Effect of enalapril on body sodium and handling of a sodium chloride load in hypertensive and normotensive rats.


:1. The effect of enalapril on handling of an Na load and on body Na during 96 h of zero Na intake was measured in hypertensive rats (GH and SHR) and their normotensive controls (N and WKY) by a whole body counting method. 2. Enalapril treatment led to a greater fall in body Na in the first 24 h after the Na load (as expected from the known effect of ACE inhibition on aldosterone production) and thus to a slightly faster excretion of an amount equivalent to the load. 3. Enalapril-treated rats were unable to maintain body Na on a zero Na intake. This was also expected from the known effect on aldosterone production, though other mechanisms are not excluded. The effect was more marked in the SHR and WKY than in GH and N but there was no significant difference in this effect between the hypertensives and their respective control strains.


Ledingham JM,Simpson FO





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