Combining distributed regression and propensity scores: a doubly privacy-protecting analytic method for multicenter research.


Purpose:Sharing of detailed individual-level data continues to pose challenges in multi-center studies. This issue can be addressed in part by using analytic methods that require only summary-level information to perform the desired multivariable-adjusted analysis. We examined the feasibility and empirical validity of 1) conducting multivariable-adjusted distributed linear regression and 2) combining distributed linear regression with propensity scores, in a large distributed data network. Patients and methods:We compared percent total weight loss 1-year postsurgery between Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy procedure among 43,110 patients from 36 health systems in the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network. We adjusted for baseline demographic and clinical variables as individual covariates, deciles of propensity scores, or both, in three separate outcome regression models. We used distributed linear regression, a method that requires only summary-level information (specifically, sums of squares and cross products matrix) from sites, to fit the three ordinary least squares linear regression models. A comparison set of analyses that used pooled deidentified individual-level data from sites served as the reference. Results:Distributed linear regression produced results identical to those from the corresponding pooled individual-level data analysis for all variables in all three models. The maximum numerical difference in the parameter estimate or standard error for all the variables was 3×10-11 across three models. Conclusion:Distributed linear regression analysis is a feasible and valid analytic method in multicenter studies for one-time continuous outcomes. Combining distributed regression with propensity scores via modeling offers more privacy protection and analytic flexibility.


Clin Epidemiol


Clinical epidemiology


Toh S,Wellman R,Coley RY,Horgan C,Sturtevant J,Moyneur E,Janning C,Pardee R,Coleman KJ,Arterburn D,McTigue K,Anau J,Cook AJ




["distributed data networks","distributed regression","privacy-protecting methods","propensity score"]


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  • The optimal hormonal replacement modality selection for multiple organ procurement from brain-dead organ donors.

    abstract::The management of brain-dead organ donors is complex. The use of inotropic agents and replacement of depleted hormones (hormonal replacement therapy) is crucial for successful multiple organ procurement, yet the optimal hormonal replacement has not been identified, and the statistical adjustment to determine the best ...

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  • Erratum: Epidemiologic and Clinical Characteristics of 26 Cases of COVID-19 Arising from Patient-to-Patient Transmission in Liaocheng, China [Corrigendum].

    abstract::[This corrects the article DOI: 10.2147/CLEP.S249903.]. ...

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  • Lifestyle factors among proton pump inhibitor users and nonusers: a cross-sectional study in a population-based setting.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Lifestyle factors may influence observed associations between proton pump inhibitor (PPI) usage and health outcomes. The aim of the study reported here was to examine characteristics and differences in lifestyle among PPI users and nonusers. METHODS:This cross-sectional study utilized data from a 2006 populati...

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  • Validity of the recorded codes of gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist treatment and orchiectomies in the Danish National Patient Registry.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Large-scale observational studies based on existing medical databases may have an important role in studies of long-term effects of different treatments in prostate cancer patients if the coding of the treatment is valid. We therefore estimated the positive predictive value (PPV) and negative predictive value (...

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    authors: Jespersen CG,Borre M,Nørgaard M

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  • Estimation of Cardiovascular Risk from Self-Reported Knowledge of Risk Factors: Insights from the Minnesota Heart Survey.

    abstract:Background:Cost-effective primary prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) relies on accuracy of risk assessment. Current risk scores require clinical and laboratory measures, are expensive and are often difficult to apply in the population setting. Objective:This study sought to estimate CVD risk from individuals' ...

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  • Long-term mortality in patients with pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis: a Danish nationwide cohort study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Long-term mortality and causes of death in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) and extrapulmonary tuberculosis (EPTB) are poorly documented. In this study, long-term mortality and causes of death in PTB and EPTB patients were compared with the background population and it was investigated whether mort...

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  • Under-recording of hospital bleeding events in UK primary care: a linked Clinical Practice Research Datalink and Hospital Episode Statistics study.

    abstract:Background:Primary care databases represent a rich source of data for health care research; however, the quality of recording of secondary care events in these databases is uncertain. This study sought to investigate the completeness of recording of hospital admissions for bleeds in primary care records and explore the...

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