Risk factors for hospitalization of patients with chikungunya virus infection at sentinel hospitals in Puerto Rico.


BACKGROUND:Hospitalization of patients during outbreaks of chikungunya virus has been reported to be uncommon (0.5-8.7%), but more frequent among infants and the elderly. CHIKV was first detected in Puerto Rico in May 2014. We enrolled patients with acute febrile illness (AFI) presenting to two hospital emergency departments in Puerto Rico and tested them for CHIKV infection to describe the frequency of detection of CHIKV-infected patients, identify risk factors for hospitalization, and describe patients with severe manifestations. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS:Serum specimens were collected from patients with AFI and tested by rRT-PCR. During May-December 2014, a total of 3,035 patients were enrolled, and 1,469 (48.4%) had CHIKV infection. A total of 157 (10.7%) CHIKV-infected patients were hospitalized, six (0.4%) were admitted to the intensive care unit, and two died (0.1%). Common symptoms among all CHIKV-infected patients were arthralgia (82.6%), lethargy (80.6%), and myalgia (80.5%). Compared to patients aged 1-69 years (7.3%), infant (67.2%) and elderly (17.3%) patients were nine and two times more likely to be hospitalized, respectively (relative risk [RR] and 95% confidence interval [CI] = 9.16 [7.05-11.90] and 2.36 [1.54-3.62]). Multiple symptoms of AFI were associated with decreased risk of hospitalization, including arthralgia (RR = 0.31 [0.23-0.41]) and myalgia (RR = 0.29 [0.22-0.39]). Respiratory symptoms were associated with increased risk of hospitalization, including rhinorrhea (RR = 1.68 [1.24-2.27) and cough (RR = 1.77 [1.31-2.39]). Manifestations present among <5% of patients but associated with patient hospitalization included cyanosis (RR = 2.20 [1.17-4.12) and seizures (RR = 3.23 [1.80-5.81). DISCUSSION:Among this cohort of CHIKV-infected patients, hospitalization was uncommon, admission to the ICU was infrequent, and death was rare. Risk of hospitalization was higher in patients with symptoms of respiratory illness and other manifestations that may not have been the result of CHIKV infection.


PLoS Negl Trop Dis


Hsu CH,Cruz-Lopez F,Vargas Torres D,Perez-Padilla J,Lorenzi OD,Rivera A,Staples JE,Lugo E,Munoz-Jordan J,Fischer M,Garcia Gubern C,Rivera Garcia B,Alvarado L,Sharp TM




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  • Evaluation of conventional and four real-time PCR methods for the detection of Leishmania on field-collected samples in Ethiopia.

    abstract::In most low-resource settings, microscopy still is the standard method for diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniasis, despite its limited sensitivity. In Ethiopia, the more sensitive molecular methods are not yet routinely used. This study compared five PCR methods with microscopy on two sample types collected from patient...

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    更新日期:2021-01-12 00:00:00

  • A Comparison between Transcriptome Sequencing and 16S Metagenomics for Detection of Bacterial Pathogens in Wildlife.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Rodents are major reservoirs of pathogens responsible for numerous zoonotic diseases in humans and livestock. Assessing their microbial diversity at both the individual and population level is crucial for monitoring endemic infections and revealing microbial association patterns within reservoirs. Recently, ...

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  • Cytokine response signatures in disease progression and development of severe clinical outcomes for leptospirosis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The role of the immune response in influencing leptospirosis clinical outcomes is not yet well understood. We hypothesized that acute-phase serum cytokine responses may play a role in disease progression, risk for death, and severe pulmonary hemorrhage syndrome (SPHS). METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS:We perf...

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  • Host plant forensics and olfactory-based detection in Afro-tropical mosquito disease vectors.

    abstract::The global spread of vector-borne diseases remains a worrying public health threat, raising the need for development of new combat strategies for vector control. Knowledge of vector ecology can be exploited in this regard, including plant feeding; a critical resource that mosquitoes of both sexes rely on for survival ...

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  • Geographical distribution of soil transmitted helminths and the effects of community type in South Asia and South East Asia - A systematic review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Soil-transmitted helminth (STH) infections are among the most prevalent neglected tropical diseases (NTD) worldwide. Since the publication of the WHO road map to combat NTD in 2012, there has been a renewed commitment to control STH. In this study, we analysed the geographical distribution and effect of comm...

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  • Konzo: from poverty, cassava, and cyanogen intake to toxico-nutritional neurological disease.

    abstract::Konzo is a distinct neurological entity with selective upper motor neuron damage, characterized by an abrupt onset of an irreversible, non-progressive, and symmetrical spastic para/tetraparesis. Despite its severity, konzo remains a neglected disease. The disease is associated with high dietary cyanogen consumption fr...

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  • Screening of the Open Source Malaria Box Reveals an Early Lead Compound for the Treatment of Alveolar Echinococcosis.

    abstract::The metacestode (larval) stage of the tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis causes alveolar echinococcosis (AE), a very severe and in many cases incurable disease. To date, benzimidazoles such as albendazole and mebendazole are the only approved chemotherapeutical treatment options. Benzimidazoles inhibit metacestode p...

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