The Involvement of TRP Channels in Bone Homeostasis.


:Calcium and bone homeostasis are intimately related. On the one hand, bone relies on a sufficient supply of calcium to maintain its structural and mechanical properties and thus largely depends on calcium absorption in the intestine and calcium reabsorption in the kidney. On the other hand, bone serves as a calcium reserve from which calcium is mobilized to maintain normal calcium levels in blood. A negative external calcium balance will therefore at all times impair skeletal integrity. In addition to the external calcium balance, skeletal homeostasis also depends on the proper differentiation and functioning of bone cells, which relies for a large part on intracellular Ca(2+) signaling. Members of the transient receptor potential (TRP) family of ion channels affect skeletal homeostasis by mediating processes involved in the extracellular as well as intracellular Ca(2+) balance, including intestinal calcium absorption (TRPV6), renal calcium reabsorption (TRPV5), and differentiation of osteoclasts (TRPV1, TRPV2, TRPV4, TRPV5), chondrocytes (TRPV4), and possibly osteoblasts (TRPV1). In this review, we will give a brief overview of the systemic calcium homeostasis and the intracellular Ca(2+) signaling in bone cells with special focus on the TRP channels involved in these processes.


Lieben L,Carmeliet G




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  • The Osteocyte as the New Discovery of Therapeutic Options in Rare Bone Diseases.

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  • The Role of Vitamin D Binding Protein, Total and Free 25-Hydroxyvitamin D in Diabetes.

    abstract::Vitamin D is important for bone health, but may also have extra-skeletal effects. Vitamin D and its binding protein DBP have immunological effects and may therefore be important in the development of type 1 diabetes (T1DM), and low serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) are associated with later development of ...

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  • Dynamic Change in Insulin Resistance Induced by Free Fatty Acids Is Unchanged Though Insulin Sensitivity Improves Following Endurance Exercise in PCOS.

    abstract::Background: Insulin resistance (IR) is the hallmark of PCOS and it is known that exercise may decrease it. What is unknown is whether exercise may mechanistically alter the underlying IR, attenuating the dynamic lipid induced IR in insulin resistant subjects. Methods: 12 women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and...

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  • Hypophysitis following Treatment with Ustekinumab: Radiological and Pathological Findings.

    abstract:Context:Ustekinumab is a human IgG1 monoclonal antibody that targets interleukin (IL)-12 and IL-23, which may be useful in the treatment of autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and Crohn's disease. Hypophysitis is an immune-derived inflammatory condition of the pituitary gland that may lead to ...

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  • Androgen Receptor in Breast Cancer: From Bench to Bedside.

    abstract::Breast cancer (BC) is one of the most common malignancies and the leading cause of cancer-related mortality in women. Androgen receptor (AR) is frequently expressed in diverse BC subtypes. Accumulating evidence has revealed that AR might be a predictive or prognostic factor and a drug target in BC. AR expression and A...

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  • Disruption in Thyroid Signaling Pathway: A Mechanism for the Effect of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals on Child Neurodevelopment.

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  • Corrigendum: The Effect of a Simulated Commercial Flight Environment With Hypoxia and Low Humidity on Clotting, Platelet, and Endothelial Function in Participants With Type 2 Diabetes - A Cross-Over Study.

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