Mirtorabi D,Hedayatshodeh M,Ehsani E,Falahati M,Hajipour MJ,Shahpasand K




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    abstract::Phosphodiesterase 10 (PDE10) inhibitors have received much attention as promising therapeutic agents for central nervous system (CNS) disorders such as schizophrenia and Huntington's disease. Recently, a hit compound 1 with a novel chromone scaffold has shown moderate inhibitory activity against PDE10A (IC50 = 500 nM)...

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  • Antidepressive Effect of Arctiin by Attenuating Neuroinflammation via HMGB1/TLR4- and TNF-α/TNFR1-Mediated NF-κB Activation.

    abstract::Inflammation is a potential factor in the pathophysiology of depression. A traditional Chinese herbal medicine, arctiin, and its aglycone, arctigenin, are the major bioactive components in Fructus arctii and exhibit neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory activities. Arctigenin has been reported to have antidepressant-l...

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  • We know very little about the subjective effects of drugs in females.

    abstract::Pharmaceutical companies assessing the nervous system effects of candidate therapeutics often use a behavioral assay in rodents that assesses the drug's subjective (internal stimulus) effects. Variants of this so-called "drug discrimination task" have also been widely used by basic scientist for more than 50 years to ...

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