Control of cortical oscillatory frequency by a closed-loop system.


BACKGROUND:We present a closed-loop system able to control the frequency of slow oscillations (SO) spontaneously generated by the cortical network in vitro. The frequency of SO can be controlled by direct current (DC) electric fields within a certain range. Here we set out to design a system that would be able to autonomously bring the emergent oscillatory activity to a target frequency determined by the experimenter. METHODS:The cortical activity was recorded through an electrode and was analyzed online. Once a target frequency was set, the frequency of the slow oscillation was steered through the injection of DC of variable intensity that generated electric fields of proportional amplitudes in the brain slice. To achieve such closed-loop control, we designed a custom programmable stimulator ensuring low noise and accurate tuning over low current levels. For data recording and analysis, we relied on commercial acquisition and software tools. RESULTS:The result is a flexible and reliable system that ensures control over SO frequency in vitro. The system guarantees artifact removal, minimal gaps in data acquisition and robustness in spite of slice heterogeneity. CONCLUSIONS:Our tool opens new possibilities for the investigation of dynamics of cortical slow oscillations-an activity pattern that is associated with cognitive processes such as memory consolidation, and that is altered in several neurological conditions-and also for potential applications of this technology.


J Neuroeng Rehabil


D'Andola M,Giulioni M,Dante V,Del Giudice P,Sanchez-Vives MV




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  • Sub-sensory vibratory noise augments the physiologic complexity of postural control in older adults.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Postural control requires numerous inputs interacting across multiple temporospatial scales. This organization, evidenced by the "complexity" contained within standing postural sway fluctuations, enables diverse system functionality. Age-related reduction of foot-sole somatosensation reduces standing postura...

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  • Inertial sensor-based gait parameters reflect patient-reported fatigue in multiple sclerosis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disabling disease affecting the central nervous system and consequently the whole body's functional systems resulting in different gait disorders. Fatigue is the most common symptom in MS with a prevalence of 80%. Previous research studied the relation between fatigue and gait im...

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  • Commercial head-mounted display virtual reality for upper extremity rehabilitation in chronic stroke: a single-case design study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Rehabilitation is crucial for maximizing recovery after stroke. Rehabilitation activities that are fun and rewarding by themselves can be more effective than those who are not. Gamification with virtual reality (VR) exploits this principle. This single-case design study probes the potential for using commerc...

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  • Robotic assessment of rapid motor decision making in children with perinatal stroke.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Activities of daily living frequently require children to make rapid decisions and execute desired motor actions while inhibiting unwanted actions. Children with hemiparetic cerebral palsy due to perinatal stroke may have deficits in executive functioning in addition to motor impairments. The objective of th...

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