Smoking initiation after marriage and parenting among Black and White women.


OBJECTIVES:To examine the hypothesis that Black-White differences in smoking initiation after transitions into marriage and/or parenting is associated with racial disparities in quitting. METHODS:Cox models were used on data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Young Women, a cohort of women surveyed from 1968-2003. RESULTS:Black women (58%) were more likely than white women (40%) to initiate after marriage and/or parenting. Adjustment for these differences did not reduce disparities in quitting (HR 0.53, CI 0.30-0.95). Only after adjustment for sociodemographics were disparities reduced (HR 0.67, HR 0.36-1.22). CONCLUSIONS:Other factors associated with smoking initiation among young adult black women (ie, limited economic opportunities, racial discrimination) should be examined for their influence on quitting.


Am J Health Behav


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  • DECOY: Documenting Experiences with Cigarettes and Other Tobacco in Young Adults.

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  • The role of feedback in the process of health behavior change.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To offer a taxonomy of types of feedback and describe potential mechanisms of action particularly in the area of addictive behaviors. METHOD:Reviewed the literature to examine support for types-Generic, Targeted, and Personalized-and for mechanisms of feedback. RESULTS:Although it is not clear how it works,...

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  • Little Cigar and Cigarillo Beliefs and Behaviors among African-American Young Adults.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To inform the development of future research and culturally-targeted interventions to address little cigar and cigarillo (LCC) use among an at-risk population: African-American (AA) young adults. Additionally, this project assesses LCC use and perception differences between college- and non-college attending...

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